Why Whatsapp for Business is Important for Marketers


Whatsapp has been a free and popular platform that permits to communicate easily and directly to clients with the availability of “Whatsapp for business”. Whatsapp for business enables you to expand your business in a cost-effective way. Marketing with Whatsapp is an efficient and effective way to connect with potential customers and promote your business in the best possible manner. Businesses or companies can use Whatsapp as a connection tool to communicate users in the real-time. Various feature of Whatsapp enables the promotion of small business. Whatsapp takes the communication to next level by targeting potential customers.
Whatsapp for business is a separate service specially meant to target audience. The app asks for an alternative mobile number that should not be the same as the one used for regular Whatsapp. However, if its same number then the existing number is transferred to a business profile. It also gives permission to migrate groups and chat history when it switches to the business account. In case, you have two number then you can easily switch between both Whatsapp and Whatsapp business app on your device without any turbulence. Business has extra features that allow for promotion or marketing of products or services. Let’s have a look how to create Whatsapp business profile of your company to grasp all those special features for business growth.

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Download and Installation of Whatsapp Business App

• Once you have downloaded Whatsapp business app, open and go through the process
• Enter and verify mobile number through OTP
• Enter the name your company or business. It is vital to take care while naming as Whatsapp business app doesn’t provide the facility to change the name once entered
• After that, you will land on the homepage which is similar to the regular app
Here, you will have shortcut access of camera available on the left side pursued by chats, calls and status. At the right side on top, you can find the three-dot menus and at the bottom, you have the chat icon.

Profile Settings and Statistics

We can create our business profile and add our business details. The procedure is Tap on the three- dots on the top right corner -> Settings -> Business Settings.
In profile settings, you can put your business logo or a display image picturizing your business work along with the business address. Pin your business location on Google Maps for an easier visit. You are also allowed to choose a category for your service which could be finance, restaurant etc.

In the next step, describe your business profile such as working days and hours. Add your business email address, website and other important links for better clarification to your clients or customers. Save it by tapping on save option. This section also covers statistics where sent messages, delivered messages and read by user messages can be seen.

Messaging Tools:

Messaging tool is the best feature that enables quick response, away messages and greeting messages. The messaging tool allows to create templates that can be sent to customers easily and automatically.

Away Messages:

Away messages are those when customers contact outside of business timings. You can set away message to send when customers or clients pings you like “We are currently unavailable. Drop your message”.

Greeting Messages:

This option can be used to greet your customer.

Quick Replies:

This option allows you quick replies to your customers and enables in easier conversation and time-saving. For instance, AMA – ask me everything.


How Whatsapp for Business is Important for Marketers

We all are aware that Whatsapp plays a tremendous role in marketing. An optimal usage of Whatsapp by marketers gives positive results to your business.


Marketers can easily send and promote their products on Whatsapp. A marketer can send offers, promo codes, new product release information and many more. Whatsapp platform is one to one communication with customers or clients and hence it is vital to the message should worth their time. Don’t overdo every day as the chances of the block is higher in such situations.

Order status:

Marketers can send order status, tracking links etc to clients or customers on Whatsapp to keep the user updated regarding their order status. BookMyShow is the first company in India who has followed this concept and now serving happy customers.


Marketers can send a reminder to customers or clients regarding their order. For instance, a customer forgets to make payment during checkout. In such situation, a marketer can send a reminder to complete the payment.

Direct chat

You can directly chat with another person with Whatsapp. You can also make an audio or video call as per the choice. You can even record snippets of audio to text to them when you don’t want to type. A marketer can easily interact with customer or vice versa related to any issue.

Broadcast Lists

You can send your message to those whom you want by choosing broadcast option of Whatsapp feature. It’s like BCC(blind carbon copy) function in email. The receiver will be unaware regarding who have received the same message. A revert for the receiver will appear as same as a direct message i.e. one to one message. You can broadcast your message up to 265 members of your contact list. A business can greet customers by broadcasting a list. It gives a personal touch to the customer-business relationship.


Sharing ideas, images, offers and other useful things in group can make the service or product availability much easier. A link of particular things helps a lot. A customer can easily visit the particular page by tapping on click and can avail the service without any confusion.

Customer Support:

A dissatisfied customer can create a havoc and can kill the reputation of any website by posting negative reviews. But with Whatsapp, this havoc can be reduced personally and can improve the relationship with customers. The one to one communication approach can enlighten the bond and customers revisit chances for orders are higher.


You can get your customers feedback regarding your service. Just send them links on Whatsapp for reviews. You can even get a suggestion from customers to improve the quality of your service by asking them their suggestions. Whatsapp communication can actually motivate customers to strengthen the bond.


Whatsapp supports audio, video, graphical content. A marketer can show demos of products or services with the help of these features.

