Mobile Marketing – What It Is and Why Does It Matters a Lot?

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Today we‘re going to discuss on Mobile Marketing and its importance in today’s marketing world! As we all know, mobile has become an integral part of all our lives. Recent statistics revealed that 44% of mobile phone users keep their phones near to their bed and get it checked consistently till the midnight. This means you can reach your customers 24X7!

From text messages, emails, to push notifications, mobile marketing can help you boost sales by sending coupons, special discounts and offers to highly targeted customers.

So what is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing strategy designed to reach targeted audience on their smartphones, tablets or any other mobile devices.

Why Does Mobile Marketing Important?

By reaching out customers on devices wherever they go, mobile marketing can work wonders on retail business owners and online shoppers. If you’re still unaware of whether to use mobile marketing in your 2017 campaign or not, here’s why marketers need to wake up to the power of mobile:

People Look At Mobile Screens More than Ever

People spend an average of 195 minutes per day using their smartphone which means with the use of mobile marketing you can reach your targeted audience within a short period of time. Whether for shopping, service, product information or complaints, you need to be ready to interact with customers whenever they want your services. Mobile marketing makes this easier for you!

Mobile-Friendly Sites Rank Higher in SERP’s

If your website doesn’t look and perform well on mobile devices, it will suffer a lot in SERP’s. Google now use mobile-friendliness as a factor in ranking search results. Make sure your websites are mobile-optimized for better viewing on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Marketing for Physical Store

Never underestimate the power of mobile marketing in the physical store too! As like online marketers, brick and mortar business owners need to learn how to implement mobile marketing to increase brand exposure and customer engagement.

Mobile Marketing, the New Evolution of SMS Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a powerful way to get your message directly into people’s palm without any nuisances of junk emails, spams, etc. Text messages have at least 90% open rate and also 98% of mobile users will read the message within three minutes.

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So, if you’re not interested in taking the full advantage of mobile marketing, now is the time to start!

Where Do You Start?

It’s easy to become bombarded with all the opportunities available in the world of mobile marketing, but it needs a lot of groundwork to achieve success. Start by making mobile marketing as the main part of your business by focusing on the below things:

  • Make your website mobile-friendly
  • Communicate or interact with customers through SMS marketing campaigns
  • Invest more time and little penny in mobile advertising

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Hope that the above-said information will definitely enhance your customer’s mobile experience! Mobile marketing is the only thing that’s going to grow in the near future, so make sure you stay ahead of the game.

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