How top Brands are using Whatsapp for business marketing


There are number of brands and business companies who have started the latest Whatsapp technology for the marketing. The main reason of this trend of marketing is the new facilities provided by different communication mediums. The Whatsapp is top most communication medium used for the best marketing in all over the world.

These are some top brands using Whatsapp in their business marketing globally.

Clarks the First brand to adopt Whatsapp:

It is the global service provider brand of shoes. The Clarks brand business strategy depends on its marketing functions. The whole Clarks team works on the simple strategy of targeting the consumers. The best way of interacting with the consumers is the best use of communication mediums. The Clarks marketing team target the valuable consumes by started the advertising campaigns. They make all the consumers aware of the latest changes in the brand. The new arrivals are also promoted by the Whatsapp marketing strategies.

The promotional activities are also the best part of this company marketing techniques. They target the global consumer with their advanced business advertising campaigns. The company mainly focus on the quality, price and latest trends or fashion. They also motivate the people by sharing the advertisements with the social media like Whatsapp, twitter and facebook etc. The Whatsapp is first adopted by this Clark brand in 2015 to globalize the business.

There are some other online service providers which are using Whatsapp technology to promote their business at the higher level.

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The multimedia companies uses Whatsapp:

The different entertainment companies are using to advertise their new channels and series with the Whatsapp. The first to adopt this Whatsapp marketing strategy is Netflix Company. The Netflix Company is an American entertainment company started in 1997. They provide the media services like streaming online and video on demand at the global market. The users can be of different countries and they can access according to their native language. The marketing strategy adopted by the Netflix was the targeting the users through the Whatsapp. They started the campaigns to provide the coupons codes to multiply the online users on this media. The Netflix also provides the latest updates to its active users regarding the new entertainment series. This is the best way to globalize your market by targeting the active users.

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The entertainment becomes easier with Whatsapp:

One of the best companies in India which provides the best movie ticket online service is Book My Show. The company follows the strategy of direct marketing for the users. The Book My Show provides the best services to the online users. By using this online ticket booking service people can easily buy their movie tickets. This service enables the easy access to the users. The best part of this online service is its marketing strategy. The QR codes are the best to share with the Whatsapp. It also reduces the paper printing cost for movie tickets. The Whatsapp technology is helpful for the quality sharing with the other users. The promo codes are very useful for the promotion of the website. These techniques are used for the business marketing. The awareness related to the product can be done with the Whatsapp. There are also some modifications in the applications for easy handling in future. But the main factor for the business marketing will be the Whatsapp.

Share the hospitality with the Whatsapp:

The applications are always created for the easy user interface to the people. The connectivity is the main factor of such wide range services. The Oyo room facility is the example of providing hospitality to the users at the best level. The Oyo hotel room services also use the Whatsapp technology to spread its business in the world. They use better communication using the perfect media like Whatsapp. They can share the best deals and latest services provided by the Oyo. The promotional activities are also helpful with the easy sharing from the Whatsapp. The active users can take the advantage of sharing the promo codes to other users with the Whatsapp. This is the best way of exploring the business market at  higher level. TTravellerscan easily books their desired rooms in hotels and receive the confirmation through the Whatsapp. The hospitality can be provided by sharing the Oyo app with the other Whatsapp users smartly.

Easy traveling by sharing the app:

The other advantage of using this Whatsapp technology is the traveling applications. The services like air flight and taxi are the best examples. The air flights can be booked with the online applications and also notification related to the confirmation can be received by the Whatsapp messages. The easy sharing of Whatsapp is also helpful in taxi services. The uber taxi service is the best example of the fast services in the city. This is easy to share with the friends and family in the same or different locations through the Whatsapp. The Uber taxi service also provides its promo codes which can be directly shared with Whatsapp to other users. You can also share the different locations to provide these services.

Why are these Brands using WhatsApp for Marketing?

Whatsapp has become one of the amazing marketing tool used by Digital marketers to market products or services of their company or organization. Whatsapp has made an extensive step into the business. Over 1 billion worldwide users, Whatsapp application holds enormous potential for brands. Whatsapp have always beg the title of “King of Messaging Apps” because of its distinct features like easy interface, safety security etc.

After spending years on a research on how to tap into Market by using WhatsApp, the advertisers or marketers came up with excellent techniques with ease and the cost-benefit method to target their clients or customers. As a brand establishing one to one communication can be tough because honesty, authenticity, and trust can be difficult to convey. However, with the right steps and accurate knowledge you could market your service or product with targeted customers or clients anywhere and anytime.

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Here, we are explaining that Why brands are using WhatsApp for marketing.

