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Many brick and mortar business owners and local business have started migrating from traditional marketing strategies like – SMS, flyers, posters etc. and they are stepping behind digital marketing tools like WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp and other such instant messaging application to make the communication with their clients and leads in an effective way!

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No matter whether it’s local businesses or online business, there are many companies who have realized the real power of using WhatsApp as their marketing channel. Recent statistics revealed that nearly 1000 million users of using WhatsApp for their personal and professional use.

Video about Whatsapp Marketing

Nowadays, almost marketers have realized the advantages offered by WhatsApp Marketing. But the question arises is – How They Can Start Utilizing This Powerful Platform to Market Their Products and Services?

Let’s Explain in Detail:

WhatsApp Bulk Sender – As the name indicates, this whatsapp marketing panel will help you to send bulk message to your customers in a second. This tool is a Web-based WhatsApp marketing tool and gives you full control over your digital marketing campaign.

There is no need to hand over the information of your customers to the 3rd party service providers because you will have your own panel to run your whatsapp marketing campaign. You can import the contact details of your customers, upload multiple channels and get started to run the whatsapp marketing software automatically in hyperthreaded speed. Because it’s a web-based tool, the speed of sending campaigns from the web-based platform is really high.

This software is best suited for online business owners who want to reach trillions of users on a day to day basis. This WhatsApp Panel is mostly opted by marketing companies and marketers who are ready to start WhatsApp marketing game plan to make more ROI in a day.

Whatsapp Marketing Sender PRO – Updated Aug 2018

WhatsApp Software  (Only 30$ ) – Original Cost is 100 USD 

Steps to run the WhatsApp Sender PRO 

  1. Login with Whatsapp  Number to send.
  2. Click on Home Button  and  Upload contacts.
  3. Add message  ( text or  image or video or pdf) and click on start to start
Click Below to Pay 30 USD AND Buy Whatsapp Sender PRO

Read more about Whatsapp Marketing Sender PRO Software

Whatsapp Marketing Software Whatsapp Blast

WhatsApp Blaster  (Only 350$ ) – Original Cost is 500 USD 

**Limited Time Offer! Hurry Up!

Step-By-Step Guide to Use WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender

  • Run the software “WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender”
  • First, click on the option “Import Channels”
  • Then add “Image”, “Vcard”, and “Location” in the required fields
  • Give the caption relevant to the WhatsApp Marketing Campaign
  • In the right side of the window, you will see the option “Add”. Enter the recipient WhatsApp Number. In case, if you wish to send the message to 1000s of recipients in a single shot, import the extracted mobile numbers.
  • Now click the “Start” button.
  • It will nearly 4-5 minutes to send the message to all the recipients.
  • To measure the success of your campaign, there is an option named “Show Delivery Report”. By clicking this option, you will receive the detailed report of the messages sent and failed.

You can also send payment directly to bulkqcom@gmail.com and we will deliver the order on PayPal email.

Read more about Whatsapp Blaster  

Web Based WhatsApp Marketing Panel

WhatsApp Marketing Panel allows you to send multiple formats of WhatsApp messaging using a web-based panel which can be operated using any browser. Our panel allows you to send Text, Images & Video messages without the concern of adding any WhatsApp Channels, taking tensions on whether your WhatsApp channels will be banned from WhatsApp or not.

We provide two types of account in this panel. One is user level – which can be used by users to send messages. And the second, Reseller level account, which can be used by resellers to manage users under them.

Options Offered for User Level Account

  • Send Images:

You can send individual image messages to any particular WhatsApp number. You get the option to upload the image here.

  • Send Videos:

You can send individual video messages to any number available on WhatsApp. You will have the option to upload video to this option.

  • View Contacts:

You can view phone numbers which are there in the system

  • Import Contacts:

This feature allows you to import your WhatsApp contacts

  • Reports:

Our reporting system allows you to see how many messages that you uploaded for marketing are in progress, completed or whether the system rejected.

  • Message History:

This feature allows you to look into your account history. And have information about previous campaigns which were run under this particular account.

  • Change Password:

You can change your username and password information using this option.

Options Offered for Reseller Level Account

Reseller account allows the resellers to manage their credit transfers, able to activate/deactivate user accounts, add/edit/delete credits from users under the reseller account. And also, it offers similar several features mentioned below:-

  • User Management:

This section allows you to manage your users.

  • Add User:

This feature allows you to add a new user

  • View Users:

This feature allows you to view all the users.

  • Add Balance:

This feature allows you to add credits of different types ranging from text, image, and video credits.

  • Reports

This allows you to see the range of things ranging from whether the mgs are approved/disapproved by the admin, how many msgs are still pending to be sent.

  • Undelivered History:

This feature showcases all the undelivered messages history.

