Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Verified Whatsapp Business Account

whatsapp verified business account

WhatsApp is the most convenient messaging app to stay connected with friends, relatives, and acquaintances, avoiding SMS charges. And right now, the messaging app has over 2 billion users globally. Therefore, it is evident that the application successfully bridges the gap between many people. With this extraordinary reach of WhatsApp and the data about how actively people use WhatsApp, many businesses are also turning to WhatsApp and using it as a powerful marketing tool.

But is it convenient to use a messaging app for marketing businesses? OH wait! To keep pace with the growing demand for WhatsApp usage for business purposes, the creators of WhatsApp have developed different types of accounts along with various features. One such account type is the WhatsApp Business account, which adds value to many business strategies.

Moreover, WhatsApp is exploring more ways to connect with prospective clients and audiences by winning their trust. Hence, the WhatsApp Business account has the feature to display a green badge next to the businesses name to confirm that the business account is authentic and notable.

whatsapp business account

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However, verifying the WhatsApp Business account does not happen just like that. A business needs to undergo a verification process to achieve the green tick.

This article will share all the steps to help you get a verified WhatsApp Business account. But if you are still on the fence about whether or not you should get how WhatsApp business account let us tell you all the features and benefits of having a business account on WhatsApp.

What Are The Different Types Of WhatsApp Business Accounts?

A WhatsApp business account it’s just like a WhatsApp account, but it is specifically made for your business. On the one hand, where you are using a personal WhatsApp account to connect with friends and colleagues, the WhatsApp Business account is geared towards serving customers communicating with existing clients and prospects, and facilitating sales through an instant messaging platform you are familiar with.

For business use also, you can choose between 2 WhatsApp accounts, including:

  • WhatsApp Business app specifically made for local and small businesses with one account user.
  • WhatsApp Business API is specifically made for medium to large-sized businesses with several account users.

Creating a WhatsApp business account is accessible by downloading the app from the Google Play store or Apple store. But if you have an existing WhatsApp personal account, you need to attach your business account to a different phone number. If you don’t have another SIM card, you must buy one to sign up for a WhatsApp business account.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp API account requires a WhatsApp partner’s approval and has some associated costs to get the most of its features. WhatsApp API is a more scalable application suitable for you if you have a global customer base and want to manage your business account on multiple devices and by different people.


What Are The Features Of The WhatsApp Business Account?

As discussed earlier, there are some crucial differences between a WhatsApp business account and a WhatsApp API account. If you have a small or local business, your business might not be accepted for an API account. However, it is pretty easy to download and start using the WhatsApp Business app and communicating with your customers for free.

With What’s Up Business Account, You Can:

  • Create A Business Profile:A business profile includes all the necessary details about your business, including the opening hours, website URL, contact addresses, and other information you want to provide to your customers. Remember that anyone can view all the information you provide on your WhatsApp business profile; therefore, ensure that every detail you add is correct.
  • Label Customers And Chats: We know how difficult it is to remember all the inside information or the relationship dynamic with every WhatsApp chat. But that is not necessary when you use a WhatsApp Business account. You can label your customers in a business account by “new customer,” “prospect,” etc. Though there are some already created labels, you can create your label. You can also categorize the chats according to the chat type, such as an order, customer query, or something else.
  • Set Up Automatic Responses: Isn’t it difficult to reply to all the WhatsApp messages you receive? The difficulty level increases when you have to reply within a few hours. But since quick response is at the core of excellent customer service, the WhatsApp Business account has created the feature of automating custom responses to your customers while you are away from the phone. You can also send automatic introductions to your audience and introduce your services.
  • Use Quick Replies: With the WhatsApp Business account, you can save prewritten replies to reuse them for future customer chats. It is just a matter of a few taps, and you can save much time by avoiding writing replies from scratch.
  • Create Your Catalog: Whether you are a service provider or have many products to sell, you can create a catalog on WhatsApp of the things you offer.
  • Send Broadcast Messages To Group Of Customers: For now, WhatsApp has a limitation to add 256 recipients to a WhatsApp broadcast messaging list. However, the limit of adding people is expected to grow since WhatsApp is working on that. However, the primary purpose of this feature is to send a message to 256 recipients at a time without each of them knowing about the other recipients.

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Should You Start Using WhatsApp Business?

