77+ Whatsapp Dp Images to Change Your Everyday Dp Game

77 + whatsapp dp images
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WhatsApp is the most prevalent messaging app of the current time. And this messaging app is also quite famous in the professional dynamics as companies are now using WhatsApp for promotional and customer retention purposes. Though companies who are texting to promote their businesses to you through WhatsApp do not care to put a face to your name, you definitely go and check the face or the logo displayed at the left of their names or numbers. Likewise, when you text someone, they like to put a face to your name to feel more authentic even if you have never met them in real life. And that is why you keep changing your profile picture on WhatsApp more often whenever you have a new photo.

While many might say that people who keep changing their WhatsApp DP or display pictures lack confidence, seek attention, and feel insecure, people who are habituated to changing DP still keep changing their WhatsApp display pictures just because “it’s their life and their rules.”

But sometimes, people don’t use their own photographs as WhatsApp display images. Therefore some other images, such as gothic art or a quote, become the face to their name. Such people are basically the group that idolizes others and doesn’t care about others’ opinions. People who are introverted or hesitant about disclosing their personal information also wish to remain hidden behind their WhatsApp display pictures. And if you are feeling like all the way we were talking about you, since you love to change your WhatsApp DP according to your mood or just like that, this article is for you so that you never run out of enough display pictures.

WhatsApp DP Images According To Your Current Mood

WhatsApp DP Images When You Are Happy

Happiness is the ultimate life goal. Obviously, we all want to be happier. No matter what we do happiness is the ultimate result we desire. When we find ways to improve our personal productivity, get to do things we love doing, or our dreams come true, all we need to do is just be happier. And it goes without saying that happy people accomplish more. When we are happy, even the people around us can notice that. Because our inner happiness makes us smile more, sleep more, spend more time with family and friends, go outside more often, help other people, and even take us closer to our dreams.

But lots of people like to practice gratitude in a hugely different way. While some prefer keeping a journal and writing things they are grateful for, others change their WhatsApp DP images or WhatsApp status sharing their good feelings each day and showing gratitude and happiness.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before selecting a happy WhatsApp DP. And here, we have enlisted many options, including some ready-to-use WhatsApp DP images and quotes that you can use to custom-make your WhatsApp DP that you can select according to your choice.

Quotes To Use On Your WhatsApp DP Images

If you post a quote instead of a photo on your WhatsApp DP, the quote needs to be relatable, meaningful, and crisp.

Here are a few quotes that you can use as your WhatsApp display picture:

Be your own reason for happiness

whatsapp dp

There is only one happiness in life- to give love.

whatsapp dp

The art of being happy lies in the science of finding happiness in little things.

whatsapp dp

Happiness radiates like the fragrance of a flowerwhatsapp dp images

Happiness is something you want to spend in the present, not something you postpone for the future.whatsapp dp images (1)

Happiness is a choice. The more you choose to be happy, the happier you can be.whatsapp dp images (2)

Happiness cannot be owned. It needs to be earned and consumed.whatsapp dp images (3)

You don’t get happiness from birth. You yield happiness the entire lifetime.whatsapp dp images (4)

Expecting to be happy is a significant obstacle to happiness. Be happy for no reason.whatsapp dp images (5)

Staying happy is more courageous than being brave.whatsapp dp images (6)

It is not how much we get but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.whatsapp dp images (8)

The only way to find true happiness is to search for it within.whatsapp dp images (9)

People who sweat to achieve something are happier than people who achieve quickly.whatsapp dp images (10)

Happiness is how you feel about yourselfwhatsapp dp images (11)

We all deserve to be happy. Don’t forget that.whatsapp dp images (12)

Happiness starts where complaining ends.whatsapp dp images (13)

Don’t let your past and future prevent you from staying happy in your present.whatsapp dp images (14)

There is no external condition to be happy; it is governed by your mental attitude.whatsapp dp images (15)

When you choose to be happy, you get the power to control what you expect and what you let go of.whatsapp dp images (16)

Train your mind to find happiness in little things, and train your heart to spread happiness.

Cry, forgive, learn, and do whatever it takes to make you happy today.

When you start living in harmony with yourself, you live in harmony with the universe.

WhatsApp DP Images When You Are Motivated

Motivation in your life has a vital role as motivation gives you reasons to do things. It is the force that encourages you to work toward your goals. Therefore every human wants to be surrounded by motivated people at work and in life. Self-motivated people are happier than people who seek motivation outside. If you are a self-motivated person, you don’t need to prove anyone else; sometimes, it is necessary to motivate people to be self-motivated. And you can do that by changing your WhatsApp DP images from a happiness quote to a motivational quote. But you need to generate motivation before you look for quotes to change your WhatsApp DP image to show that you are motivated.

