How to Send Whatsapp Messages From Your Computer?

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Have you ever been in such a situation where you wanted to share a file or an image from your computer to your WhatsApp contacts but did not know how to do it? You probably have tried mailing yourself the same file, accessing the e-mail from your mobile, download the file, and sending it to your desired contact list.

But what if we say you could have skipped many unnecessary steps just by doing a simple thing, downloading the WhatsApp web application on your computer, or simply visiting

But wait! Do you know what WhatsApp web is? If not, keep reading this article till the end.

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What Is WhatsApp Web?

Initially, when the WhatsApp mobile application was launched, people could only use it on mobile phones to communicate with friends, family, and whomever they wanted. But as time passed and people wanted to use WhatsApp on multiple devices, including their computers, WhatsApp had to fulfill the need of launching the feature called WhatsApp web.

But many people still don’t know what WhatsApp web is.

WhatsApp web is the computer version of the WhatsApp application that can be used as the WhatsApp mobile application through a computer to send and receive messages. The message you receive on your WhatsApp mobile application syncs between the computer and the smartphone so you can see all those messages on both devices.

The best part of using WhatsApp web is that you can use it on any browser of your choice and enjoy Whatsapp on your PC.

But How To Use WhatsApp Web?

Now you need to understand how you can start using WhatsApp web. Tighten your shoelaces because this is the next big thing you will learn.

There are two different ways to use WhatsApp web on your computer:

  • By downloading the WhatsApp web application on your computer
  • Visiting from your favorite browser

Different people choose different ways of using WhatsApp web. Therefore, we are going to discuss both ways so that you can select your own.

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Using WhatsApp Web On A Browser

If you want to use WhatsApp web on your computer through a web browser, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Visit the browser
  • You will see a QR code slightly at the right of the screen
  • Now open your WhatsApp mobile application and tap the three dots in the upper corner or go to settings if you are using an iOS
  • You will see the option of WhatsApp web or linked devices (in the case of iOS)
  • By clicking both options, you will encounter a QR code scanner
  • Hold the QR code scanner in front of the QR code displayed on your computer
  • Voila! Your phone is now paired with WhatsApp web, and you can send and receive messages from your browser.

Using WhatsApp By Downloading The Application

If you want to skip the hassle of opening the browser every time you want to use WhatsApp on your PC, you can simplify things by downloading and installing WhatsApp on your computer. To do so, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Download and install the setup of WhatsApp on your PC
  • Open the WhatsApp mobile application and tap on WhatsApp web or linked devices (in the case of iOS)
  • The QR code scanner will appear on the screen
  • Hold the QR code scanner in front of the screen displaying the keyword code
  • And you are all set to use WhatsApp on your personal computer.

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How To Send Or Receive Messages From Your Computer Using WhatsApp

Now that you are all set with the WhatsApp application on your PC or WhatsApp web on your favorite browser sending or receiving a message is not a difficult task. It is similar to using WhatsApp mobile applications.

The best part of using WhatsApp web alongside the WhatsApp mobile application is that you can now share any file, document, or media from your PC and mobile, both without the intervention of long steps like emailing the copy, downloading it on mobile or computer, and then sharing it.

Moreover, since the messages on your WhatsApp mobile application are synced with WhatsApp on your computer, you can reply from your computer even when your phone is not with you.

But you only remember that your phone needs to be active to keep the pairing intact.

What Are The Advantages Of Using WhatsApp On Your Computer

Most people don’t know about WhatsApp web. But once they know about this distinctive feature, they cannot go back to other messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger. Apart from being a hassle-free messaging solution, there are other advantages of using WhatsApp on your computer. And here, we will discuss a few of them.

  • It is simple to write messages on a computer: Many people find it hard to type messages using the tiny keys of a phone keyboard. However, that is not the case with a computer keyboard since the keys are bigger, visible, and easy to type.
  • Sending files is more convenient: Many times, some of the critical files you need to share instantly with any of your WhatsApp contacts are on your computer. In such cases, sending that file to your phone using other messaging means seems complicated and time-consuming. But that is not the case when you have WhatsApp web installed on your computer. You can choose the file from the folder where it is saved and share it conveniently by attaching the file.

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  • You can copy and paste links faster: Ever happened that your friend asked you about the recipe of the dish you currently made for the first time, and it took a long time for you to find the “copy link” option on your mobile until your friend became annoyed and started pushing you for the same? Well, it might happen to many people since sometimes copying a link on your mobile and sharing it through WhatsApp can be challenging, especially when you don’t know how to copy a link offer website on your mobile.

While using WhatsApp web, the same thing will never happen again. It is because whether the website URL you want to share is opened in the same browser in which you are using WhatsApp web or you want to share the URL through the WhatsApp web application, finding the URL and sharing it is straightforward.

