Top 50 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Never Knew

WhatsApp Tricks
WhatsApp Tricks

Have you ever imagined a day without WhatsApp? Recent statistics revealed that an average WhatsApp user spends nearly 3 hours a day in WhatsApp and Facebook! But do you know some of the secret WhatsApp Tricks that can take your WhatsApp experience to the next level? From disabling read recipients to hiding last seen, there are loads of tricks to make WhatsApp, the best instant messaging application online! Use the WhatsApp tricks mentioned and you’ll be a pro in no time at all.

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  1. Read WhatsApp Messages without the Sender Knowing That

You might think, you can use “Turn off Read Recipients” feature. But while using this feature, it will automatically turn off the read recipients for all contacts in your phone. In case, if you’re looking to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing that, then you can follow the below steps:

  • Turn on the Airplane Mode or Flight Mode on your phone.
  • Read the whatsapp message
  • And now turn on the flight mode again
  • No blue ticks will appear and the sender will know whether you have read his/her message or not
  1. No More Typing Required

  • Once you tap on the message box, the microphone icon appears on the keyboard
  • Click on the mic button and just talk the message you need to send
  • Your message will get automatically typed as you speak
  • Now, you tap the send icon
  1. See When Your Messages Are Read

The feature of blue tick has brought many relationships to an end! Here’s another way you could annoy your loved ones, thinking what?  Now you can find out the exact time your messages are delivered and the exact time when your message was read by your friends.

  • Go to your WhatsApp chat window and hold on any of the messages you’ve sent in that chat window and click on “Info” option.
  • And this will show the time your message was delivered and subsequently delivered.
  • It works for group messages too, by listing the time each participant of the group read the message
  1. Become Invisible in WhatsApp

Don’t want everybody to see you online? Don’t wish anyone to check your status, display picture, and account information? Then do the following:-

Go to Menu à Settings à Account à Privacy. And here change all the settings of personal data into “Only Me”

  1. Highlighting Messages

You can highlight the messages with bold, italics and strikethrough

  • If you want your message in italics, write the underscore signs on both sides of your _text_
  • Want the message in bold type? Use the star key on both sides of the *text*.
  • If you want the strikethrough type, use twiddles on both sides of the ~message~.
  1. Send Group Message without Making a Group Chat

You can send messages to more than 256 contacts in a second without creating groups. Wondering how? Go to Chats > Menu > New broadcast. Press “+” or enter the names of receivers. The message will be delivered to every receiver you have chosen. Plus, all the necessary contacts will get the message in the usual way. Their answers will be seen only by you and not the other contacts on the list.

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  1. Understand That You Are Blocked

Don’t aware of whether you’re blocked or not? Sending messages regularly without knowing you’re blocked? Here are few of the ways that show whether you’re blocked or not

  • You don’t see the time a contact was last seen online.
  • You don’t see new avatar pics in the profile of a contact.
  • All your messages are ticked once (the message is sent) but not twice (the message is delivered).
  • You create a group chat, but you can’t add a contact (that probably means you are blocked).

However, all these signs don’t guarantee that you are 100% banned. Your contact might have changed the visibility settings.

  1. Change the Storage Option

WhatsApp usually automatically saves all your media sent while chatting. But very often it “eats” the memory storage of your smartphone, and you wouldn’t like to miss installing a new cool app.

If you wish to turn off the autosave option, For Android: go to Settings > Data Usage, and choose the necessary parameters of file downloading.

  1. Hear the Voice Messages Mute

Just now, I’ve tried this feature! It’s simply amazing! Has your friend sent any private voice message to you? Feeling awkward to hear it in the public place without headphones? Hold your phone to your ear, and WhatsApp will change the loudspeaker mode to inner speakers. This app knows much more than you can imagine.

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  1. Star Important Messages

If you’ve received an important message from your friend, just tap the message and click on the start icon in the top of the screen. Now it can be easily found in the starred messages tab in the main menu. Now, there is no need to waste more time the next time by searching the important messages!

  1. Get Pop-Up Notification on Messages

The bubble or pop-up notification in the corner of your screen shows that you have a new message in WhatsApp and who the sender is. All you need to do to turn this option on is to download the “WhatsBubbles” app and synchronize it with your WhatsApp and turn the bubble notification mode on. Voila! Catch the nice bubble messages on your screen!

  1. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Unknowingly deleted any important messages? Looking for ways to recover deleted whatsapp messages? Follow the below steps to recover the deleted whatsapp messages:-

  • Connect your mobile with your pc via USB cable.
  • Go to a folder named whatsapp/Databases
  • Two files are there named msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt
  • msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt file contains all the messages sent or received in last 7 days.
  • Open it with notepad or WordPad to view and read messages.
  1. Create Shortcuts for Close Friends

Do you know you can easily create a person’s shortcut on your phone home screen? Keep the contact pressed for few seconds and a pop-up menu will appear. In it choose Add Conversation Shortcut and your shortcut will get created.

  1. Change Your Phone Number without Deleting your WhatsApp Account

Have you just changed your SIM? Need to use the same whatsapp account using this new number? Whatsapp have a setting in which it allows anyone to change the phone number.

  1. Change WhatsApp Chat Background

Now you can change your WhatsApp chat background as per your mood and think! Go to any chat window and choose chat wallpaper. It will come by pressing the same key on your phone which brings you the menu to status. Once you enter a friend’s chat, press the key there. A pop-up menu will appear. In it choose wallpaper and change the wallpaper.