  • Change Password:

This feature allows you to reset your password.

  • Change Profile:

This feature allows you to make changes in the reseller profile.

10000 Credits – $100

25000 Credits – $150

50000 Credits – $230

100,000 Credits- $400

Number of Messages

What WhatsApp Panel Can Do

  • Send messages to other whatsapp numbers
  • Receive messages from other whatsapp numbers
  • Automated response to contacts who message the numbers
  • Send vCard messages (including name, email, website, phone number, picture)
  • Send audio messages to other whatsapp numbers
  • Send pictures to other whatsapp numbers (jpg, jpeg, gif, png allowed)
  • Send videos to other Whatsapp numbers (3gp, mp4, mov, avi allowed)
  • Send custom location map position & location text to other whatsapp numbers
  • Create marketing campaigns and send bulk messages to whatsapp numbers in a second
  • Check out whether the recipients are active in whatsapp or not. Check if they have or not whatsapp and export the valid numbers
  • Blacklist feature to avoid sending messages to numbers that are unsubscribed
  • Change senders passwords
  • Change senders profile pictures and status messages
  • Support for WART Password protection, this panel can change the password for you senders which are protected with WART password

Features and Specifications of WhatsApp Panel

WhatsApp Campaign Dashboard

Features all the highlights & updates of your campaigns! We made sure it’s simplistic, yet sophisticated. Simply, browse the left side tabs on the dashboard to take the next steps.

Send Single Message – Instantly With a Blink of an Eye

Now you can send few messages to people on the spot when on a call with them with your product info, payment details, etc.! Send Text, Image, Video & PDF files instantly using our Send Single tab in the dashboard.

You can send text message up to 3,000 characters, Image with a caption up to 1500 characters, Video with a caption up to 1500 characters, and also PDF files directly via WhatsApp

Know Your Prospects Name Using Filter

Use filter option to know your prospects name! Once you have the name of your prospects, you can send them personalized messages directly by targeting WhatsApp campaigns using their name.

Automated WhatsApp Filtration Tool 

You can extract all the list of active and non-active WhatsApp numbers using our completely automated WhatsApp filteration tool right in this dashboard

You will get a list of all the active WhatsApp numbers & nonactive WhatsApp numbers in a separately in a downloadable file format once filteration process is complete.

The filteration process is very fast. And you can filter millions of numbers in no time. Every 100 numbers filtered are counted as 1 credit in the system

10000 Credits – $100

25000 Credits – $150

50000 Credits – $230

100,000 Credits- $400

Number of Messages

Create Campaign: Text, Image, Video & PDF Files

Use the create campaign tab in our platform to start running WhatsApp campaigns using Text, Image, Video & PDF files format. You can upload mobile numbers for our platform to start filtering the active WhatsApp numbers database. And then, click Start Campaign to add campaigns in the queue.

100% Genuine Delivery Reports: Everything at One Place. 

Once, the campaigns are finished. You get the complete list of active and non-active WhatsApp numbers, campaign delivery report with all the details (Sender ID, Phone numbers, Send Date & Time & everything at one place.

Once, the filteration process is done after uploading the campaign. The campaigns start when you approve them to add it into a queue.

Specifications of WhatsApp Panel

Scalable WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Since WAPanel is a web-based script you can scale your WhatsApp campaigns to any numbers.

Multiple Message Formats

Send all kinds of WhatsApp message (Text / Image / Video / Audio / Vcard / Location / Links)

Receive Incoming Reply & Auto Reply

WhatsApp Panel allows you to receive incoming replies and automatically replies to your response for each campaign

Credit System

Integrated credit system to manage your client’s usage for reselling points to access your system

Reach Globally

Reach your customers in any country, worldwide. Any number active on WhatsApp can be reached via WAPanel

Unlimited Campaigns

You’ll only have to pay us once since we will give you the engine to send whatsapp messages from your own website.

Web Cloud Based

Access your WhatsApp Marketing panel on your own domain, from anywhere.

Receive Incoming Messages

Each of your clients will have an inbox of incoming messages to their senders.

Unlimited Channels/Senders

You can add unlimited senders/channel numbers to send from.

Customize With Your Logo

Customize your panel with your logo/company name.

Extensive Delivery Reports

View detailed reports about finished campaigns, with delivery and read status.

Extensive Control over Settings

You can configure a wide amount of settings in the panel, including settings about WhatsApp engine.

Schedule Messages

Automatically schedule messages according to limits you set, and send even when you are not near your computer.

Custom Campaign Templates

You can personalize your message, to include customer name and information automatically.

Free Updates & Support

You will receive free updates for our software, for the lifetime.

What’s The Advantage Of Using WhatsApp Bulk Panel?

