150+ Images And Quotes You Can Use As Your WhatsApp DP And Bio

DP For WhatsApp Profile For Girl With Quotes
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Be it your life or just a messaging app like WhatsApp- an excellent visual presentation is mandatory everywhere. Jokes apart. Today in the age of social media, we all use WhatsApp because it is the most user-friendly messaging app of the current time. Whether you are using an Android or the latest version of the iPhone, everyone is connected with others through WhatsApp.

Creating a profile on WhatsApp is as easy as downloading the app, filling in your contact details, verifying your phone number, and you are good to go. After the initial verification, the app brings you the opportunity to customize your profile with your image, a few lines about you or your thoughts in the bio, and, last but not least, a regular status update that your friends and family can see.

If you are new to WhatsApp and scratching your head for some extraordinary ideas to update your WhatsApp profile picture and bio instead of your images, you are at the right place. Many people think using different images is better than their photos as WhatsApp profile pictures. But how about getting the perfect bio to highlight? Worry Not! Because we have got you a ready-to-use platter of WhatsApp Bios, we will also tell you how you can craft a catchy WhatsApp bio with all the ingredients you have in your head.

Let’s first know our little secret about crafting the perfect WhatsApp bio. And later, we will move to the images and bio quotes you can use immediately.

How To Write The Perfect WhatsApp Bio?

WhatsApp bio is a few words or sentences that currently interest you. If you want your WhatsApp bio to define you incredibly, you can take some beautiful and magical words that show your current feelings, attitude, and mood. You can blend them in an attractive order or construct a sentence or two with them. You can also add some emojis to intensify the feelings of the bio.

We know you want your bio to be terrific but trust us, it is as easy to make as we just told you. But wait before you put too much pressure on your brain and get perplexed to find some magical words. Look at some ready-to-update bio ideas we have gathered for you.

50 WhatsApp Bio Ideas That Will Amaze You

I still smile every day. Fortunately, you are not the reason anymore.

If it can be dreamt of, it can be achieved.

One day, I will rise from the ground like a skyscraper, and the world will see.

My silence carries a message. You need to have a good ear to listen to that.

Small talks can even fix wars.

Am I on your mind? Let’s talk.

You will always be my favorite person, even when I will not be yours.

You are the therapy that keeps me from dying.

I am an example of God’s most fabulous creations.

Before you hate me, read my story. I promise you will fall in love.

I will make the rest of my life the best of my life.

It’s better to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel lonely.

If I ever fall in love with you, will you catch and hug me?

Things change, people change, but you remain constant.

I believe in small talks. You ask, I tell.

Many things broke my heart but saved my soul.

Once I am gone, I am hard to find.

Just because I am not talking does not mean I am in a bad mood. I don’t like talking to you in particular.

Sometimes ignoring someone helps you know whether the other person makes an effort to communicate too.

I am in a situation where I neither cry nor smile. Thanks to WhatsApp, I can fake with emojis.

It’s all good to lose people who are happy losing you.

When I’m quiet, I am in observing mode.

If you find me to be an introvert, go work on the level of the comfort zone you carry with you.

You can leave me, but I am hard to replace.

Don’t trust their words; see their actions.

My attitude will always reflect how you treated me earlier.

I cannot change for everyone because everyone does not matter to me.

I do what I like and not what you want me to do.

Life is too short to waste in fulfilling others’ expectations

If you don’t like me, that’s OK because I portrayed myself as unlikable.

You ignore I feel pained; I ignore your heart breaks in pieces.

Before you judge me, make sure you know enough adjectives.

Being silent is better than talking nonsense.

My attitude is Killer, while yours is just hurtful.

I play until the game ends. I play until I am the winner.

The more silent I am, the more destructive I can be.

Stop chasing your crush, chase cash, be rich and enjoy him chasing you.

Avoid me once, and I will ignore you forever.

My life is my life and not yours. So what I am doing is my business and not yours.

