How Restaurants Can Benefit from SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

A Recent study revealed that nearly 75% of customers wish to receive offers, deals and coupon codes via SMS. And with more and more restaurants are springing up everywhere, it’s more than ever important to get your business at the forefront of customers mind when they are looking for the best place to eat. Here comes the importance of SMS Marketing.

From social media, PPC campaigns, to email marketing, there are lots of different marketing channels are being used by business owners to acquire new customers. However unless the consumer is actually on the social media platform and following you, they won’t see it.

You might think, “Why can’t I use email marketing?” With hundreds of email receiving daily, your email will either go straight to junk, into the promotion tabs that Gmail has, or will be just deleted without even opening it.

Hey… Just wait! Thinking about traditional means of marketing like billboards, flyers, radio etc.? Ugh… All these are effective but the prices on these mediums can be very high.

So, when it comes to an effective yet affordable means of marketing, SMS Marketing is the best choice! Via SMS marketing, you can send a text message directly to the customer’s phone along with an open rate of 98%. It has also been stated that SMS Marketing guarantees that every message is received and 90% of those messages are read within three minutes. This makes SMS Marketing a grand success.

However, the success rate of SMS Marketing Campaign greatly depends on the type of content you are sending.

Below mentioned are the few successful SMS Marketing Campaigns that can serve as good templates for starting SMS marketing at your restaurant.

Campaign 1 – Time-Sensitive Offers

Time-Sensitive offers can create a great impact on customers and trigger them to visit your restaurant! A time-sensitive offer involves a special promotion that’s only available for a limited time.

Example: “Get Two Pizza for the Price of One — from now until 8 pm!”

Campaign 2 – Long Term Coupons

A Recent study revealed that “SMS coupons are redeemed 10 times more than traditional paper coupons” The more people who redeem your coupon, the higher your revenue.

Example: Redeem the Code 25652 – Get FREE Meals!

Campaign 3 – Weekly Special Deals

SMS marketing campaigns are one of the best things to keep customers up to date with your weekly specials. Send a short text once a week to let them know what the specials are.

Example: Weekly Special – Visit Our Restaurant and Get FREE Grilled Chicken!

Campaign 4 – Conduct Bring “Pal” Contests

No one likes to eat alone as like your customers too! By offering discounts to their friends too, they will love your restaurant.

Example: Stop by Jim’s Pizza Corner tomorrow night with 2 friends and you’ll all enjoy a free dessert

Benefits of SMS Marketing for Your Restaurant Business

  • It will increase your sales and customer base
  • It will build brand awareness
  • You can reward your loyal customers
  • You’ll be awesome for utilizing an “Eco-Friendly” marketing method
  • Your customers will forward your text specials to their friends

So what are you waiting for? Contact BulkQ, the leading SMS Marketing Provider now!


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