How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account?

Recover Disabled Facebook Account
Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Thinking, “Why my Facebook account has been locked, suspended or disabled?” I am here to clarify your doubts regarding this! Facebook has been used as the popular messaging platform that helps to bridge the gap between friends, relatives, and colleagues. But now with the advancement of many amazing features, Facebook has been used as the marketing tool too. But unfortunately, doing too much of promotions and violating terms and conditions of Facebook. In this article, we are going to discuss more on Facebook Terms and Conditions and also, how to recover Disabled Facebook Account.

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What Makes Facebook So Great for Marketing?

  • People are SO addicted to using Facebook and they are spending nearly 3-4 hours on Facebook daily
  • There are 7.4 billion people in the world, and 1.7 billion of them use Facebook. That’s about 23% of the entire world population
  • You can target by their demographic, interest, and pixels. You can even upload an email list (custom audience) and they’ll advertise to you.

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Why a Facebook Account Gets Disabled?

Generally, a facebook account gets suspended, locked or disabled if the facebook user violates the terms and conditions. Few of the examples of this scenario are:

  • Posting content that doesn’t take after the Facebook Terms
  • Using a fake Facebook username and wrong gender type
  • Mimicking someone
  • Proceeding with behavior that is not permitted on Facebook by disregarding their Community Standards!
  • Targeting other people for the purpose of badgering, promoting, or other activities that are not permitted!
  • Or even if some people report your profile “Spam”.

If your Facebook account has been performed any one of the activities mentioned here, then there might be a higher chance of getting your Facebook account being suspended.

For certain violations, Facebook won’t even alert you by sending a warning message.

Types of Disabled Facebook Account

There are two types,

  • Permanently Disabled Facebook Account
  • Temporarily Disabled Facebook Account
Temporarily Disabled Facebook Account

If your facebook account has been temporarily blocked, then you will receive a notification when you try to log in.

The message will be displayed as “Your Account Has Been Disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, You can visit our FAQ page here”

Permanently Disabled Facebook Account

If your account is permanently disabled, then you won’t be able to access the account and also, any of your friends or followers will not be able to see your account.

Once you try to sign in, you will be displayed with the message stating, “Your Account Has Been Permanently Disabled. Your account has been permanently disabled for not following the Facebook community standards. Because the account is permanently disabled, you won’t be able to access it in the future and it won’t be visible to anyone on Facebook.”

How To Enable the Facebook Account Disabled by You?

This might make you feel thinking silly, and your thought might be “How I disable my facebook account myself, am not at all crazy?” But the reality is – We all are humans and sometimes it can be done my mistakes. Follow the below steps to reactivate your disabled Facebook account (If you have done by yourself)

  • Open the Facebook Login window and login with the same credentials i.e., username and password you used to login with previously
  • And click “Login”
  • Now your account is reactivated automatically! You can check your privacy setting by using the ‘privacy guide’ and get ready to face the new Facebook. While disabling it, it will give you the trick, i.e. it says once you enter your login credentials, your account will be restored as normal.

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How To Enable the Facebook Account Disabled by Facebook Team?

As said before, if your Facebook account has violated the terms and conditions suggested by the Facebook, then there might be a high chance of getting your Facebook Disabled.

Open Facebook account disabled appeal form by visiting Facebook Support Page and fill out the following details:

  • The Email Address you used to sign in Facebook.
  • Contact Email Address.
  • Your Full Name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • If you have any government approved ID’s like Aadhaar card (only for India), PAN, Driver’s license submit them in JPEG format. You can do this either by scanning or taking a photograph from mobile. This helps Facebook to identify your identity and 60% more chances for your account to get reactivated quickly.

Any additional information under “additional information” (optional) and confirming all the fields in the form and click on ‘Send’ button.

Now, just sit back and relax for the confirmation! This is really a trial and error process, so the possibility of returning your account back to normal is not in our hands. It might or might be not happen, so cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Frequently Asked Questions On the Recovery of Disabled Facebook Account

Why Facebook Account Disabled Without Reason?

Facebook will never disable or suspend your account without any proper issue or reasons! There might be something you have done wrong! In certain cases, if you really feel, that you didn’t violate the terms and condition of Facebook, then you should immediately appeal for reactivation.

How Long Would It Take To Get A Reply After Submitting The Appeal?