Don’t be afraid to fall in love again. Not everyone is as foolish as your ex.

They don’t like you because you are not like them.

Let’s be honest. None is trustworthy.

You don’t need to explain yourself when you know you are right.

I have so many emotions in myself, and I choose to show none.

If people say wrong about me, trust them. Because if you trust me, I am even worse.

Anger is just one letter away from danger. Keep it away.

I am a calm person with a hot attitude.

Who said I am deficient in math? I nail it in counting money.

You don’t have to like me because I already am in love with myself.

I am not a person you meet just like that.

Short, Very Short WhatsApp Bios For The Minimalists

Minimalists are the trendsetters of the world. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you how marvelous minimalists are as they believe in keeping it sweet and simple, yet they are influential. Taken from how they spend their money to how they spend their words on a WhatsApp bio, minimalists are the most outstanding teachers of all time. If you are a minimalist who loves to keep the WhatsApp bio as simple as possible yet wants to make a mark, your WhatsApp bio must look like the followings.

Sometimes it is unnecessary to use many words to convey what you want. But a few words are enough. Less is more. Use these WhatsApp Bios to give the world a short glimpse of yourself and your thoughts.

  1. Wait, pray, win
  2. Heal, learn and love
  3. Wish it. Work hard. Achieve it.
  4. Keep your mind dirty and heart pure.
  5. Keep calm and chill.
  6. Better days are ahead.
  7. Do everything you love.
  8. Few friends. Real friends.
  9. Happiness is inside.
  10. Every second counts.
  11. Keep it private and stay happy.
  12. Every day is a new life.
  13. Stay real, stay loyal, stay happy.
  14. Bring the kid out in you.
  15. God is working on your smile.
  16. It’s OK to be imperfect.
  17. Live every moment before you die.
  18. If God can forgive, so can you.
  19. Even when life is a struggle, life is beautiful
  20. Time does not heal; you learn to live with the pain.
  21. Those who can’t communicate misunderstand.
  22. Not a dirty mind; I have a sexy imagination.
  23. Be single, be focused
  24. Delete my number for once; I will delete you forever
  25. Take ownership of your faults.
  26. I learned from mistakes, not pieces of advice.
  27. Cherish your own emotions.
  28. Learn to turn your sadness into a joke.
  29. Full of love but low on trust.
  30. Late replies help us lose feelings faster.

WhatsApp Bios That Reflect The Strong Person You Are Inside

You are not correct if you think that it is only you who cares so much about what to write on your WhatsApp bio. Every person, including the ones who are living their lives like bosses, does care about what to write in their WhatsApp bio. If you are a boss inside out and want to write something powerful and impressive, here are a few quotes for you:

  1. Just remember, everyone has their battle.
  2. When it gets more challenging, stay stronger
  3. True stories don’t care about bad endings
  4. My silence is poetry written in my pain
  5. Silent people are born with the loudest minds
  6. Do more of what you love
  7. Comparison steals away your joy
  8. What you are is what you want to be
  9. Life is a flower, and love is the fragrance
  10. When you share your joy, you double it
  11. Love can conquer all the hates
  12. If you ask me no questions, I will never lie.
  13. I don’t make mistakes in my life. I learn lessons.
  14. Life has no automatic mode. You need to change what you don’t like.
  15. Remember that your blessings are bigger than your troubles.
  16. Not every follower is a fan.
  17. Life can be as good as you want if you have a good mindset.
  18. The beginning will always be the hardest if you want the end to be flawless.
  19. Don’t burn opportunities to gain temporary comfort.
  20. There is a sun in you behind all your eclipses.

Stylish WhatsApp Display Pictures For Girls

Everyone wants to have a stylish and beautiful WhatsApp DP. DP is the social media display picture on WhatsApp. While you spend more time chatting on WhatsApp, the person you are chatting with can easily see your DP. According to studies, WhatsApp display pictures are seen more than status. Therefore your WhatsApp DP needs to be stunning to amaze others.

