77+ WhatsApp DP for Girls

77+ whatsapp dp for girls
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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide that keeps on adding new features to its portfolio to ensure that it can hold its position as the best messaging app out there. While some features are aimed at bringing new functionality to the app, some are still going on to make the app look beautiful. And one such feature is adding a WhatsApp display picture.

A WhatsApp display picture lets you put a face to your name in the address book of others. Since many of us use WhatsApp for personal and professional contacts, you may use your photo as a display photo alongside opting for some other options such as your company’s logo, some stock photos or even quotes.

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of keeping different types of photos as display pictures. Everyone can see your photo if you don’t have any privacy filter on your WhatsApp profile picture. WhatsApp also enables other users to take a screenshot of your profile photo if it is visible to them. But, if your profile photo is hidden from people because you have not saved their number in your contact book, your display photo will not be shown to them. But if you don’t have anything to worry about, you can choose not to allow certain people to see your WhatsApp profile photo.

But what do we mean by saying some other options for our display photo apart from using your image? Many people, especially girls, prefer adding quotes as WhatsApp display pictures, sometimes for security reasons and sometimes because they love sharing the quotes that inspired them.


How To Decide Which Are Better Display Pictures For Girls?

Simply if you don’t want to use your photo as a display picture on WhatsApp, no matter what the reason is, you should go for an excellent inspirational picture or a compelling and motivating quote on the DP.

But is it as easy as finding a quote online and immediately adding on your WhatsApp DP? Yes, it’s not at all difficult. But if you want to create a good picture quote of your own, it will include a few other things before adding your photo to your WhatsApp profile.


How To Create A Picture Quote For WhatsApp?

If you want to carefully craft and add display pictures with a curated quote for WhatsApp, you have to have the basic knowledge of any photo editing app such as photoshop or illustrator. You must select a good background and ensure that the text fund and colour are in harmony with the background. For example, if you are choosing a background for your WhatsApp display picture quote, the colour of the text can be anything in lighter hues, such as white, yellow etc., to make the content of the quote easily readable to others.

But what if you don’t know Photoshop, Illustrator, or other apps? Worry not. Many tools available on the internet, such as Canva, allow you to create beautiful photographs of your own.

Those tools have pre-design templates. And you need to upload a photo if you want your quote to have a photo, add text, give some necessary finishing touches such as aligning the photo with the text etc. You can save your picture and use it on WhatsApp or other social media platforms.


What Quotes To Use To Create A WhatsApp Display Picture For Girls?

It’s not easy to be a girl in a society where women still fight for their existence. But whatever it may, womanhood must be celebrated as women have repeatedly proven that they are their champions during difficult times.

If you surf the internet and some apps like Pinterest, you will find many quotes to use on your WhatsApp display picture. But for many females having unique quotes on their display pictures make sense. Therefore if you want to accomplish something incredible with your WhatsApp display picture, here are some unique and personalised quotes.

There are many quotes below, and you can select the one based on your circumstances and preferences. But remember, no matter where you are currently in your life, you are a woman of substance; therefore, you must always have a more muscular view of yourself and your capabilities.


WhatsApp Dp Quotes For Girls Of Substance

  1. Forget the glass ceilings and keep doing your work, for glass ceilings are still limitations, and you are limitless.
  2. If you can dance like nobody’s watching, you have the world to win.
  3. I believe in being strong when everything else’s falling apart.
  4. Tomorrow is a new day for me as it is for males.
  5. A woman should have just one thing: everything she wants.
  6. A woman with confidence is a fascinating creature that exists.
  7. Even when you are a girl, you are still a woman and deserve respect.
  8. I am a woman who believes the game is on until I get it right.
  9. No matter what size you are, you are gorgeous.
  10. Women are the most fabulous designers in society.
  11. Strong women show their standards everywhere and attitude where needed.
  12. Don’t try to change a woman to fit the world. Change the world to fit women.
  13. I have chosen not to be sorry for my womanhood as I deserve to be respected as a woman.
  14. If words reassure you, talk to a man. If actions reassure you, ask a woman.
  15. I learned to be myself, and I did not need to worry about things that bothered others.
  16. Women, act in a way so that your actions create a legacy to inspire other women to dream more.
  17. Hey woman, you don’t need to be pretty; prettiness is not paying for your rent.
  18. A real woman does not rely on a man’s chivalry to give her justice.
  19. If you want to fight for a position, fight to become a queen, for a queen is never afraid to fail.
  20. I appreciate women who don’t wait for somebody to ask them out to step out of the cocoon.
  21. Always be the best version of yourself instead of our first copy of someone else.
  22. Women are leaders everywhere, whether a Fortune 500 company or a kitchen.
  23. Every woman has her unique beauty, and every day is a celebration of that uniqueness.
  24. Above all, you are the heroine of your life who can conquer any villain.
  25. Break all the stereotypes that others hold for you and the stereotypes you hold for yourself.
  26. Sometimes you need to raise your voice not to shout but so that your voice can reach the ears it needs to reach.
  27. A woman who believes in herself can survive anything.
  28. A woman with strong opinions it’s by definition of a strong woman.
  29. I will believe in gender equality on the day when I will be no longer addressed as a female leader but just a leader.
  30. The beauty of being a female is that you can achieve whatever you want.
  31. My mother told me that if you want to be independent, your mind needs to appreciate independence first.

WhatsApp DP For Sarcastic Girls

Many people will roll their eyes. You must not stop exercising sarcasm as it is good for you and can also benefit others. We can tell you some scientific reasons why you should never feel wrong about being sarcastic. First of all, sarcasm makes you smarter. Some people think that sarcasm is mean. It is one of those biggest misconceptions, as sarcasm has no other purpose but to find humour in things.

