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Today many business owners have started migrating from SMS & Text Marketing on their prospects mobile with using tools like WhatsApp Marketing Panel, WeChat, Viber, Hike, Facebook Messenger and other such similar messaging applications in order to communicate with their clients, prospects, and leads.

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There are so many companies who have realized the importance of using WhatsApp as a marketing channel to help them reach out to 1000s and millions of prospects, customers, and clients. Helping them grow more profits, increase engagement; come with viral campaigns by using different media types like longer text messages with their promotional copies, images with special offers, videos with viral content, and even vCard messages with a direct phone number which can be saved with a click of a button.

A lot of marketers realized that there can be a market for WhatsApp marketing which can allow brands, businesses, both small & large. But the question is, “How they can start utilizing this powerful medium to market their products & service?” The answer is – DESKTOP BASED BULK WHATSAPP MARKETING SOFTWARE.Let’s Explain in Detail:

Blaster – This is desktop based BulkQ WhatsApp marketing software. This software has one of the most advanced and WhatsApp look-alike features that you can expect out of an Automation tool for sending Bulk WhatsApp marketing messages. You can send text, images, audios, videos & vCard using this tool. You can also filter users from the list of contacts you have available for sending messages and then find the active users who are using WhatsApp. And even further, you can then filter WhatsApp users based on the Last Seen status of WhatsApp users. For example, out of 10000 contacts, you have 7000 people on WhatsApp. You further segment the list based on user’s last seen status on WhatsApp. So, weeding out users who have not been active in the past 6 months and sending messages to only active users who will actually see your messages. This did not only do you save the time & efforts to market to wrong people. But, also find more interactions, better conversions, and better response to your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Another advanced feature of this software is FUTURE DATED MESSAGES – This feature allows you to send future dated messages using FUTURE time-stamp. So, the users who are receiving messages will get messages which are 2 (or any future date you decide) messages. Let’s say today is Feb 12th and we run the campaign today. Messages will be delivered today itself but the date that user will see will be 2 days in advance i.e. Feb 14th. So, till the time the date crosses their mobile’s time. They will continue seeing your message at the top of their WhatsApp chat window. It also allows you to get more visibility. And surely, 100% open rate over your WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp Bulk Sender ( Only 25$ ) – Original Cost is 100 USD 

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software – Best Whatsapp bulk sender

Now Send Unlimited Bulk Whatsapp Massage From our Bulkwhatsappsender Software with no limits.

Whatsapp marketing service provider company, Whatsapp Marketing through Text, images, videos on mobile is very important for every sector nowadays.  We provide Expert solutions to our clients. We Provide best and affordable bulk whatsapp Software. We are leading Bulk Wahstapp Marketing Software at your service to grow your business exponentially. You can send bulk WhatsApp Messages through our Whatsapp Marketing Software. This will help you in making your business grow rapidly and more effectively.

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Benefits Of Our Software:

1. Easy To Use
2. No Credit limit, Send Unlimited msg to Unlimited Users And Clients
3. Lowest Rate In Market
4. Customized, Transparency, And Control
5. It’s Easy From Bulk Sms
6. Also, Opening rate in Whatsapp msg is more than bulk SMS
7. Training And Support Provided By Us

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Contact us Now to Purchase Skype: b.whatsapp Or Click below for License for 1 PC 25$ ( Original Cost is  100 USD) 

 Another Software Desktop WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster):-

Contact us Now to Purchase Skype: b.whatsapp Or Click below for License for 1 PC 350$ ( Original Cost is  500 USD)


Send text, image, vCard, audio, video, documents and combine these modes. WhatsApp Blaster is perfect for building a business anywhere in the world through the creation of an advertising agency on the mailing lists and information as well as their potential customers.

350 USD with 6 Months Updates Free. Buy Here



– Send messages to all WhatsApp platforms (Android, iPhone, and others)

– Text, image (JPEG, PNG and GIF), location, vCard, audio (.mp3), video (.mp4, .avi), documents (.txt, .doc, PDF, CSV) and combine

– Autosave report

– Encoding messages (End-to-End Encryption)

– Don’t need Android emulators!!!

– Easy to use

– Set Profile Picture on channel

– Emojis

– Turbo mode for text, Vcard and location messages

If you are waiting for a WhatsApp Panel where you can send an unlimited message, load a list of an unlimited number of proxies or add infinite WhatsApp ID, the wait is over! With a mix of experience, knowledge in current trends and a young enthusiastic team, BulkQ is helping the marketer to connect with the target audience. We are committed to giving 360-degree solution regarding WhatsApp Marketing Panel needs of different enterprises.

Here we are working on developing different needs of today’s business requirements and developing newer WhatsApp marketing Panel tools. Having a respectable amount experienced in the field of WhatsApp Panel Provider we have already cater the nitty-gritty of the best WhatsApp web panel services in the market. Our Organization provides the best options for adding an unlimited number of sender IDs, with our updated scan applications one can use the filter option to generate the WhatsApp number and opt out other contacts.

One can send unlimited image files, audio – video files, with the text message and GPS Map locations in one go. We believe there should not be any limit while marketing your product or services, so we give an unlimited possibility to create the best Ad Campaign for your brand.

 WhatsApp Marketing Software Offered by BulkQ

This WhatsApp Panel Provider enables the user to segment the message into different campaigns hence creates multiple campaigns with a different message in one go. With the campaign monitoring and reporting option in our bulk WhatsApp Sender Panel, the user can see the results of his campaign and real-time status notifications which show the message delivery features. Scheduling of the message helps in proper timing of the delivery. Test campaigning helps to check the availability of the sender’s number.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Panel – You can also send a message to users individually and it’s very fast. WhatsApp Panel has unlimited validity.