Points that a marketer need to know about Whatsapp Business

Nowadays, Whatsapp has proven to worth in revenue generation and it will continue in future also. A marketer should have good knowledge of Whatsapp Business. Let’s have a look on the major points :

Android App

Whatsapp Business is an android application designed for small businesses. Using Whatsapp Business App , marketers can reach their customers easily.

Analytics Data

Whatsapp Business App can keep track of sent messages, received messages, read messages etc.

Communication with number of users

The businesses using Whatsapp business won’t be able to communicate with Whatsapp users at their own choice. Users have opt-in option to receive communication from business. So, any business who want to develop marketing should put the message platform to good use.

Designation of business accounts

Whatsapp business accounts should exist with different number and it should be labeled as business profiles so that the Whatsapp user who communicates knows that the interaction is going with a business.

Why should a marketer use Whatsapp for business?

The foremost reason to use Whatsapp for business is that a huge number of customers are using Whatsapp already. On an average, 60 billion messages are sent through Whatsapp per day. The amazing fact is that Whatsapp user and similar services are comfortable with one to one communication. Younger customers are more likely comfortable with Whatsapp messaging App for convenient communication.
98% of mobile messages are open and as well as read and 90% of messages are opened within 3 seconds of receiving. According to a survey, 84% of online sharing is done on channels like private messaging apps.

How Whatsapp for business can affect Whatsapp users?

The biggest dilemma faced by Whatsapp for business is that non-business users hardly like receiving business messages. The fear of spam or block is possible as most of the inboxes are flooded with promotional messages. “Report as Spam” option can be used by Whatsapp user who is not interested in business messages.

Whatsapp Marketing Strategies

Brand Persona

The foremost step is to create an engaging brand persona that must represents your brand with Whatsapp number as people don’t prefer to chat with impersonal company names. The persona or representative can be a fictional character that should be designed to create interest as well as engagements.

Build phone database

Whatsapp will remain ad free and to build a huge user, you should offer something valuable in exchange of phone numbers. It can be a freebie, free service or promotion.

Relevant Content

As per research, Whatsapp has 70% engagement rate which is higher than Facebook engagement. So, it is vital to offer great and relevant contents to ensure that they must remain engaged with posts.

Top-notch customer service

The opening rate of Whatsapp is 70% that means it is almost guaranteed exposure of message if customer is on Whatsapp with you.

Customer research

Whatsapp is an easy platform that offers ease of use and some quick research. You can ask customers quickly regarding flavors they like or even ask them to select between brands. Whatsapp enables quick discussion internally within your company regarding any scenario.

Whatsapp Marketing Campaign Tools

Here is the list of Whatsapp Mobile Marketing Tools:

Whatsapp Bulk Sender

• It helps to find most active Whatsapp number from your mobile contact list
• It allows sending scheduled messages using audio, video, text, GPS locations, images etc over Whatsapp
• Changing Status, Replying messages, Automatic replies, changing profile pictures etc are provided by Whatsapp bulk Sender


• It’s a premium Whatsapp marketing services that ensured 100% accurate delivery
• It’s a good idea to choose in case you want Whatsapp marketing packages for resellers

Bulk Whatsapp Sender

• You can find all types of Whatsapp marketing solution namely
1. Whatsapp channels
2. Whatsapp marketing services
3. Whatsapp marketing panel
4. Whatsapp marketing Suite
• It is the best tool that helps to run successful campaigns


• It will let you know about all the scripts, software and tools
• Availability of channels includes countries like India, USA, Canada, China etc


• It allows to run Whatsapp marketing campaigns cloud
• It’s a marketing script that is web based script and you can operate it from anywhere

For now, Whatsapp Business app is free of cost for all small and medium enterprises. However, Whatsapp could look at monetizing services by charging larger enterprises. BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip etc are partnering with Whatsapp.

Who can use Whatsapp for Business?

Whatsapp for business can be used by anyone. Here is list who need Whatsapp marketing;
• Car Dealer
• Travel agency
• Restaurant owner
• Property agents
• Fashion boutique
• Restaurant owner
• Website
• Online shopping
• For those who want to increase sales
• Direct selling companies


Nowadays, businesses can reach a large number of customers at one time. It’s a great platform via which information can travel steadily and accurately. Whatsapp provides an advantage to small as well as any size of company. In Email marketing, possibilities of spam are higher. The main advantage of Whatsapp Business App is that your messages are directly sent to inbox without any spam. So, the chances of conversion of a user into customer are higher. It’s a stupendous way to boosts the sale of business.
Whatsapp is a free application that acts as a powerful tool both from business prospective as well as customer prospective. It’s wider popularity enables companies to market their products or services easily to the potential customers. It mainly helps to engage the customers with your brand and build brand identity. It is cost effective technique to boost the sales and to serve customers quickly. Get your business a kick start by Whatsapp Marketing!

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