Here are a few WhatsApp display pictures that you can drag and use. Also, we will give you some thoughts and quotes so that you can create beautiful display pictures, status, and bios in no time.

  1. Sometimes I win, but I learn always
  2. I don’t give up until I win
  3. The struggle I am in today is going to make me stronger tomorrow
  4. Spending time with those who love me unconditionally. Spending time with myself
  5. I enjoy the silence of the chaos
  6. I was born to be different. Different from people’s ideas of me.
  7. Take your brain along while following your heart.
  8. I push myself because I don’t believe people will push me in the right direction.
  9. It’s better to be imperfect than be fake.
  10. Relax, reflect, recharge
  11. Sometimes it is okay to spend time doing nothing.
  12. If you call me normal, I will feel insulted. Call me weird; I will feel happy.
  13. Dream big, achieve bigger
  14. Rejections are re-directions to better things.
  15. There are bad days but not bad lives.
  16. Don’t try to be perfect. Be perfectly loyal.
  17. A negative mindset will never produce a positive life
  18. Even the most minor step in the right direction can end up being the biggest
  19. You can do anything if you love what you do
  20. Real women enjoy seeing other women grow

WhatsApp DP Quotes For Girls

Girl, you were not born to be similar to others; you were born to be different. Then why your WhatsApp DP won’t be different? Most pretty, cute girls out there prefer using the photos of Disney Queens on their WhatsApp DP images, While others consider showing their current state of mind through their WhatsApp display pictures.

Here Are A Few WhatsApp DP Quotes For Girls Who Are Born To Be Different:

  1. Life is not for satisfying your ego but for living with self-respect.
  2. Never assume. Never expect
  3. Prove it to yourself, not others.
  4. Please don’t mess with me. The beast inside me is sleeping but still alive.
  5. Sometimes the bad things that happen in your life inspire you the most
  6. Always be vocal about how you feel
  7. Don’t spend another minute explaining yourself to people who think they know you.
  8. Smile and keep praying
  9. You are born to be a butterfly, don’t stop being a Caterpillar
  10. Open your mind, and you will understand that you don’t need to open your mouth everywhere
  11. Whatever you dream, make sure you work to achieve it
  12. The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing.
  13. If you have one reason to hate me, I have hundreds more to show you
  14. Every minute you waste doing nothing, remember your competitors are utilizing those minutes to defeat you
  15. Work hard now and sleep later in your private jet
  16. A person with a good heart should never be sad
  17. I am a queen by birth; I don’t need a crown to validate that
  18. Big things happen step by step
  19. Be careful about what you share with others
  20. Silence can answer more questions than words can

How To Change Your WhatsApp Profile Picture And Bio?

If you have not changed your profile picture since using WhatsApp, this is a perfect time to do it. And when you use the quotes we mentioned above as your WhatsApp display picture, we are sure that you will receive a few messages from your friends complimenting your thoughts. Changing your WhatsApp profile picture can be done in a jiffy by following these simple steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp app.
  • Now go to settings
  • Click on the photo that appears on the top.
  • Click on edit, and you will see a drop-down with an option of choosing a photo.
  • Now choose from your gallery or camera roll.
  • Your new profile picture will be displayed to your friends.

To change the bio of your WhatsApp, you again need to go to settings and click on “About.” You can notice there are some default Bios such as Available, Busy, Can’t Talk WhatsApp Only, In A Meeting, etc. And if you continue using those bios until now, change that with the bios we have suggested.


The best thing about WhatsApp is that you can hide your profile picture and bio from some contacts whom you don’t want to see your photo or bio. Some people even ask whether or not they can have multiple profile pictures on WhatsApp. Though it would be nice to have multiple profile pictures, it is possible to have only one display picture for now. But the good news is that if you have more than one photo that you liked, you can use them on your WhatsApp status. I hope this article helped you have a perfect WhatsApp display picture and bio after a long time. Let us know your WhatsApp bio in the comment section below.