Global Communication:

Your brand can possibly use the application for numerous purposes. Feedback sessions, customer/client support, public relation events like product release questions, AMA-style etc can help to connect with customers on a specific level. While you are communicating with an individual or a group, it is recommended that you have authentic dialogue so that it doesn’t seem that the dialogues or conversations are imposed forcefully over the customers. The goal here is not compulsory to tackle the deal right away but to build a strong relationship with customers.

The billions of users are available on Whatsapp in the whole world. The Whatsapp platform provides the ability to perform according to the requirements for these different brands and companies.

Real-time users:

The Whatsapp is the platform which enables its users to share the latest information. The latest features of Whatsapp are able to share the large content on the different groups. People also use the posts by sharing on the status. The status feature provided in the Whatsapp is an attracting customer technology. The Whatsapp user is able to see the latest updates uploaded by the brand companies on the status. The online users can easily see the streaming of the status easily.

The Whatsapp also provide the amazing editing feature to promote the brand within your words. This is the way to target the low and high market with the brand slogans.

Fun way of marketing:

The Whatsapp platform also provides the different tools to make your content attractive and readable. You can also use the funny captions to attract the global market. People like the funny and interesting videos. The top brand companies use the Whatsapp media to spread the awareness of their brands. They make the catchy advertisements and infographics related to their particular brands. The easy sharing on the Whatsapp helps them to target the whole market. The users also show their interest in the brand and promote the products at their best levels.

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Fewer charges for products and services:

The best feature of this Whatsapp platform is easy sharing with zero cost. The top brand companies spend a large amount on the advertisements and promotional activities of their products and services. The Whatsapp platform enables the fewer charges to promote their business. The top brand companies make their logos and special offer schemes to target the huge market. The active users of their company also start sharing the offers related to the brands. It helps to multiply the market in a large scale. There is no requirement of the high budget for the promotions. The latest offers provided by the companies easily go viral in the market. These are also helpful to convert the indirect sale of the brand.

 Easy handling for every business:

The Whatsapp platform is also helpful for the small businesses. The instant feature of communication provided by Whatsapp is good for all users. The Whatsapp users can order their desired products from the market or shop. You can easily order your best food items using the Whatsapp. You just have to share the required item photo with the shopkeepers. They easily get the details through the Whatsapp. The amount of the items can be listed in a format for all users. The service providers are also aware about the latest updates of the Whatsapp. They use the Whatsapp platform for branding and promotion of their available products in the local market.

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The amazing service provider:

The latest technologies are helping to make our life easy and fast in this world. The Whatsapp is one of the best platforms which deals with all types of markets. The millions of active users are using this platform for their local business. People also use the Whatsapp in food ordering and medicine shops. This is the best use of Whatsapp to provide the fast and exact information to the users. People can select the cakes and flowers according to their requirements from the famous shops. The shopkeepers are also aware of the Whatsapp marketing. They easily get the information of the required product of the distant person. By using the Whatsapp they easily get the location of the customer. The Whatsapp provides amazing features like easy image sharing, location sharing, contact sharing, document sharing etc. All these features are helpful in the local and global market.

Whatsapp business application features

The Whatsapp business application is available free to download. This app is basically made for the small business owners to promote their business. The first task of any business is always interaction with the customers. The quick and automated tool is provided by this Whatsapp business application for the users.

These are some basic requirement for the small business owners to use this business application.

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Create a Business Profile:

The business profile is required for any small and large business. In this business owner have to provide the address and their business details. They can also make it informative by providing their email address and website. This is only for the visibility of your business in the market.

The Labels for the better management:

The organized way of doing any business is helpful for everyone. This feature enables to manage the contacts and chats with the different labels. It is also helpful to search the contacts and others information quickly on the application.

Easy handling of customers:

The Whatsapp business application is useful for the fast interaction with the customers. The option of a quick reply on the chats is able to communicate with the customers directly. This application also provides the voice and video calling facilities to communicate with your customers easily.


The insight team of Whatsapp focus on the global consumer research. The Whatsapp team has made this platform for every global business. The Whatsapp provides the best way to share and promote the business at different levels. You can share your business by creating different groups on the Whatsapp. You can make marketing strategies according to the business requirements. When it comes to share the brands and company-specific products, only the Whatsapp sharing techniques top the queue. This is only possible because of its easy and user-friendly handling. The Whatsapp platform is accessible for every user. By using the Whatsapp platform you can capture the imagination and implement it into your business marketing. It is also helpful in wholesale marketing all around the world. These are the reasons for adopting the Whatsapp technology in the business marketing.