Love Symbols, Images, Quotes, and More for Your Whatsapp Display Picture

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Most of us use WhatsApp for personal and professional purposes. WhatsApp is one of the most user-friendly instant messaging apps with appealing features that let us communicate with our friends, relatives, family members, and acquaintances whenever necessary. One of the many features of this messaging app is that one can personalize their online presence by putting a face to their name and making themselves more real in front of the people they are talking to. We also get to see some people’s faces even when we have never met them in real life before. The photo of a person displayed beside their names on WhatsApp is called a display picture or DP in short.

Adding or removing a display picture on WhatsApp is relatively easy, and many people change their display pictures more often. If you are adding a photo for the first time, you need to go to ‘settings’ and click on the picture icon beside your name. On Android, you will find a camera icon over the picture icon; on iOS, you can find an ‘edit’ option below the picture icon. Clicking on both will lead to the same option where you can add your display picture by clicking a photo instantly or by choosing a from your gallery.

If you have an existing display picture, you will see an added feature, “delete photo,” that allows you to remove the existing picture before replacing the existing photo with a new one.

WhatsApp also has a privacy feature that lets the users decide who can see their display photographs. There are three options: everyone, nobody, and my contacts in the privacy setting of the display picture. You can hide or make your display picture visible to selected people or the entire contact list. However, even after having so many features, some people prefer any other photo instead of their photographs on display. They choose different quotes and even love DPs.

What Are Love DPs?Love DPs

Love is a beautiful part of all our lives. It brings us feelings of happiness and completeness. While many of us express our love to someone by gifting them flowers, cards, and gifts, others express love differently. Right now, we live in a generation where showing off on social networking sites is more important than showing steadfast love to our loved ones. We live in an era where it is easy to stick to our ego but difficult to tell the world we are in love. And that is why when someone puts love on WhatsApp DP, people judge them by calling them kiddish and show-off.

But there is nothing wrong with putting a love DP on WhatsApp. Love DP images are cute and heart-touching. Some love DP may include romantic quotes, while others are symbols and images.

However, if you are among those who don’t care much about showing your pictorial face and constantly look for different love DPs to use, this article is for you. We will give you many options for love display pictures. Read it till the end, so you don’t miss exploring all the options we have gotten for you.

Different Types Of Love Symbols People Use As WhatsApp DPs And What Are Their Inner Meanings

Some people choose different romantic love symbols as their display pictures. And most of us don’t know the inner meanings of those symbols. Here we will talk about the most common love symbols we commonly see on WhatsApp display pictures and their inner meanings.


in Celtic culture, Harp symbolizes love. It is a symbol that establishes a link between heaven and the earth. Therefore the harp symbol represents the love between heaven and earth. In love ballads, we can notice the traditional employment of soothing tones of the harp; therefore, it is pretty evident that the harp is a love symbol with a profound meaning. According to history, King David played harp for the Lord to show his dedication and love.


Swans symbolize the Roman goddess of love, Venus, and The Greek goddess of love and passion, Aphrodite. Though the photo of 2 Swans with connected beaks is quite common, many of us don’t know that they symbolize love as the most prevalent art in the world. After reading this, if you go back and see the photo of 2 Swans, you will notice that their necks are shaped like a heart.

Rose QuartzRose Quartz

In mythology and folklore, we can find the reference to rose quartz across the globe. Whether in Greece, China or India, rose quartz has been considered a sign of love since 600 BC. According to spirituality, combining rose quartz with meditation helps develop self-love and attracts romantic love.

The Claddagh RingThe Claddagh Ring

Irish mythology inspired the Claddagh ring, which symbolizes two hands holding a crown and a heart. This traditional piece is primarily found in iris engagements, weddings, friendship bands, and WhatsApp display pictures of many. This ring is commonly used in Ireland and is the love symbol with “love loyalty and friendship” written over it.

Bitten AppleBitten Apple

In many mythologies and tales, the apple is symbolized as love. Even in the bible, in the story of Adam and Eve, there is a mention of the forbidden apple. Apple is established as a fruit of wisdom for making its place in history. Even in roman mythology, the goddess of love, Venus, is shown holding an apple. In Chinese and Greek mythologies, the gods are believed to eat golden apples to increase their youth.


Infinity is another sign of love similar to the Celtic love knot with no beginning or end. While expressing our love to someone, we say we love them till infinity; infinity is commonly used as a love metaphor throughout history and in modern times.


In Greek and Roman history, we can find the use of seashells as a love symbol as people used to give each other seashells while conveying emotions. The Roman and the Greek goddess Venus and Aphrodite are also seen holding seashells.

