100+ WhatsApp Status about Life

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Life brings us so many happy moments alongside the downfalls. Therefore, on the one hand, where there are days we wish to stay forever, there are moments that make us feel like time must fly a little faster. That is the journey of life. And expecting our life’s journey to be easier as we grow older is an unrealistic whim. But remember that everyone is embarking on a new adventure every day and exploring different paths in their personal lives, good or bad.

How can we be so sure? If you need motivation and inspiration to deal with life’s challenges, checking your friends’ WhatsApp statuses might help. Most people share WhatsApp statuses to demonstrate recent updates about their lives. And therefore, you will indeed find some status that’ll make you feel that you are not alone in this and convince yourself that you will get through this.

Since WhatsApp was launched, status has been one of the most intriguing features. And quickly, this feature became the most preferred way to let people have a glance at what’s happening in your life. Though the feature was first launched in 2009, in 2017, it got revamped. Now WhatsApp status feature is similar to Snapchat and Instagram stories, while the old feature only allowed to add text in the ‘About’ section. After the new look of WhatsApp status was published, many people said that it looked like a Snapchat clone. But there is a twist in the status feature that makes it better and worthwhile for its audience.

WhatsApp status is a feature that automatically disappears after 24 hours of uploading them. And you can add text, links, videos, and gifs to your WhatsApp status. By default, the WhatsApp status is only activated between 2 people when both have their contact details saved in their phone books. Therefore if you don’t have someone’s number in your contact list neither, you can see their status message, nor can they see yours.

However, if you have many friends on your contact list who want to share the latest experiences, you can post some quotes about life and life status in English to encourage and inspire them.

WhatsApp Status About Life In English According To Your Life Experiences

A life experience can change an individual dramatically. And the experiences come from the problems we face, the risks we take, the efforts we make, and the hardships we undergo. But we must not expect all our life experiences to be beautiful. Sometimes your life experience will be all about successes and positives, but seldom, it can be all about failures and negatives. But whatever it may, the only mantra of living life must be “keep moving.”

When we keep moving despite whatever is happening in our lives, we gain other experiences that shift our minds and help us engage in new and better things.

But no matter what you experience in life, you should never be ashamed of sharing those with others. Because as we mentioned earlier, life is not a cakewalk for anyone. Therefore, the things you are experiencing today can be an experience of others or a future experience for many.

Now, if you want your WhatsApp status to demonstrate your life experience successfully, you must choose different life quotes according to your current circumstance. In this article, we will share 100+ WhatsApp statuses about life. Read till the end.

WhatsApp Status About Life When You Are Feeling Adventurous

Embracing new experiences spontaneously and showing curiosity about different places, cultures, and people make you adventurous. But it’s not like everyone on this earth is adventurous. Therefore, not everyone is ready to open to new experiences, try new things, be excited about new opportunities or be curious about other cultures. However, if you are adventurous or have recently found your quality, you know the benefits. And if you want to encourage others to become adventurous, the below quotes on your WhatsApp status can help.

  1. Adventure is worth it.sad quotes
  2. Whenever I see someone putting on their big boots, the adventurous beast inside me is pretty sure that something extraordinary will happen to them.whatsapp status
  3. Every person can transform their life by being open to excitement and adventure.whatsapp status
  4. The road you have never stepped onto will always be unknown.whatsapp status
  5. We all deserve to see things that we have never seen before. And we all must feel things we never felt before.whatsapp status
  6. Strength is gained when you are prepared to start again every day.whatsapp ststus
  7. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I feed my mind with the thought that new adventures will happen.whatsapp status
  8. All of us are going to die the same way. The only thing distinguishing one person from another is how they live their life before dying.whatsapp status
  9. The purpose of life can’t be found in your daily routine. If you are eager to know your purpose, you must be open to newer and richer experiences.whatsapp status
  10. After traveling for so many years, I realized that I don’t take trips; trips take me.whatsapp status (9)
  11. When you can take the risk of possibly going too far, you can only find out how far you can go.whatsapp status (10)
  12. We all dream of being adventurous, but some open their eyes and make it possible.whatsapp status (11)
  13. You are not on the earth. The earth is in you.whatsapp status (12)
  14. At the end of every adventure, life is a new adventure.whatsapp status (13)
  15. How wild it is to live life like the wild.whatsapp status (14)
  16. Life’s journey is as adventurous as climbing a mountain; sometimes, we go up and down.whatsapp status (15)
  17. To live life as it comes is the biggest adventure one can experience.whatsapp status (16)
  18. The most dangerous thought one can ever have about life is to play it safe.whatsapp status (17)
  19. The more you grow older, the more you will understand that life is short and it is essential to use your time.whatsapp status (18)

WhatsApp Status About Life When You Are Feeling Creative

Something separates us from animals, and we call it creativity. If there are no new inventions, our life will be a lot more complicated. And our lives without creative ideas and inventions are a little hard to imagine. However, creativity can be developed and practiced. And if you have found the creative corner of your soul, it is time to nourish and strengthen it. Once you know how to do it, you will see that the world around you is changing for good and experiencing the different sides of life. And since any knowledge gets better when shared, encourage people around you to be creative for whom it might be helpful. Therefore whether you are a person with creativity responsibility at your workplace or just a creative person in your personal life, this WhatsApp status about creativity can be helpful to show your unique talent to the world and help others get their ideas flowing.