Furthermore, sarcasm makes your brain work harder. You can easily manage those significant stresses and difficulties if you are a sarcasm pro. Studies also found that sarcastic people are forgiving in nature and can handle difficult situations sarcastically and faster.

And if you want the world to know that you are exercising your sarcasm muscles well enough, what can be better than putting a sarcastic quote on your DP?

  1. Want some advice? Don’t reach out to me. I am better at sarcastic comments.
  2. I am not sugar enough to sprinkle over your Donuts.
  3. I wish some people were fluent in silence.
  4. A fun fact about me: I am not much interested in fun facts.
  5. I like people with higher thoughts, not those who tried to convert their low-rise jeans into a high-rise one.
  6. My back is aching from carrying the weight of your unsolicited advice.
  7. I have a definite opinion about everything; I don’t care.
  8. You cannot make everyone happy. You are not a banana.
  9. Please don’t mess with me. I can be the human version of period cramps for men.
  10. I don’t have time to hate everyone. Thus I ignore it.
  11. I am trying to forget what I don’t want to do.
  12. And when I asked the insurer what’s the best policy, she said health. Poor me, I thought it was honesty.
  13. The best thing about humans is their dogs.
  14. No one should judge your shape. After all, the round is still a shape.
  15. Even though I am destined to go to hell, I still want to stay on the top floor.
  16. Even the devil gets mesmerised looking at my work.
  17. Sometimes I meet people and feel bad for their pets.
  18. I tried being a nice person, but my mouth never cooperated.


WhatsApp DP Quotes For Girls Who Live Like A Boss

No one needs to validate that women are the reservoir of talent, and every girl is a born boss no matter for whom she works or who works for her. On WhatsApp, girl boss quotes are inspirational and famous as they are great motivators for many to learn, love, create, dream and get inspiration. Therefore, if you are looking for beautiful quotes for your WhatsApp display picture, some girl boss quotes will help you achieve your goals. You don’t need to have a business to become a boss; if you know your worth and can maintain a good balance between your work and personal life. Read along those quotes and find inspiration to use them on your next WhatsApp DP.

  1. My fear gets hidden by my desire to win.
  2. When I am mad, even your demons will cry out for help.
  3. Sometimes I am a little beauty and many beasts.
  4. If you think wearing pink is too feminine, try it and see how it activates indoor films and energises creativity.
  5. Opportunity never knocked on my door, and I never closed the door while desperately waiting for it.
  6. When I don’t like the road I am walking on, I start creating one.
  7. When they try to take me downward, I prefer going against the force.
  8. No country can ever achieve a thing if it deprives its women.
  9. I already have what it takes to win. I’m a born winner.
  10. No woman can ever make a difference just right being like men. You have to be a woman to win like a woman.
  11. I don’t apologise for being a mighty woman you cannot handle.
  12. I am building a life that requires no vacation.
  13. I am building my destiny and taking control of it.
  14. No force is more powerful than a woman who decides to achieve everything she wants.
  15. You are not making good decisions if you are not making mistakes.
  16. You cannot achieve a million dollars if you have a minimum wage work ethic.
  17. You will look so different if you choose to wear your confidence.
  18. I refuse to do anything that does not align with my ethics
  19. To win in life, you need to feed your mind that it’s a winner

WhatsApp Bio For Girls With Broken Heart

To become a resilient person, you need to be through your vulnerability. And heartbreak is one of those vulnerabilities that can give you enough strength. However, not many people love to talk about their emotional pain. But we think a heart attack is a universal truth, and it’s okay to process your feelings accordingly. While trying to get through a recent breakup and think that reading quotes on broken hearts or keeping a DP on WhatsApp about heartbreak gives you some relief, why not do that? When some relationship starts, it helps us grow differently. And when it ends, our self-awareness can flourish as it ignites further introspection. And it surges of gratitude towards the person who broke your heart.

And since heartbreaks are quite human, we have listed a few quotes for your WhatsApp DP to ease your pain and sadness And help you move on.

  1. Sometimes it’s better to fall apart than fall together.
  2. If there is life, there will be a crisis; all you need to do is be brilliant in finding out how to stay put.
  3. When I’m sad, I try and find reasons to be excellent.
  4. We all need to learn to let go of the life we wanted to enjoy the life waiting for us.
  5. There is nothing in this universe that can stop you once you decide to let go and start over.
  6. When you are a gem, you don’t lose people. They lose you.
  7. If they want to walk away from you, let them walk.
  8. It’s better to be alone with a standard than to stay with people who make you lose yourself for their approval.
  9. Don’t love someone so much that you forget your worth to value their love.
  10. Aren’t the heart breaks the blessings of God as they let us realise that we have better things to achieve?
  11. If it breaks your heart but fixes your vision, it’s worth it.
  12. Starting from today, I will never forget what is gone, and I will never stop appreciating what remains.
  13. Sometimes good things go away so that better things can take their place.
  14. Accept what is gone and have faith in who is with you.
  15. Don’t forget to start over; you are building opportunities with experiences.
  16. Don’t cry because they’re gone. Smile because they brought you some good memories.
  17. If you are a woman who does not require validation from anyone, you are a strong individual on this planet.
  18. Do whatever it takes but never run back to what broke you.
  19. If they walked away so quick, they never intended to stay.
  20. Your heart will never be practical enough until it’s broken several times.
  21. We know it’s hard to walk away from someone you love. But if it is necessary, do it.


Our WhatsApp display pictures reflect what we are or what we are thinking. Therefore choose your WhatsApp DP quote wisely. Though many people will misinterpret your situation or judge you for the quotes you use, it’s none of your business and should not bring your morale down. You can make beautiful WhatsApp display pictures using those quotes you read in this article. Let us know which quote you like the most in the comment section below, and also share your favorite WhatsApp display picture quotes with us.