5 Tips For Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing Campaign
SMS Marketing Campaign

Hope we have already discussed more SMS marketing, but still, now there is something new, fresh and unique to learn more! Thinking what are they? Continue reading this blog to explore more about SMS Marketing Campaign!

An average of 8.6 trillion SMS text messages zips their way around the world. That’s more than twelve times the number of Facebook messages and twenty times the number of Tweets. With this, there is no wonder why SMS marketing campaigns are still on the top!

Mobile messaging is the most effective means of direct marketing for a lot of industries. If you really want to capitalize on your SMS marketing campaigns and achieve the best possible results, there are a few things you can do.

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What is SMS Marketing Campaign?

SMS Marketing Campaign
SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing is a solid and affordable marketing approach to send your advertisement messages through SMS to your clients, prospects or some other expected beneficiaries.

Some of the most reputable brands put vigorously in SMS Marketing Software today to automate their SMS Marketing campaigns to speak with clients- In light of the fact that more than 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt.

In case you are prepared to jump into SMS Marketing and use this incredibly capable marketing channel, it is essential that you are set-up for the progress. Below given are few of the important tips to run successful SMS Marketing Campaign will help you in that- So let us delve into those tips:-

Understand Your SMS Marketing Objectives

  • Before diving into the marketing campaign, it is insightful to survey your business and marketing objectives, with the goal that you are making your SMS Campaign Management through a perspective that considers your current business objectives as well.
  • Incorporating S.M.A.R.T i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Specific will guarantee your Online SMS Marketing Campaign is executed in a way that meets your objective.
  • It is essential to comprehend that your SMS Marketing Campaign will probably affect many parts of your company, so conveying your objectives and strategy clearly all through the company-framework is basic.

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Incorporate a Cross-Functional Team

  • One person cannot deal with the whole SMS Marketing system. Your online SMS Marketing Campaign will affect numerous departments of your organization. Having a cross-functional team to help imagine and execute the SMS marketing will be a standout amongst the essential parts of ensuring ROI with SMS Marketing Services.
  • It is important to ensure everybody agrees when it comes the time for the execution of SMS Marketing Campaign.

Mandatory Use of Call-To-Action in SMS Marketing Services

  • One of the best SMS Campaign Examples is Pepsi’s campaign in which company asks customers to text “PEPSIMAX” to 710710- SMS Campaigns are based on two factors- keyword and shortcode. One thing Pepsi is doing truly well here is making the SMS Call to Action the main point of creative.
  • In the event that you need to drive engagement, let your SMS CTA has the priority it deserves. It is normal and best practice to capitalize the keyword and short code to make them emerge within the CTA.

Freebies to run ROI-driven SMS Marketing

It is important here to understand that incentives should not always have to be monetary. You can run a viable SMS campaign by offering non-monetary incentives like-

  • Personalization – “We’ll inform you when your most loved item comes in.”
  • Reminders – “Your shipment will be delivered tomorrow.”
  • Engagement – “Reveal to us how we can help you.”
  • Access – “Here is early access to this extraordinary thing since you’re a faithful SMS subscriber.”
  • Privileges – “Here is this extraordinary thing we just offer with our SMS VIPs.”

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your SMS Marketing Campaign

Concerning SMS Marketing, there are many ways you can try to measure the effectiveness of your SMS Campaign. Here are a couple of metrics to take after when executing an SMS Campaign:

  • Subscriber Growth
  • Subscriber Churn Rate
  • Cross-Channel Engagement (by keyword)
  • Redemption Rate
  • Cost Per Redeeming Subscriber

Why is SMS Marketing Important for Your Business?

SMS Marketing Campaign
SMS Marketing Campaign

Facilitates SMS Communication

Just like the email subscription or shopping carts, you should offer trouble-free options to your customers to let them choose either they want to be contacted or not. Several companies are using a variety of shortcodes to meet this need. The better idea is to start using vanity shortcodes.

Distinct Communication

A distinct message is a must for an SMS Marketing Campaign to make a real smasher since it is a commonplace that no one reads a lengthy message or messages. Creating a succinct message, you can easily send your business message to your target group. In order to do this, keep the communication clear from the beginning and fulfill your users’ expectations by sending a message on the right time and at the appropriate frequency. This tactic will wonderfully cut down the confusion and un-subscriptions to a great extent.

The Opportunity

SMS campaigns can be a great challenge to get right. While spam in email is something customers often overlook (thanks to spam folders), they are not the right thing, as used to it with SMS. That gives the impression that you want to find the right equilibrium between the content of your message and the time when you send it.

Choose a high time for sending SMS

SMS promotion works wonders for retail shops and if used properly by sending SMS on a high time during a day to maximize business sales. The factor of time plays a critical role since if you send SMS at the odd hours of the day or night then it will act as a catalyst to move your potential customers away from your business.

SMS Marketing Campaign – An Ultimate Guide!

SMS Marketing Campaign
SMS Marketing Campaign

With all the messaging going on, it’s no wonder marketing teams are finding SMS marketing to be extremely successful. In many industries, mobile messaging provides the most effective direct marketing channel.

If you’re running mobile messaging campaigns, or are thinking about starting, here are some tips from what we’ve seen work well.