It would normally take 5-20 days to expect a reply. Don’t submit the appeals repeatedly. Just sit back and relax after submitting the appeal request

Can I Submit Appeal Again?

If you didn’t get any reply even after 30 days, then you can! Remember to be polite. Don’t show your frustration! Don’t appeal frequently!

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using Facebook Account

  • Fake Account: Don’t use the fake name to create a fake account! If you didn’t use your real name Facebook will eventually find out.
  • Misrepresentation: Don’t mimic any person! If you created a page that impersonates a person or entity it will be locked or even closed without any notice
  • Groups Joined: You have joined too many groups. The maximum limit is 200 groups per user.
  • Spam: If you posted too many messages on a wall or in a group in a too short time span, it can be considered spam.
  • Friends: You may have friend-requested too many people. Facebook has instituted a maximum 5000 friend’s policy, so this reason should be a rarity.
  • Under Age: You are under 18 years old and not part of a High School group.
  • Offensive Content: You wrote offensive content.
  • Frequency: You may have sent “too many” friend requests or made “too many” wall posts in a short time frame.
  • Hacked: Somebody may have tried to gain access to your account, so Facebook needs you to verify you are who you say you are.
  • Malware: If it’s a potential problem, you will be presented with a pop up upon logging in, prompting you to scan your computer. Even though you may already have an up to date virus program be aware that malware isn’t actually a ‘virus’ so it may not be detected.

How to Avoid Your Account Being Locked or Disabled

Your Facebook account is locked without any warning or notice? There are a few of the important measures you can take care from your end so that there is no need to suffer by having your account locked or disabled again!

  • Take time to build up a genuine network of page fans, likes, and friends. You can always join in Facebook ladders too. But remember to focus on quality, not quantity.
  • Limit friend requests and also the number of posts that you make in a short period.
  • Adhere to the terms and conditions described by the team of Facebook.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: if you are using Facebook for business marketing, include it in your strategy but consider using other social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter, and building a following on them also.

How to Stay out of Facebook Jail

There are certain rules and regulations you need to follow while using Facebook to safeguard your account from suspension!

Don’t Send Friend Requests to People You Don’t Know Personally

If your account is temporarily blocked from sending friend requests, it’s because friend requests you’ve sent have gone unanswered or have been marked as unwelcome. Don’t send friend requests to people you don’t know personally.

Don’t Do Things You Shouldn’t

Facebook has some particular activities they deny on their channel and, notwithstanding the social media giant media’s size, is nearly observed. Here are the restricted activities:

Say NO to:-

  • Nudity or sexually suggestive content.
  • Despise discourse, valid dangers, or direct assaults on an individual or gathering.
  • Content that contains self-hurt or unnecessary content.
  • Phony or impostor timelines.
  • SPAM.

Accounts will be disabled if a user is caught engaging in any of the following:

  • Continued, restricted behavior.
  • Unsolicited contact with others which includes hassling behavior and constant advertising or promotions as a Facebook profile (not a Page).
  • Using a Fake Name to create a phony profile or worse yet; mimicking a person or entity.

Facebook Rules and Regulations

  • Lying about your identity is a violation of the Facebook Terms of Use and grounds for Profile deactivation.
  • Facebook takes very seriously the U.S. law that prohibits minors under the age of 13 from creating an online Profile for themselves.
  • Don’t confuse this with censorship; Facebook is all about freedom of speech and self-expression, but the moment you compromise anyone’s safety or break any law, disciplinary action is taken.
  • There’s a limit to how much pages you can like daily and ignoring the warning and passing this limit might get your account in trouble.
  • Paying for Facebook advertisement or game credit with a credit card carrying a name different from your Facebook name may get your account disabled.
  • Lots of people have two or more Facebook accounts and Facebook may decide anytime to delete duplicate accounts. It does happen, so be careful.

Enable Your Disabled Facebook Account Now!

Hope this article guides you in the better way to enable your disabled Facebook account. To appeal a request, all you need is – Government Approved ID Proof, just submit your Proof with Disabled Account Appeal-ID Request Facebook form and wait for their reply. If there are no issues from your end, then you can assure your facebook account will be definitely unlocked! But unfortunately, if you are using a fake name or something then forget your account. So try your luck.

If you have any question or query, feel free to comment below, I will surely help you to recover disabled Facebook account!!! Stay tuned with BulkQ for more tips and tricks!