  1. You don’t need to wait for the perfect moment to be creative. The moment you find your creative self is the perfect moment itself.WhatsApp Status about Life
  2. Whatever is imaginable is real.WhatsApp Status about Life (1)
  3. Creativity is not only about doing something. When you are creative, things happen just like that.WhatsApp Status about Life (2)
  4. You cannot wait for inspiration to get creative. You have to look into yourself and discover creativity within.WhatsApp Status about Life (3)
  5. Imagination is the initial stage of being creative. Start with imagining, and the end is going to be a creation.WhatsApp Status about Life (4)
  6. A creative person can see what others cannot and can build things that others find hard to believe.WhatsApp Status about Life (5)
  7. Creativity is the elimination of your mind and just thinking with all your heart.WhatsApp Status about Life (6)
  8. If you use a mirror to see your face, creativity is the reflection of your soul.WhatsApp Status about Life (7)
  9. A creative life is a happy life and an exciting life.WhatsApp Status about Life (8)
  10. When you start walking in the journey of exploring your creative side, inspiration keeps coming.WhatsApp Status about Life (9)
  11. A person who self-doubts can never be creative
  12. It will take so many mistakes and risks to become creative
  13. The first characteristic of a creative person is that they have their own opinion
  14. Creativity is an essential trait to progress in life
  15. Creativity can bring you more success than performing repetitive patterns cannot
  16. Deadlines are the only factor that makes you creative as they teach you how to complete a job in less time
  17. Creativity is an asset that never ends, even when overspent; the more creativity you use, the more remains
  18. No creative person was ever born without facing failures
  19. Being creative is a process and not a goal to achieve at once.
  20. A creative person can survive almost any situation that existswhatsapp status (8)
  21. Great things are achieved by performing little things repeatedly and repeatedly in a new way.whatsapp status (7)
  22. Creativity is the ultimate skill that can outrank any degreewhatsapp status (6)
  23. To become creative, one needs a wild mind and a disciplined soulwhatsapp status (5)
  24. If falling from the cliff feels like a failure to you, create your wings and flywhatsapp status (4)
  25. Don’t be satisfied with what you can see with open eyes. Close your eyes, and you will get to know there are many things you still need to unfoldwhatsapp status (3)
  26. Others cannot see what I have already seenwhatsapp status (2)
  27. It takes courage to become creative, to live a life beyond the set ruleswhatsapp status (1)
  28. Knowing all the rules is better so you can master the art of breaking them all.whatsapp status
  29. It needs to be a little irrational to make the discoveries.whatsapp status

WhatsApp Status About Life When You Have Had A Business Failure

It takes much courage to start a business. And when you start a business, you need to understand and accept one fact, and that is when you will succeed, people will hardly come and appreciate you, but if you fail, they will surely make you feel miserable. Even though you have had a business failure recently, you are still a winner because you have done something different than many others cannot even think about doing. And there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who are finding it hard to overcome their business failures rationally. If you have learned many lessons and know that success can be achieved through failure, you can turn your experience as a stepping stone towards something better-like motivating people.

Hear some WhatsApp statuses about life that can help your friends, relatives, or whomsoever it may concern or who have recently experienced failure.

  1. No failure is permanent, but it can become a permanent thought process if you start believing that you are a failure.No failure is permanent, but it can become a permanent thought process if you start believing that you are a failure.
  2. It is not necessarily will be successful all the time in life. Learn to embrace your failures tooWhatsApp Status about Life (1)
  3. Those who don’t stop in failure reach success fastWhatsApp Status about Life (2)
  4. Failure is inevitable, and you have no option but to accept the fact.WhatsApp Status about Life (3)
  5. If you are not ready to face your failures, you will never know how fulfilling success isWhatsApp Status about Life (4)
  6. Failure is not when you try something new and it does not work out. Failure is when you give up on trying again.WhatsApp Status about Life (5)
  7. If you don’t try something new in life, you are already heart failureWhatsApp Status about Life (6)
  8. The lessons learned from the failures make us strong and better to achieve successWhatsApp Status about Life (7)
  9. A person who has failed can teach you the most precious lessons of successWhatsApp Status about Life (8)
  10. You did not fail; you tried out something different that others cannot even imagine trying.WhatsApp Status about Life (9)
  11. Everything is temporary, even your failures.WhatsApp Status about Life (10)
  12. It’s OK to fail in life, but it is not OK to grieve your failure for the rest of your life.WhatsApp Status about Life (11)
  13. I would rather be a failure than a part of something boring and uselessWhatsApp Status about Life (12)
  14. Failure is not a mistake, but if you deny learning from your failures, you will make mistakesWhatsApp Status about Life (13)
  15. Every failure carries a seed of better opportunitiesWhatsApp Status about Life (14)
  16. If you are building your empire on the lessons you learned from your failures, it will be the most substantial empireWhatsApp Status about Life (15)
  17. There is no point in being alive if the fear of failure it’s not letting you try something newWhatsApp Status about Life (16)
  18. Permit yourself to fail alongside permitting yourself to excelWhatsApp Status about Life (17)
  19. Nothing in this world can break a person who has the determination to convert every failure into successWhatsApp Status about Life (18)
  20. In every adversity, there is at least one opportunity, and in every failure, there is a door to successWhatsApp Status about Life (19)
  21. Learn to accept your failure. Everyone fails at something.WhatsApp Status about Life (20)