Tip 1 – Segment Your Audience

I often hear people complain about the SMS or email marketing they receive. Most people report “almost all the marketing messages I get are useless.”

Segmentation and targeting mean ensuring any individual gets the message most relevant to them. It can make the difference between seeming like an informational message and spam.

Integrate your CRM with your messaging platform. Make sure you use purchase history, demographics and any other data you have to ensure you get the right message to the right people. As most of your customers have smartphones now you can also track which mobile campaigns are getting clicks and engagement, to help you continuously improve over time.

Tip 2 – Timing is Key

As they say, timing is everything. There are two important aspects of timing that you should pay attention to if you want your SMS campaign to be successful. First, open-ended messages are less successful than messages that have deals that expire. Create the text of your SMS to portray that the deal is “expires soon” or something similar.

The second aspect of this tip is completely unrelated to the last. You want to make sure your SMS messages are sent at opportune times. For example, when someone buys a particular product, you could send him or her SMS message about a related product in hopes of getting him or her interested.

Marketing emails on Saturdays often produce dire results, but SMS can often have its best day on a Saturday. Experiment with timing.

Tip 3 – There’s Power in Triggered Messages

The average email open rate climbs gradually after sending for about 24 hours. The average SMS open rate spikes, with 70% of opens happening in the first 60 minutes.

This immediacy allows for triggered SMS messages. For example, if you have a regular customer over a period of time, and they stop coming into your store, you can send them a text with deals to get them to come back.

These messages can be triggered by any action (or inaction) by the customer, from not coming to visit your e-commerce shop to buying a particular product. These triggered messages are also great ways to ask for feedback from your customers. If they make a 5th visit this month, you can present them with a survey to learn more about your VIPs.

Tip 4 – Short, Sweet, and Simple

This may be the most important tip to follow if you want your SMS campaign to be successful. For one thing, remember that most carriers limit the length of a text message to 160 characters. Besides that, however, the faster you get to the meat of your message, the better.

60% off your next order! CLICK HERE. Expires on Monday!

That’s a fantastic message, since it gets right to the point, offers easy instructions on what to do, and tells the customer that the deal expires soon. You also want to make sure you’re not sending trivialities to your customers. Send things that you know at least some of them will be interested in pursuing further. Frivolous text messages are likely to annoy your customers, which is something you obviously want to try and avoid.

Tip 5 – Prettify Your Links

Let’s face it, URLs are unsightly even when they turn out normally. Add in URL tracking extensions and it can get really ugly. The best way to solve this problem is to use a URL shortener like Google’s Goo.gl or Bit.ly. These take your unsightly URL and transform them into a short URL that looks much better.

There’s another benefit to using a URL shortener: It saves you space. We’ve already talked about how important it is for you to keep things short and simple.

Tip 6 – Don’t Be a Spammer

Finally, remember that the ability to send an SMS to a potential (or past) customer is a privilege, not a right. If you bother them too often or send messages with no point, then you are likely to lose that privilege. Nobody likes spam so don’t send it.

Good messages should be anticipated, they should be personal and they should be relevant. A good marketing message is one your customer will miss if you don’t send. That’s what you should be aiming for.

Benefits of Using SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS Marketing Campaign
SMS Marketing Campaign

The Potential Open Rate

Did you know that 98% of all SMS messages are opened and read by the recipient? What’s more is that these messages are typically opened within 3 seconds of receiving them. Compare that to the 20% average open rates of email and SMS marketing becomes a no-brainer.

Speed And Flexibility

Your business will need to adapt to the day-to-day fluidity of the modern business world. Flexibility is key to these constant adaptations. SMS marketing has virtually zero lead-time, allowing communication to be created and delivered to the target audience within a matter of minutes

Low Cost Compared To Extremely High Return On Investment (ROI)

If you think about other forms of advertising: newspaper ads, TV commercials, any form of outdoor advertising, the costs involved are enormous. In fact, for a lot of small to medium size businesses, these costs are a stumbling block to using these channels

Unmatched Personalized Communication

SMS marketing messages can be personalized to your customer base and delivered to their pockets within seconds. This personalization is built around anything from their name to their buying behavior or demographic. They can even be location-based, crafting a message based on different stores or different regions of the country. And make no mistake, personalized messages are powerful.

Short, Concise Communication

Often seen as a major disadvantage for SMS, the 160 character limit is actually one of the channel’s main strengths. It forces you, the business owner to be as clear and concise as possible. And, in today’s goldfish-attention-span-society, it allows your customers to get your point immediately, with little effort.

Instant Opt-In And Opt-Out

One of the more annoying things in life is receiving spam communication. But, with the advent of shortcodes, opting in and out of an SMS stream is instant for your customers. There are very few, if any, hoops for your customers to jump through, should they not wish to receive your communication any longer. This contributes to a positive brand opinion and high subscriber satisfaction level.

If you’d like more expert advice on SMS marketing campaigns, or you’re looking for an SMS marketing provider in the UK, get in touch, we’re here to help. Stay tuned with BulkQ! Subscribe us to get instant notifications and FREE alerts on SMS Marketing Campaigns & Strategies!

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