  • Send Individual Messages
  • Create Contact List
  • Add Unlimited Contacts
  • Filter WhatsApp Numbers – Free
  • Export Filtered Numbers
  • Delete Uploaded contacts
  • Send 1000 – 20000 messages hourly
  • See live delivery of messages
  • Send messages in text, image, audio & video
  • Send message only WhatsApp filtered numbers
  • Download delivery report
  • Download campaign report
  • Download date-wise delivery report
  • WhatsApp delivery within 15-20 Minutes
  • Send message Globally
  • Can be accessed from mobile also.

More Features Offered by Our WhatsApp Marketing Panel

You can upload mobile numbers in .csv file format and also they offer online report available with 99% accuracy. All language supported. It does not require any kind of system configuration. It does not require any license. It works on per credit basis. The messages are being sent to every individual. This software has one of the most advanced and WhatsApp look-alike features that you can expect out of an automation tool for sending bulk WhatsApp messages.

  • Send Images You can send individual image messages to any particular WhatsApp number. You get the option to upload the image here.
  • Send Videos You can send individual video messages to any number available on WhatsApp. You will have the option to upload video to this option.
  • Send Text To Group This tab allows you to send text WhatsApp messages to list of contacts which are already uploaded to a particular group of contacts that you have in the system.
  • Send Images to Group This tab allows you to send images or pictures to a set of contacts in an individual or multiple groups of contacts already present in the system.
  • Send Videos to Group This tab allows you to send video messages from within the system to your groups of contacts.
  • Filter Groups Our system in order to allow sending WhatsApp messages needs to first filter out which numbers are already there on WhatsApp. So, hence you upload your list of contacts either using a CSV file or a text file format. Once, you upload the list of contacts by creating & uploading in an individual group. The system processes and filters the contacts and only shows those numbers which are already registered in WhatsApp as a user.
  • Add Group – This feature allows you to create a new group.
  • View Groups You can view the groups which are already created in the system. And also see how many numbers are added in that particular group.
  • Filter Contacts Here you can see how many numbers were added to the system and how many numbers were filtered using our script out of total no. of numbers added.
  • Add Contact You can add individual contact information to a particular group using this feature.
  • View Contacts You can view phone numbers which are there in the system under a particular group.
  • Import Contacts – This feature allows you to import your WhatsApp contacts in a particular group.
  • Reports Our reporting system allows you to see how many messages that you uploaded for marketing are in progress, completed or whether system rejected.
  • Message History This feature allows you to look into your account history. And have information about previous campaigns which were run under this particular account.
  • Change Password You can change your username and password information using this option.

Why Use BulkQ WhatsApp Marketing Panel

  • Easy To Use & Cost Effective
  • Multiple Sender ID support
  • Instant Promotion & Market Response
  • Set Your Brand Picture for Channels
  • 24/7 Support Through Mail & WhatsApp
  • Set Captions for Image, Audio & Video

Frequently Asked Questions on Wappbulk.com – WhatsApp Marketing Panel

  • What do we need to run these apps?

Use our online web-panel without any software required.

  • How long will the campaigns take to finish?


The system automatically arranges your campaign and does not need to set the time.

  • What about blocking/failure of messages?


The system will not charge if your message not sent.

  • How many numbers can we filter?


Create campaign system will automatically filter your number list.

  • Are we able to download the delivery reports?


Able to download delivery report after success in delivery

  • Are the WhatsApp Panel Available 24 hours a day?


System Requirements

– Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Windows XP not supported)

– 50 Mb free spaces on the hard disk

– Good internet connection

– Installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable.

– Installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Pricing Options

  • Trial version is available: only 10$ for 1 day
  • Delivery will be 85 to 90% to WhatsApp numbers.
  • Credits will be refunded if the message has been failed.
  • Before “Buy” please “Try” Demo with 5 Credits
  • All Credits will be expired in 6 months after purchase.

BulkQ – The Best Place to Start Your WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software allows you to send unlimited WhatsApp marketing messages using text, images, videos and GPS Locations. Our software provides the best features & functionality which is unmatchable by industry standard ever. We provide a complete guarantee of future updates.

We are market leaders all across the globe in providing WhatsApp Marketing solutions for more than a year now. And have been the most robust company which has been able to provide the quickest and faster solution to all your WhatsApp marketing needs.

Our clients range from online marketing & media companies to SMS Marketing Companies, SMEs like restaurants, bars, nightclubs, salons, spas, etc. to Professionals like doctors, real estate brokers, lawyers & attorneys. We also work with some prominent brands to help them reach out their message using the power of WhatsApp marketing to a larger audience.

So, what are you waiting for? Have you tried using WhatsApp Bulk software platforms but failed? Are you frustrated about the fact that you have invested some form of money and time on bulk blasting tools only to discover that they are not what they seemed? Contact BulkQ today! We can provide you with a fast & easy way for small businesses to reach out to their prospects & customers using WhatsApp Marketing.

10000 Credits – $100

25000 Credits – $150

50000 Credits – $230

100,000 Credits- $400

Number of Messages

If you are  interested with this service , Get  free Online Demo Account  with us .

Send Request  Mail to us  at bulkqcom@gmail.com

Try with our below Whatsapp Marketing Packages Now!

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Note: This is Web based Application to Send Whatsapp Messages.

Contact us  if you have any queries before purchase.

Delivery will be 85 to 90% to Whatsapp numbers.

Credits will be refunded  if  message  has been failed.

Before “Buy” please “Try” Demo with 5 Credits

All Credits will be expired in 6 months after purchase.

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