Top 10 Most Important Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin

Top 10 Most Important Cryptocurrencies
Top 10 Most Important Cryptocurrencies

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I believe cryptocurrencies! Digital Coins or Tokens is the first example, I believe they are going to CHANGE THE WORLD” – This is said by Richard Brown, the Executive Architect of IBM.  As he stated, Cryptocurrencies are going to be the real game-changer in the investors’ world. As of today’s date, there are many different types of cryptocurrencies available in the market, while somewhere between 4,500 and 5000 have flooded in the market. Are you looking to invest in cryptocurrencies? But you don’t know where to get started with your investment in digital currencies? We have compiled a list of the top 10 important cryptocurrencies other than bitcoins to help your journey to make more profits.

Top 10 Most Important Cryptocurrencies

  1. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second biggest Cryptocurrency, next to bitcoins, and provides a good value of market share based on Market Cap. Further, after gaining a huge hype in the market, the value of this currency is raised about 170% through the first six months or so of 2021. And this solidifies the role of high investment and considered to be one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, next to bitcoins.

  1. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Started as a joke in the year 2013, it has now become the 2nd top important cryptocurrencies in the market. In this year 2021, DOGE has generated returns of more than 6,500% through May 21, exceeding the returns of both BTC and Ether. This bitcoin is now generating a huge profit in the investor’s market. One of the billionaire entrepreneurs Elon Musk has started accepting DOGE coins as a payment method for Telsa Vehicles. And this has brought a major change in the investors’ world; it also has gained more attention than ever before.

  1. Casper (CSPR)

Casper is also called a future-proof blockchain and the blockchain for builders. Also, the Casper team also stated that this coin is as much as 136,000% more energy efficient compared to other bitcoins; most notably Ethereum and Bitcoins, consuming less energy than its other peer networks. This crypto coin has won great support from many investors and especially from investment firms such as Evangelion Capital. This firm recently said that they are going to use Casper as their significant capital” in the project at that time.

  1. Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is designed as an open blockchain network designed to provide enterprise solutions by connecting the financial institutions for the purpose of payment in larger transactions. The huge transactions between banks may take several days; but with the use of Stellar Coins, the transaction can be done in minimum time with less service charges. Also, as of January 2021, Stellar has a market capitalization of $6.1 million and valued at $0.27.

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  1. Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin, a utility Cryptocurrency designed to operate as a payment method for the fees associated with trading. This Binance Exchange was founded by Changpeng Zhao; also, it is one of the most widely used exchanges in the world based on trading volumes.  Nowadays, a lot of investors have started investing in this coin; as it gives more profit in less day and in less investment. Further, as per the statistics of January 2021, Binance has a $6.8 billion market capitalization; where Binance coin is having a worth of $44.26.

What other Cryptocurrencies are there?

  1. Tether (USDT)
  2. Solana (SOL)
  3. Aave (AAVE)
  4. Zcash (ZEC)
  5. Polkadot (DOT)

All the digital currencies mentioned here are proven to provide a good return on investments; many have become a millionaire and even billionaire, after investing in these cryptocurrencies. But when it comes to which coin need to invest in; you need to do your own research and find out the best to make more profits.

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