The Maple Leaf With A HeartMaple Leaf With A Heart

One of the most favorite love symbols is the Maple Leaf with a heart in the middle. The Maple leaves are linked with the joy of the birth of new children and fertility. In addition, the red heart in the middle of a Maple Leaf is considered one of Japan and China’s most beautiful and genuine love symbols.

2 HeartsHearts

Undoubtedly red hearts are a symbol of love because it is the most well-known and universal emblem. The love symbol we commonly see is a Lily flower that implies the start of romantic love, care, and compassion. For more than 1000 years, the heart has symbolized love.

Bunch Of RosesBunch Of Roses

Rose is a prominent symbol of passion, romantic love, and physical desire in the modern world. Even in Greek mythology and Christian tradition, roses are associated with love. White roses stand for heaven’s love, while pink represents romantic emotions. Yellow, on the other hand, is a symbol of friendliness for males.


Most people get the ankh sign as a tattoo. Still, many people use this symbol on WhatsApp display pictures. This sign is also known as the cross of life and is a famous symbol in ancient Egypt. It has a loop on the top that represents life and immortality, and the loop resembles the Christian cross.


in North America, Kokopelli is the Hopi symbolism that represents insect-like spirits through the symbol. The artwork is of a grasshopper holding a flute. Since music is associated with positive energy for having healing power that can be felt spiritually and physically, this symbol is used by many to depict love, marriage, etc.

The Love KnotThe Love Knot

It is also called Triskeles and is one of the oldest Celtic symbols. The three sides of the symbol stand for the earth, water, and fire. The continuous lines of the symbol represent eternal life and love.

Cupid ErosCupid Eros

The Greek God of love is Eros. He is the devoted companion of Aphrodite and is believed to be playful. Eros is known for sparking the love in both gods and humans; therefore, the symbol promotes love, reproduction, and more. In Roman mythology, Eros is known as Cupid.

The LotusThe Lotus

The Lotus flower has various meanings, and the 8bpetals of the Lotus flower symbolize harmony. On the other hand, the 1000 petals of Lotus represent enlightenment. Many people use white or pink Lotus on WhatsApp DP to represent perfection, love, and purity.


Ladybird is believed to be a lucky charm and a symbol of love. According to Asian beliefs, if you release a ladybird, it flies to a person you love and whispers your name. And on hearing your name, their love for you will flourish.

3 Leaf Clover3 Leaf Clover

In Ireland, it is the national symbol, and it is believed that by wearing this symbol, you can bring good luck on your wedding day. The symbol represents love and hope and is traditionally worn by couples in Ireland on their wedding day.


Diamond has been used as a symbol of loyalty. Cupid, the Greek God of love, also uses magic arrows with diamond points to inspire love. In many cultures, diamond jewelry expresses love for one another.


WhatsApp Love Images And Their Hidden Meanings

WhatsApp gives you enormous freedom to choose a display picture of your choice. While many people choose the abovementioned love symbols as WhatsApp display pictures, others use love images instead. Here we will tell you about some of the most common love images and want they mean:

Holding Hand:Holding Hand:

Holding hands is something many of us do mainly without even thinking about it. We also see people using display pictures on WhatsApp of couples holding hands. But we generally don’t try to find out or understand why this image. Holding hands is associated with romantic love. According to psychologists, this is something we have been doing for centuries, and hand-holding brings comfort, pain release, warmth, and friendship. In some cultures holding hands also shows platonic love. Holding hand WhatsApp display picture establishes positivity. And therefore, the person who is using a couple holding hand photo as WhatsApp DP might need bonding, connection empathy, and trust building. It also depicts someone asking for a loving touch from a romantic partner to reduce pain perception.

Heart Sign Made Of Hands:Heart Sign Made Of Hands:

The heart sign made of hands is a symbol of modern-day relationships. The symbol means something between ‘I love you  and ‘thank you.’ Since the symbol demonstrates love and support, it is quite a popular WhatsApp display picture among many. Even some people who use their photographs as WhatsApp display pictures are found to make a heart shape with their partner or a friend to make a human version of the heart sign.

Couple Embracing Each Other:Couple Embracing Each Other:

Sometimes people use images of couples embracing each other as WhatsApp display pictures. Embraces are essential for expressing love through physical touch, and depending upon the type of hug, it can signify emotional support, love, friendship, and romantic intimacy.

An image with one partner hugging the other from behind indicates a romantic relationship. This pose shows couples’ bonding since they can stay physically close and look at the same view. Also, we find hugging couples holding each other around the waist. It is also an intimate romantic hug.