  1. Share Your Live Location with Your Friends

This is the new feature announced by WhatsApp recently! You can share your current location so that he can trace you out in a few taps. Just tap on the attachment icon. The same one with which you use to attach pictures. From there you can share your location also. Make sure to turn your GPS for doing this.

  1. Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp

This feature has saved many relationships! With this trick, you can hide when you are last checked your whatsapp. This becomes handy if you want to remain anonymous about your whatsapp behavior. Go to settings and change the privacy setting, Last Seen as Nobody!

  1. Hide Your Profile Picture

Spammers can download your picture and use it for illegal purposes if they got your whatsapp number. That’s why it’s important to hide your display picture by changing the settings. Go to settings > Account > Privacy > Profile photo and Choose my contacts. This is really important for security purpose.

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  1. Backup WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive

Are your WhatsApp messages holding more storage space? Now you can create a backup for your whatsapp messages to Google Drive and retrieve it whenever needed!

  1. Copy Someone Status Easily

Liked your friends WhatsApp Status? Wish to keep the same status as your status? No more need to hurt your fingers while writing it in your edit status field on your phone! Just log in to and then just copy the status using Ctrl+C and then paste in your WhatsApp status field using ctrl+V

  1. File Transfer between PC and WhatsApp and Vice Versa is now easier

Open on your pc and scan the code. Select attach files, upload and send an image to you. Now as you can see I uploaded a 5 MB image and it got compressed to 593KB. Same can be done to transfer mobile media to pc. Select and upload any file from your mobile and send it to yourself.

  1. Select a Custom Notification for a Particular Group

Press the group icon for a few seconds for the menu to appear and click on the option group info. Choose custom notifications and click on notification tone and select your fav notification tone for your favorite group.

  1. Add Snap-chat Like Effects

The new whatsapp feature that is taking everybody’s breath away is the doodles and stickers addition to images and video sharing.

  1. Backup Conversation to Your Email

Now you can send all your chats, images and videos to your inbox with one single click. Follow the below steps:-

  • Just go to whatsapp and press any contact for more than few seconds.
  • A pop-up menu will appear
  • Click on email conversation. Send your conversation via Gmail or any other email.
  1. Add Flash Effect to Your Selfie

Even your camera doesn’t have front flash associated with it, now you can add flash effect to your WhatsApp selfie by clicking the flash icon shown on the screen

  1. Mention Friends in Group Chat Using “@”

Use the @ symbol in groups to mention your friends and reply to their messages specifically. For example: if your friend name is “Nisha” and you wish to mention her in the group chat while replying, you can mention as “@Nisha:” and then type your message

  1. Camera Tricks

You can now change the front and rear camera by just double tapping on the screen, once the WhatsApp camera is opened. While recording videos, you can zoom in or zoom out by sliding two fingers up or down.

  1. Message Quote Feature

Using this quote feature, you can reply to the specific message without creating any confusion. Long press the message which you need to send a reply and then choose the reply icon and type your message.

  1. Use WhatsApp Overseas Using The Same Number

If you’re overseas and you get a new data SIM, there’s no need to go through the hassle of registering the new number attached to the SIM and adding your contacts again. When you put your new SIM in and activate WhatsApp, you’ll be prompted by the messaging service to register the new number.

  1. Add Dates to Your Calendar Instantly

Just state a date in the message box and you get an automatic link to add it to your calendar. It also recognizes words like ‘today’, ‘tomorrow’ and days

  1. Reduce Your Data Usage

Now you can save data usage on calls. Pop into Settings then Chats and Calls. Right at the bottom, you’ll find Low Data Usage. Turn that on to decrease the amount of data used during calls made via WhatsApp.

  1. Mark Messages as Unread

Read those messages but forgotten to reply? Marking those messages as unread will help you remember to come back to them later. Android users can achieve the same thing by long-pressing on a chat, then selecting Mark as Unread from the top-right menu.

  1. Reply Directly from a Popup

Go to Settings, Notifications, then Popup Notification, and choose from four different options. You can change this setting for both individual messages and group messages respectively.

  1. Delete Sent Messages

Ever sent a mistake to the wrong person by mistake? Now within 7 minutes, you can delete the message which you have sent! Be sure to select Delete for Everyone for it to disappear; There will be a message to let your contact know that you deleted a message, but you can come up with a decent enough excuse for that – just be sure to act before those blue ticks appear by sending an apology.

  1. Get WhatsApp Notifications in your PC

Download WhatsApp Web app in your PC and mobile for receive Whatsapp notifications.

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Few Other WhatsApp Secrets Are As Follows

WhatsApp Tricks
WhatsApp Tricks
  1. Get Siri to Read Your Messages (for iPhone users)
  2. Use Search Bar to Search Messages
  3. Extend WhatsApp Validity
  4. Stop Video Auto play on Whatsapp
  5. Pay for Your Friend
  6. Clear and Delete All Chats
  7. Clear your Conversation Chat
  8. Forward Photos to Other Whatsapp User
  9. Send images from WhatsApp directly to others via Gmail, Bluetooth, Share it etc.
  10. Send Contacts to another user
  11. Check Network Usage Statistics
  12. Apply Filters to Photos before Sending
  13. Send Messages on WhatsApp using Google Assistant
  14. Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp
  15. Mute Notifications for Limited Time Period

Amazed by reading all these whatsapp tricks! Have you tried using these tricks on your WhatsApp? By learning and using these tricks, you can enjoy WhatsApp and utilize it to its full potential. Do you like these tips? Let us know what are your favorite tips and tricks for WhatsApp by commenting below! Stay tuned with BulkQ to know more!