To stay motivated, you first need to acknowledge all the feelings you have with motivation. Some days in your life will be just helpful, while some days will be down, and those days will leave you devastated. No matter what, you must not avoid things that you prioritize, such as your work, study, family, and happiness. And when you are emotionally drained and willing to deny going through the frustration, read the WhatsApp DP image to motivate again. There is one more thing you need to practice if you really want to motivate yourself. Do not blame yourself for procrastinating things every now and then. Instead, work on taking better steps, try to understand your work pattern, and identify what can make it easier for you to work or study.

Sometimes it can be hard to go on with something you are doing out of your comfort zone but try to take your experience as an interesting one instead of a matter of discomfort. Remember that we don’t motivate ourselves to do what we already can. Instead, motivation is required when taking up challenges to do something out of our comfort zone.

Motivational Quotes For WhatsApp DP

  1. I like to breathe where I feel most alivewhatsapp dp images
  2. Not everyone in this world will like you. And that is ok.whatsapp dp images (1)
  3. You were not born to earn just bread and die. Earn more.whatsapp dp images (2)
  4. Take a deep breath and remember you can.whatsapp dp images (3)
  5. Be addicted to winning battles every day.whatsapp dp images (4)
  6. Talk to yourself daily. That is the daily dose of conversation you need.whatsapp dp images (5)
  7. The bad news: everything changes. The good news: you are the game changer.whatsapp dp images (6)
  8. You can be a good person and still avoid people who don’t add value to your life.whatsapp dp images (7)
  9. When things are good, grab it all. When things are lousy, change it all.whatsapp dp images (8)
  10. I look good in muscles and success.whatsapp dp images (9)
  11. I am born to work, stay happy, do wonders, and repeat.whatsapp dp images (10)
  12. I am blessed already. I am god’s favorite.whatsapp dp images (11)
  13. Don’t lose the courage to express yourself.whatsapp dp images (12)
  14. Be aware that you are rare.whatsapp dp images (13)
  15. Only you can change the direction of your life. You are the pilot with all the control.whatsapp dp images (14)
  16. Calm your mind as it is the ultimate weapon you have during challenges.whatsapp dp images (15)
  17. Once I start doing something, I invest until I get my desired refunds.whatsapp dp images (16)
  18. Don’t ping. I am busy building a new me.whatsapp dp images (17)
  19. Things will work out, as I’m working hard to make them work in my favor.whatsapp dp images (18)
  20. When in doubt, keep going. You don’t want to stop and keep on doubting.whatsapp dp images (19)
  21. You can still expect a miracle to be realistic.whatsapp dp images (20)
  22. Nothing grows without rain. Embrace the storms of your life.whatsapp dp images (21)
  23. It’s always what you are versus what you want to be.whatsapp dp images (22)
  24. Your finance will look rich one day, and you are already wealthy by heart.whatsapp dp images (23)
  25. Tell yourself that even though you fail sometimes, you are still a winner.whatsapp dp images (24)
  26. Take time to feed it in your mind that you are enough.whatsapp dp images (25)
  27. Believe it with all your heart, and it is possible.whatsapp dp images (26)
  28. Be persistent and focusedwhatsapp dp images (27)
  29. Success is achieved and retained by those who try and keep on trying.whatsapp dp images (28)
  30. Once you realize that you deserve better, you make better choices.whatsapp dp images (29)
  31. Don’t carry the same you today, shed and be better than you were.whatsapp dp images (30)

WhatsApp DP Images When You Are Sad

Whether you just had a breakup or feel like you are not doing enough in your life, feeling sad is a natural emotion like happiness, motivation, love, etc. We all feel sad sometimes. And it is pretty normal to be sad at times as it makes life more enjoyable. Imagine if there was no sadness at all. Did you ever learn how to appreciate happiness? Also, sadness is a sign that you connect well with the relationships and things that matter to you.

When we feel sad many people express it by obliterating their WhatsApp DP. Some people even choose a black image to express their normal sadness in healthy ways without harming or disturbing others. Well, it is alright to let yourself be sad. Because when you deny your sadness, it does more damage to your mind and soul with time. You can write journals, listen to music, or spend time with your loved ones to express your emotion of sadness. You can even cry if you feel like it and relieve your sadness.

All we mean to say is when you start feeling sad, you must do things to change the situation to refrain it from being worse and leading to depression.

Here are a few quotes you can use as your WhatsApp DP when you are heartbroken or sad and want to proudly show your sadness without hesitation. Some of the quotes will also motivate you when you are sad and help you learn to accept your sadness.