  • You can use WhatsApp without an intervention: We all have compromised on a vital discussion just because our phone battery was about to die. It mostly happens during the latter part of the day when our mobile battery is completely drained. Being one of the most convenient ways of staying connected with your friends, family, and colleagues throughout the day, another benefit of using WhatsApp web is that you can use WhatsApp even when your mobile is on charging.

But remember one thing, you need to keep your WhatsApp active on your PC to maintain the pairing between your PC and your mobile and to keep your WhatsApp working on your computer.

  • It saves your mobile battery: You probably have never been in such a situation where your desktop runs out of battery. It is because the mechanism of desktops is such that you can start at the desktop only when it is connected to a power supply. And that is why the risk of battery drainage is never there while using a personal computer. The same goes with laptops too. When you use a laptop after charging it completely, it stays for longer. In both cases, the battery life is more than that of the battery life of your mobile.

Plus, when you use WhatsApp more on your personal computer, you save the life of your mobile battery for other vital stuff like making calls.

  • You experience a boost in your productivity: Believe it or not, when we use mobile phones during work, we become more distracted than when we spend time doing other things outside work, such as watching a video or scrolling social media. Moreover, since our mobile is a small device, it becomes strenuous for our eyes to concentrate on our phone, which results in tired eyes.

When we started using WhatsApp web, we eliminated the need to open a mobile every time a message entered our inbox. And that way, our productivity is boosted while doing work.

  • You enable multi-device usage: We probably have talked about this before. But since this is one of the most beneficial features of using WhatsApp on your computer, we want to reiterate. Using WhatsApp on your desktop and mobile simultaneously is possible when you download the WhatsApp web application or visit
  • You can use more than one WhatsApp account: When you use WhatsApp on your computer, it is possible to use more than one account on the same PC.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using WhatsApp From A Computer?

We have been talking about the benefits of using WhatsApp from your computer. But it can never happen that when something comes with so many advantages, don’t have any disadvantages at all. But before we talk about the disadvantages, there is a relief that all the disadvantages are addressable. Therefore, you can expect uninterrupted usage of WhatsApp from your computers.

WhatsApp web disconnects if your phone is not connected to the Internet: Once you pair your WhatsApp mobile application with your computer, the pairing works for longer, even when both devices use two different Internet connections. But if your WhatsApp mobile application is not connected to an active Internet connection, the WhatsApp web will disconnect.

Switching off your phone interrupts WhatsApp web: If you want to have uninterrupted usage of WhatsApp on your computer, your smartphone must not be switched off. Switching off your phone is like disconnecting the device from the Internet, and hence the same will happen-WhatsApp web will not work.

There are limitations in browser options: WhatsApp web is not compatible with all browsers except Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Therefore, if you have any other browser apart from the ones mentioned above, you might not be able to use WhatsApp on your computer.

You cannot create a new account: The most perceptible disadvantage of using WhatsApp on your computer is that you cannot create a new account if you don’t have that mobile application. The only purpose of WhatsApp web is to allow users to chat on a bigger screen other than smartphones. Therefore, if you have a laptop or a desktop, you can enjoy your chat on a big screen with a dedicated keyboard, but you cannot create a new account until you have a smartphone.

You cannot change your profile details: Whether you want to change your display picture or update a new status from your computer while using WhatsApp, none of them is possible. Changing your WhatsApp profile details is only possible through the mobile application.

What Are The Features Of WhatsApp Web?

There is no difference between the features of the WhatsApp mobile application and WhatsApp web or WhatsApp on your computer. However, let’s look at the features of WhatsApp web.

  • Simple messaging: Messaging your friends, family, or relatives using WhatsApp is easy and cost-free since the only investment you make to use WhatsApp is an active Internet connection to send and receive messages avoiding the SMS fees.
  • Group chatting: Whether you are using WhatsApp on your phone or your computer, if you are a part of any group, you can chat with the people in that group from both devices. If you want to create a group for personal use or business, you can do that from the mobile application and continue chatting from both devices. Creating a group from WhatsApp web is not supported. With group chats, you can share messages, videos, photos, and other media with up to 256 people. You can also choose a name for your group, modify notifications, and make other necessary changes at your convenience.
  • Speak freely: WhatsApp has the feature of voice calls and video calls that you can use even while using the application from your computer. Even in another country, free voice calls and face-to-face conversations can help you stay connected with your friends and family if the text is insufficient. WhatsApp voice and video calls use your Internet connection instead of your phone’s voice minutes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about pricey calling charges.
  • End-to-end encryption: Even when your phone is paired with the computer through WhatsApp, the messages you receive on your WhatsApp application are end-to-end encrypted. That means you can share anything without the risk of a privacy breach since the messages and calls received and sent through WhatsApp cannot be seen, read, or listened to by anyone, not even WhatsApp.
  • Share media instantly: If you want to share photos, videos, and other media on WhatsApp now, you can do that in mobile and desktop applications. If your desktop has a built-in camera that captures the moments you want, you can quickly share those photos and videos by choosing them from your desktop folders, even if you are on a low connection.
  • Voice messaging: Often, we feel like texting is not enough to carry all our emotions to the person we’re talking to. Alongside, texting causes a communication gap since people sometimes misperceive the message. You can spare that hassle by sending voice messages to your loved ones, and the cherry on top is that WhatsApp voice messaging is also available on WhatsApp web. Isn’t it perfect for a quick hello or a long story without stressing your fingers?
  • Sharing documents is easy: If you want to share a spreadsheet, slideshow, or PDF without the hassle of emailing or using file-sharing apps, you can send the documents through WhatsApp mobile and WhatsApp web. The maximum file size must be within 100 MB so you can easily send it to whomever you want.

