WhatsApp Marketing – A Big Opportunity for Businesses to Connect With Customers

WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing

“WhatsApp Marketing – A Big Opportunity for Business!” “Many People Do Not Wish to Communicate Anymore via Facebook but Through WhatsApp”. These are the titles which are buzzing around the newspaper recently and it truly conveys that WhatsApp Marketing is rapidly growing.

Recent statistics revealed by HubSpot stated, 29% of respondents selected messaging apps like WhatsApp as their preferred business communication channel. Wow… That’s huge, right! WhatsApp has kicked the life out of email. Email marketing is important but just think about emails open rate – the highest open rate is 35% or 40%. But the average WhatsApp message has an open rate of 98% and this makes WhatsApp the most likable marketing channel.

How Businesses Use WhatsApp Marketing?

  • Free giveaways or conducting contests (i.e.: “[Your Company] WhatsApp Alert: The first “N” customers to respond with the word “XXXX” receive a 5% discount on their next order!”)
  • Notifications about new product launch, sales or other limited-time promotions
  • Live company announcements and video messages from your CEO
  • Invitations to events, conferences, parties, etc.
  • “Thank You” messages and festive wishes
  • Live chat / technical support

What Businesses Would WhatsApp Be Most Beneficial?

Whether you’re running a small, large or medium-sized business, WhatsApp marketing will be a big opportunity for you to connect with your customers. It has already been proven that the following industries have gained tremendous benefits by implementing WhatsApp in their marketing campaign.

Apparels and Fashion Boutique – Customers like to shop something that they can see. By sending your latest collections via WhatsApp during festive seasons will make your sales surely rise.

Food and beverages – Tell your customers what is the menu of the day and any special promotions that your café is offering. And also you can advertise your WhatsApp number to

Property and real estate – Properties for sale, new buy offer, and sell offers can be effectively communicated to your target audience via WhatsApp.

Get Ready to Reach Thousands of Customers in a Split Second via WhatsApp Broadcasting Feature

You can now reach millions of customers in just a matter of seconds via WhatsApp Broadcasting Feature. To make use of this feature: Create broadcast lists of the subscribers. And then you can ask your subscribers to send the word “JOIN” to your business mobile number to start receiving messages. Users could also unsubscribe by sending “STOP” at any point, just like SMS campaign.

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Few Points to Keep In Mind While Using WhatsApp Marketing

  • Place an eye-catching image as your profile picture. It can be your company logo, your latest product or any promotional offers.
  • Keep updating your status with some creative and short messages that would increase curiosity among customers and draw their attention. You can also include coupon codes, limited offers etc.
  • Respond quickly to the queries.

Click Here to Get Started with WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

So that’s what’s up with WhatsApp! If you’ve already tried WhatsApp in your marketing campaign, feel free to share your success stories in the comment box!

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