More Engagement than SMS & Email

WhatsApp marketing campaigns give you up to 90%+ open rates. And if you compare SMS marketing that comes with the limitations of 160 characters, then you can send up to 3,000 characters text messages on WhatsApp! And also, there is almost ZERO chance of getting whatsapp messages ignored!

Using WhatsApp, you can customize your display picture & sender name of each WhatsApp number that will be used to send messages.

Send More Engaging Content with Image, Video & PDF Files

You can run promotional offers, special discounts & deals with your promotions in more engaging content like videos & special offer images. And also you can even send up to 3000 characters text messages with Image & video. Out of the best, you can set up any format at the same cost to start generating new leads in less than 5 minutes.

Send To Any WhatsApp Number Globally

You can send messages to any WhatsApp number on the globe. There is no restriction in terms of location. The only thing you need to do is – import the database of contact lists. Once you upload the contacts, our WhatsApp Bulk Software will find out the active WhatsApp numbers for you in few minutes.

There is no need to run a huge setup, infrastructure, or purchase any channels to run your campaigning. We handle it all for you.

Web-Based WhatsApp Marketing Software for Marketers & Agencies

If you are waiting for a WhatsApp Panel where you can send an unlimited message, load a list of an unlimited number or add infinite WhatsApp ID, then WhatsApp Marketing Software is the right option for you! With the perfect blend of experience, knowledge in current trends and young seasoned experts, BulkQ is helping all online marketers to connect with the target audience. We are committed to giving the complete solution regarding WhatsApp Marketing Panel needs of different companies no matter its large, medium or small.

Here our team is working on developing different needs of today’s business needs and developing effective WhatsApp marketing Panel tools. Our team provides the best options for adding an unlimited number of IDs, and one can use the filter option to generate the WhatsApp number and opt out other contacts.

One can send unlimited image files, audio – video files, with the text message and GPS Map locations in one go. We believe there should not be any limit while marketing your product or services, so we give an unlimited possibility to create the best Ad Campaign for your brand.


Whatsapp Marketing Cost
S.No Number of Whatsapp Credits  Price 
1 10,000 Credits  $100
2 25,000 Credits  $150
3 50,000 Credits  $230
4 100,000 Credits  $400

Number of Messages

You can also send payment directly to bulkqcom@gmail.com and we will deliver the order on PayPal email.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Panel – You can also send a message to users individually and it’s very fast. WhatsApp Panel has unlimited validity.


  • Send Individual Messages
  • Create Contact List
  • Add Unlimited Contacts
  • Filter WhatsApp Numbers – Free
  • Export Filtered Numbers
  • Delete Uploaded contacts
  • Send 20000 – 100000 messages in 2-3 hours
  • See live delivery of messages
  • Send messages in text, image, audio & video
  • Send the message only WhatsApp filtered numbers
  • Download delivery report
  • Download campaign report
  • Download date-wise delivery report
  • WhatsApp delivery within 15-20 Minutes
  • Send message Globally
  • Can be accessed from mobile also.

More Features Offered by Our WhatsApp Marketing Panel

You can import mobile numbers in .csv file format and also they offer online report available with 99.9% accuracy. All languages supported. It does not require any kind of system configuration or system update. It does not require any license. This software has one of the most advanced and WhatsApp look-alike features that you can expect out of an automation tool for sending bulk WhatsApp messages.

Why Use BulkQ WhatsApp Marketing Panel

  • Easy To Use & Cost Effective
  • Multiple Sender ID support
  • Instant Promotion & Market Response
  • Set Your Brand Picture for Channels
  • 24/7 Support Through Mail & WhatsApp
  • Set Captions for Image, Audio & Video

Frequently Asked Questions on Wappbulk.com – WhatsApp Marketing Panel

  • What do we need to run these apps?

Use our online web-panel without any software required.

  • How long will the campaigns take to finish?


The system automatically arranges your campaign and does not need to set the time.

  • What about blocking/failure of messages?


The system will not charge if your message not sent.

  • How many numbers can we filter?


Create a campaign system will automatically filter your number list.

  • Are we able to download the delivery reports?


Able to download delivery report after success in delivery

  • Are the WhatsApp Panel Available 24 hours a day?


System Requirements

– Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Windows XP not supported)

– 50 Mb free spaces on the hard disk

– Good internet connection

– Installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable.

– Installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Pricing Options

    • A trial version is available: only 10$ for 1 day
    • Delivery will be 85 to 90% to WhatsApp numbers.
    • Credits will be refunded if the message has been failed.
    • Before “Buy” please “Try” Demo with 5 Credits
  • All Credits will be expired in 6 months after purchase.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Bulk Panel

  • Easy to use
  • No credit limit, send an unlimited message to unlimited users and clients
  • Lowest rate in the market
  • Customized, transparency, and control
  • It’s easy and effective than SMS marketing
  • Also, the Opening rate in WhatsApp message is more than bulk SMS
    Whatsapp Marketing Cost
    S.No Number of Whatsapp Credits  Price 
    1 10,000 Credits  $100
    2 25,000 Credits  $150
    3 50,000 Credits  $230
    4 100,000 Credits  $400

    Number of Messages

  • You can also send payment directly to bulkqcom@gmail.com and we will deliver the order on PayPal email.

Bulk WhatsApp Bulk Panel Campaign Can Be Used for:

  • Retail Outlets
  • Educational Institutions
  • Educational Consultancies
  • Banking & Financial Sector
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Clubs & Societies
  • Real Estate
  • Media & Entertainment Sector
  • Automobile Industry
  • Stock Market Companies
  • Job Consultancies
  • IT & ITES Service Companies
  • Transport & Logistics Sector
  • MLM Companies

Will The WhatsApp Sender Number Be Blocked?

We have executed many strategies to lower the chance of being blocked, when will your sender be blocked is undecided, but your sender may be blocked.

In order to keep senders long lasting, you should limit the no. of messages sent per day by 9. And also make sure the sending speed is slow. We cannot guarantee your senders getting blocked but only tell you the best settings to use this software.

Try WhatsApp Bulk Panel for free!

You can try this WhatsApp Panel for free, plus all the features – including filteration tool, Send the Single message, reporting panel and more. Plus, there’s absolutely no risk.

WhatsApp Panel is a groundbreaking web-based Bulk WhatsApp Marketing script which allows you to send 1000s of WhatsApp marketing messages which can be hosted on your own server. Using this powerful self-hosted tool you can add unlimited WhatsApp Senders which allows you to send unlimited messages (20000-30000 messages in 2-3 hours) and many other features which helps you take control over your WhatsApp marketing automation. Take a tour of the software now to see how it works! Request a FREE Demo now!

For Free Demo Send Email to bulkqcom@gmail.com or comment below!

BulkQ – The Best Place to Start Your WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software allows you to send unlimited WhatsApp marketing messages using text, images, videos and GPS Locations. Our software provides the best features & functionality which is unmatchable by industry standard ever. We provide a complete guarantee of future updates.

We are market leaders all across the globe in providing WhatsApp Marketing solutions for more than a year now. And have been the most robust company which has been able to provide the quickest and faster solution to all your WhatsApp marketing needs.

Our clients range from online marketing & media companies to SMS Marketing Companies, SMEs including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, salons, spas, etc. to professionals like doctors, real estate brokers, lawyers & attorneys. We also work with some popular brands to help them reach out their message using the power of WhatsApp marketing to a larger audience.

The Future of WhatsApp Marketing

Recently WhatsApp announced the release of WhatsApp Group Calls which will be enabling us to add up to three participants in a group video call. This update will first be available for the Android users and there is no information about windows and iOS yet.

This feature is quite impressive as it becomes competitive with Skype this time. Even Skype is well known for its video calls, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app. If you get both the features of instant messaging and Group video calls under the same app then it saves you a lot of space as well as the time of switching over the app again. This is like having the best of both worlds. So, we are sure that WhatsApp is going to rock again!

WhatsApp is looking at developing the messaging software. With new future updates, you may be able to message businesses such as restaurants. So if you would like to make a reservation or order at your local take away or restaurant, this all will be possible soon!

Stay Tuned With BulkQ!

So, what are you waiting for? Have you tried using WhatsApp Bulk software platforms but failed? Are you frustrated by the fact that you have invested some form of money and time on bulk blasting tools only to discover that they are not what they seemed? Contact BulkQ today! We can provide you with a fast & easy way for small businesses to reach out to their prospects & customers using WhatsApp Marketing.

Whatsapp Marketing Cost
S.No Number of Whatsapp Credits  Price 
1 10,000 Credits  $100
2 25,000 Credits  $150
3 50,000 Credits  $230
4 100,000 Credits  $400

Number of Messages

You can also send payment directly to bulkqcom@gmail.com and we will deliver the order on PayPal email.

More details about Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Campaign

If you are interested in this service, Get free Online Demo Account with us.

Send Request  Mail to us  at bulkqcom@gmail.com

Try with our Whatsapp Marketing Packages Now!

Note: This is Web-based Application to Send Whatsapp Messages.

Contact us if you have any queries before purchase.

Delivery will be 85 to 90% to Whatsapp numbers.

Credits will be refunded if message has been failed.

Before "Buy" please "Try" Demo with 5 Credits

All Credits will be expired in 6 months after purchase.
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