A heart-to-heart hug shows that the partners are protective and are in an intimate relationship.

Putting a hugging couple as a WhatsApp display picture means the person is either in love with someone or needs the physical proximity of their partner or someone they love secretly.

Couple Sitting With One Partner Leaning On The Shoulder:Couple Sitting With One Partner Leaning On The Shoulder

We also can call it a side-by-side hug or bear hug. It is like a customary hug but much tighter and closer. Bear hugs are also like one person lying down on the shoulder of the other. According to psychology, such an image as a WhatsApp display picture means the person wants to feel warm and secure. Not necessarily the person looking for a romantic kind of love, it can also demonstrate the desire for close friends.

Love Quotes On WhatsApp Display PicturesLove Quotes On WhatsApp Display Pictures

Love is magical; sometimes, symbols and images are not enough to display enough love. And therefore love quotes have their importance. If you are tired of using different images and symbols and this time wants to share a fantastic image with quotes, we can help you do that. It is easy to collect or download an image from the Internet. But what about the quote?

We have a list of mini love quotes you can use on your WhatsApp DP.

  1. I want to go back to the night we dp
  2. Smile at me once, and I am yours dp
  3. I love you for what you are, what you have been, and what you will dp for whatsapp
  4. I am perfectly in love with the imperfections in dp for whatsapp
  5. You will know when you are in love because you will be an insomniac when love dp for whatsapp
  6. Love is when the other person’s happiness is more than your dp for whatsapp
  7. I need you like my heart needs the beatsI need you like my heart needs the beats
  8. Being with you keeps me alivewhatsapp quotes
  9. All that we love once becomes a part of us forever.whatsapp quotes
  10. I love you because it took me so much love to love you.I love you because it took me so much love to love you
  11. I love you in secret between the shadows of my soulI love you in secret between the shadows of my soul
  12. Real love is the one that thrills you by kissing your forehead or just looking into your eyes.Real love is the one that thrills you by kissing your forehead or just looking into your eyes.
  13. Falling for you was like cliff diving- adventurous hello and quotes
  14. You are more mine than I quotes
  15. I love you beyond reason, promises, hopes, and happinessI love you beyond reason, promises, hopes, and happiness
  16. Your absence is like waking up one day and there are no teeth in my mouthlove quotes
  17. I will love you till my last breathlove quotes
  18. My heart beats faster when I feel love growing stronger between quotes
  19. I lie on your shoulder to look at the view of life passing through my body like strings of quotes
  20. I can listen to your silence that pierces my soullove quotes
  21. When you are around, I feel myself a little quotes
  22. And when you kiss me, it feels like we have the union of our soulslove quotes
  23. In the whole world, I could not find a better heart than yours that can make mine beatlove quotes
  24. I love you with my whole soullove quotes
  25. I will walk with you till the eternitylove quotes
  26. As long as you know how to love, you are quotes
  27. We all deserve a relationship that helps us sleep peacefully at nightlove quotes
  28. A relationship grows when both people understand the mistake and forgive each quotes
  29. Even when I am not around you, I still love quotes
  30. Every story can be happily ever after if you believe in your quotes
  31. Walk alone until you find someone whose fingers fit your finger gaps quotes
  32. Choose a heart that beats only for quotes
  33. You don’t need to change your heart to win someone. Stay true, and the love made for you will find quotes
  34. If someone asks me what my last wish is, it is to love you foreverlove quotes
  35. I have a million feelings for one person- quotes
  36. Someday someone is going to look at you like they are looking at a magiclove quotes
  37. Whatever is taken from us is replaced with something quotes
  38. The person about whom you think when you wake up is the person whom your heart belongs tolove quotes
  39. I live the best moments of life with you.I live the best moments of life with you.
  40. I could write a trilogy with the feelings I never expressed to youlove quotes
  41. I am happy I did not get what I wanted because I deserved youI am happy I did not get what I wanted because I deserved you
  42. I love when I am the reason behind your smilelove quotes
  43. It is not your beauty for which I love you, but my love makes the most beautiful person to quotes


Love is the strongest positive emotion and the deepest interpersonal affection. Sometimes love happens romantically between 2 people that involves closeness, attraction, affection, and protectiveness. And for the other, love brings happiness, satisfaction, excitement, and euphoria. When choosing a love WhatsApp display picture, some people would say it does not look good. But there is a distinction between people who love secretly and people who don’t fear accepting their needs of attachment, care, and intimacy. I hope this article will help you find the best WhatsApp love display picture for every type of love you experience.