WhatsApp Status About Life That Demonstrates Celebrations Of Life

If you consider life a daily celebration, you leave the best life. Most people don’t prefer celebrating the same joy repeatedly, but they grieve the same pain many times. But when you celebrate life, you become a better person every day and complete the circle of life in a better way. It does not require planning an event to celebrate life. Life is already a grand achievement that keeps on giving you a unique opportunity to create something extraordinary. If you are participating in the celebration of life every day, this is the time to explain your thought to others by sharing some excellent WhatsApp statuses that they can read and feel.

  1. Every morning is a celebration of waking up.WhatsApp Status about Life (21)
  2. Never wait for others to make your life beautiful. Celebrate your aliveness.WhatsApp Status about Life (22)
  3. You must be a part of every group that celebrates you for your individuality.WhatsApp Status about Life (23)
  4. Stop complaining about life, start celebrating, and you will get rid of your average life.WhatsApp Status about Life (24)
  5. Every day we must spend some time finding reasons to celebrate ourselvesWhatsApp Status about Life (25)
  6. There is no other celebration better than the celebration of lifeWhatsApp Status about Life (26)
  7. Life itself is precious, and all we are alive must celebrate life for we are richWhatsApp Status about Life (27)
  8. When we celebrate certain things at certain times, there is something that deserves daily celebration, our lifeWhatsApp Status about Life (28)
  9. Even when you fail in life, you should celebrate your failures because the way to success passes through those failures.WhatsApp Status about Life (29)
  10. If you are too worried, you are in your past or future because the present is magic, romance, beauty, and poetry.WhatsApp Status about Life (30)
  11. We came to this earth without anything. And now, if you have at least something to call yours, you must celebrate.WhatsApp Status about Life (31)
  12. When you celebrate life every day, it gives you more reasons to celebrate.WhatsApp Status about Life (32)
  13. Celebrate life by staying thankful for everything they are brought you joy and happiness.WhatsApp Status about Life (33)
  14. Most people don’t celebrate their existence, while others don’t come out the celebration of life ever. WhatsApp Status about Life (34)

WhatsApp Status About Life When You Are Dealing With Difficult People

More or less, we all deal with difficult people at some point or other. Though the situation of dealing with difficult people feels frustrating and maddening, the truth is we can never reason with an unreasonable person. However, many proven techniques can help you better manage dicey situations, such as staying calm, stopping judging, avoiding with a smile, and more. But still, some people act defensive while dealing with difficult people, and it does not take them anywhere. If you are nailing it in uncomfortable situations and people, you can bring peace to other’s life while they deal with difficult people by sharing a positive WhatsApp status.

  1. Focusing on a problem increases the intensity of the problem while focusing on the solution lessens the problem.WhatsApp Status about Life (35)
  2. It is better to set a healthy boundary around yourself; it lets you communicate compassionately.WhatsApp Status about Life (36)
  3. Some people are hard to deal with. It is better to dedicate time to self-care.WhatsApp Status about Life (38)
  4. Some people are impossible to be with and don’t deserve your importance.WhatsApp Status about Life (39)
  5. It’s okay to be sad by the actions of others, but it is not OK to be cruel in return.WhatsApp Status about Life (40)
  6. Forgive people not because they are asking for forgiveness, but your peace lies in the practice of forgiving others.WhatsApp Status about Life (41)
  7. You can always set an example by being good with people who are not kind to you.WhatsApp Status about Life (42)
  8. The way you treat others strongly reflects how you were raisedWhatsApp Status about Life (43)
  9. Do not expect positivity from people who are an embodiment of negativityWhatsApp Status about Life (44)
  10. Remember, what people talk about you is their opinion, and their opinion can be different from your realityWhatsApp Status about Life (45)
  11. Don’t let the opinions of others harm your sanityWhatsApp Status about Life (46)


We must always try and live a life that motivates and influence others. Remember, there is no explanation for why some people do what they do. And there is no point in trying to figure out the reasons why things happen in your life. It is always better to focus on improving your life, and when you focus on self-care, you realize the task is ever ending, and you need to keep going without a pause. And in the process of making your life better, you can do something nobler: to motivate others to live a happy life. Sometimes a WhatsApp status can bring smiles to others’ faces and make them happy. Though it is challenging to motivate others while the situations you are facing are not in your favor, learning the art of motivating others while dealing with problems is a leadership quality we all should learn. I hope the above WhatsApp statuses help you find a suitable status for you. Let us know your favorite status in the comment section below.