  1. It is ok to be sad. But I’m not letting my smile go anywhere.whatsapp dp images
  2. Sometimes the pain just seems never-ending.whatsapp dp images (1)
  3. The hardest thing in life is to forget someone you always wanted to remember.whatsapp dp images (2)
  4. I am not ok, but I will bewhatsapp dp images (3)
  5. Inside I’m sad, and outside I’m the happiest go-lucky person you will ever meet.whatsapp dp images (4)
  6. I was waiting for my death and remembered someone got it without asking for it.whatsapp dp images (5)
  7. Trust me, your “bye” was the hardest to hearwhatsapp dp images (6)
  8. It’s too hard to accept that I am not worthy of happinesswhatsapp dp images (7)
  9. I hate my life, especially when you are not in it.whatsapp dp images (8)
  10. I’m sorry I cannot be as perfect as you want me to be.whatsapp dp images (9)
  11. Silence is the most chaotic scream.whatsapp dp images (10)
  12. Sometimes silence is the only way to explain that you are broken when your tears are driedwhatsapp dp images (11)
  13. I’m sick of crying and tired of smiling. I want to live for a whilewhatsapp dp images (12)
  14. When I’m silent, I am in pain because when I cry, I am angry, and you are at risk of painwhatsapp dp images (13)
  15. Nothing stays forever, but you promised to stay until my last breathwhatsapp dp images (14)
  16. Remember one thing people who don’t understand you are better avoidedwhatsapp dp images (15)
  17. Things that you call to be yours today can be of someone else’s tomorrowwhatsapp dp images (16)
  18. Don’t love someone so much that you forget to save some love for yourselfwhatsapp dp images (17)
  19. It’s always easy to fall in love with someone but hard to keep closerwhatsapp dp images (18)
  20. The more truthful you will become, the more hate you will receivewhatsapp dp images (19)
  21. Then some trips tire your heart more than your bodywhatsapp dp images (20)
  22. I want to restart my life and this time without the virus called ‘love.’whatsapp dp images (21)
  23. No matter how much the situation changes, don’t change your true selfwhatsapp dp images (22)
  24. If she is happy without me, there is nothing to complain about itwhatsapp dp images (23)
  25. I am so easy that everyone understands me. Maybe you left a few pages while reading me.whatsapp dp images (24)
  26. I hope we meet again where you fall in love with me as much as I love youwhatsapp dp images (25)
  27. I started loving the way I am after you changed me completelywhatsapp dp images (25)

WhatsApp DP Images When You Are And Nature Enthusiast

Have you ever noticed sometimes people put images of nature such as flowers, jungle, and animals instead of their own images? It shows how much they love nature and continuously thinks about traveling amidst nature. Here is a vast collection of photos and quotes you can use as your display pictures whenever you feel like expressing your love and affection for nature and the importance of nature in your life.

  1. The adventure beginswhatsapp dp images (27)
  2. When the sun goes down, the stars rise brighterwhatsapp dp images (28)
  3. Breathewhatsapp dp images (29)
  4. Stop waiting and start travelingwhatsapp dp images (30)
  5. No love is bigger than the love for naturewhatsapp dp images (31)
  6. In nature, everything is perfect with its own imperfectionswhatsapp dp images (32)
  7. Heaven is where the winds play with my hairwhatsapp dp images (33)
  8. I believe in god for how beautiful he built naturewhatsapp dp images (34)
  9. When in doubt, choose the wildernesswhatsapp dp images (35)
  10. When you start loving nature, you will find love everywherewhatsapp dp images (36)
  11. Leave love, take the roadswhatsapp dp images (37)
  12. I go to nature to soothe my 6th sense, which gets awakened only when I travelwhatsapp dp images (38)
  13. There are always flowers for the ones who don’t let their fragrance go awaywhatsapp dp images (39)
  14. Nature teaches us that we can achieve everything by staying calmwhatsapp dp images (40)
  15. If we have one thing in common: love for nature, I am already in love with youwhatsapp dp images (41)


Some people keep changing their WhatsApp DP, while others just don’t pay heed to it. It usually depends upon people’s mood and whether they are happy, sad, angry, motivated, or just thinking about traveling. But it is always better to have something in your WhatsApp DP instead of obliterating it. It is not because you don’t know what other people will perceive from your action. Though People who care about you might be cautious about your well-being, others can be highly judgmental. But that is not a matter of concern, but a WhatsApp DP makes your profile look complete. And now, since you are not running out of enough WhatsApp DP images, you can change your DP more often. Choose from the images above, or if you have a little editing skill, customize your WhatsApp DP with one of the unique quotes written above that perfectly fits your current mood.