Some Frequently Ask Questions About WhatsApp Messaging From Computer

What Are The New Features Of WhatsApp Web?

Previously this year, the WhatsApp beta update brought in a global voice note player for all WhatsApp web users. With the feature that users can now switch to other applications on their PC or laptop and still play the voice note on WhatsApp in the background. The feature aims at an uninterrupted use of WhatsApp while doing other necessary steps on the computer.

What Are The Features Of WhatsApp Web?

There is absolutely no difference between WhatsApp mobile application and the WhatsApp web. Therefore WhatsApp web can be considered an extension of your smartphone. When you pair your mobile with your desktop by scanning the QR code displayed on the WhatsApp web, all the conversations and messages are mirrored, allowing you to see them and reply to them on your PC or Mac using a dedicated keyboard instead of the keyboard of your smartphone.

What Is The Difference Between WhatsApp And WhatsApp Web?

There are two ways of using WhatsApp on your computer: through a browser or by downloading WhatsApp web on your PC and setting up the application. The difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp web is that when you use the application, you have to download the setup on your computer and install it to run it. Whereas using WhatsApp web on your browser does not involve downloading or installing, it is as simple as opening a browser, scanning the QR code, and starting the usage.

Can I Use WhatsApp Web Without A Mobile Phone?

You can use WhatsApp web without a mobile phone only when you have paired a smartphone with WhatsApp mobile application with the computer on which you want to use WhatsApp. Access to your WhatsApp account on your computer is simple and easy. You only require a smartphone to be connected to an active Internet connection even when your laptop and smartphone are not using the same Internet. However, if you want to use WhatsApp on your computer when you don’t have WhatsApp on your mobile phone, that is not possible.

Can I Video Call On WhatsApp Web?

Video calling is a distinctive feature of the WhatsApp application that allows people to get involved in face-to-face conversations even in other countries. Video calling uses an Internet connection, so you need to spend no money to make video calls through WhatsApp. Since the features of the WhatsApp mobile application and WhatsApp web are similar, you can make video calls through your WhatsApp web. The only thing is that you cannot do a group video call using WhatsApp desktop since the feature is not currently supported.

Which Is Better, WhatsApp Web Or WhatsApp Application?

There is no difference between WhatsApp web and WhatsApp application since both features are the same. People who want to use WhatsApp on a bigger screen may opt for WhatsApp web since it is easy for them to use a dedicated keyboard instead of typing on the tiny keys of WhatsApp mobile keyboard. And user can use WhatsApp on the computer full-fledged such as read statuses, mute chats, move between conversations, and a lot more.

Can Someone Hack My WhatsApp Web?

When you pair your mobile with WhatsApp web, you can access WhatsApp on your computer. Until your phone is not connected to the WhatsApp web, no one gets access to your personal WhatsApp account. If you connect your WhatsApp application to a computer in a professional setting or a public computer, log out of all devices after you are done using it. Once your WhatsApp mobile application is connected to the computer, the pairing persists until you have an active Internet connection, even when not present close to the computer. Therefore it is essential to take care of the pairing after usage.


There is no harm in using WhatsApp web or WhatsApp on your computer since it’s as safe as using WhatsApp on your mobile. Also, WhatsApp web automatically logs out once your mobile application is inactive for 30 minutes. When you sign in to your WhatsApp web account, you can find the checkbox under the QR code that says keep me signed in. By taking that box, you can stay connected on your WhatsApp web for as long as you want, and you always get the opportunity to log out from all the connected devices from your mobile. I hope this article was helpful for you to know how to send WhatsApp messages from a computer and what are the disadvantages and advantages of it. Keep following us for many such articles.