If we have to answer the question of whether or not you must use WhatsApp Business, we would say every business must start using WhatsApp business since the app has a large user base and allows any business to connect to a vast audience without spending a dime. The number of active monthly users of WhatsApp itself is pretty tempting for most businesses to jump on board with WhatsApp Business. But before you download the app and start using the Business account, you must know about the most lucrative benefits of using the WhatsApp Business account.

It Is Already A Popular Messaging App: The number is so impressive that we mention it over Andover again. Over 2,000,000 people are using WhatsApp, making the app market leader in the instant messaging app industry. Furthermore, the app is available in more than 180 countries, and almost every generation is now using WhatsApp to communicate with each other.

The immense popularity of WhatsApp is because it is a completely free messaging app that replaces phone calls and SMS. And the only need for a phone number is to get started with the app. In short, there are no barriers for the end-users; therefore, if you decide to use a WhatsApp Business account to reach your target audience, your audience is already there.

You Can Reach People Anytime And Anywhere: WhatsApp Business account is an instant communication channel that facilitates real-time conversation with anyone you want. While people often forget to check emails, they usually check incoming WhatsApp messages immediately. And since WhatsApp is a mobile application, people can check messages on the go. Data shows that over 80% of WhatsApp messages are read in the first 5 minutes of sending. WhatsApp messages have a 98% open rate and up to 60% click rate. And therefore, you get a much larger time to send marketing messages.

It Is A Private And Personalised Way Of Communication: Nowadays, consumers want personalized and tailored customer service. WhatsApp Business account makes it easier to send personal credentials, order updates, and other details alongside assisting your consumers in a safe, one-on-one chat window. Moreover, you can ask questions and recommend products through your WhatsApp business account. On the other hand, when you use WhatsApp business API, you can connect with your CRM, which enables you to use customer insights and customize your communication.

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It Is Secure And Trustworthy: All the conversations on the WhatsApp Business account are end-to-end encrypted. This means it is secure enough to exchange sensitive information like passwords. Also, WhatsApp Business accounts undergo requisite authentication to give its users peace of mind. This applies to WhatsApp Business API as well. You can also apply for WhatsApp green tick or official account symbol to provide extra reassurance to your target audience.

You Can Share Diverse And Interactive Content Formats: One of the most commendable benefits of using the WhatsApp Business app is sending a wide range of formats while sharing content with your target audience and customers. You can share images, videos, and documents and also can share links. In addition, WhatsApp messages can be as long as 1000 characters, which makes WhatsApp Business almost equal to email marketing, where you can tell as much as you want.

It Facilitates 2-Way Communication: Another advantage of using a WhatsApp Business account is that you can receive incoming messages from your customers. When your customers proactively reach out to your brand when they need support, the communication builds up quickly, and you also raise your chance of attaining and retaining your customers.

It Adds Value To Your Multi-Channel Strategy: WhatsApp is a practical and easy way to expand your multi-channel strategy and increase customer engagement since you can answer to queries take orders, resolve problems and update while running different marketing campaigns via WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp Business API enables using one business account on multiple devices and by multiple users. This way, you can grow your customer support using the WhatsApp business.

You Can Reach International Audiences: Most applications that rely on phone numbers are tricky. Thankfully WhatsApp makes it easy for businesses to reach people regardless of their country code. The app is free to message people across the globe from the same account.

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You Can Collect Subscribers Using QR Codes: In recent times, QR codes have gained immense popularity, and nowadays, more and more people are getting familiar with them. To target your potential customers online, you can attract them using QR codes. For example, if you are marketing through printed collaterals, we can encourage your target audience to scan a QR code to keep in touch with you through WhatsApp messaging. That is an excellent link-building tactic.

How To Verify Your WhatsApp Business Account?

You know all the benefits you can get from a WhatsApp Business account. But as we mentioned, a WhatsApp business account with green tick verification adds an extra layer of reassurance that your brand is authentic. Therefore it attracts more and more customers to connect with your brand. WhatsApp green tick is like a badge that appears along with your profile, and you receive the green tick once your business profile is successfully verified by WhatsApp.

The Benefits Of Having A WhatsApp Verified Business Account Is:

  • It reduces the chance of your number getting blocked by your customers.
  • It increases the read rate of your messages and helps you achieve higher ROI on your marketing costs.
  • Your customers can see your name even when your number is not saved on their mobile phones.
  • It becomes an integral part of your overall branding strategy.

How To Get WhatsApp Green Tick?

The first step of getting a WhatsApp green tick is to complete your WhatsApp Business account verification process. Since WhatsApp is exploring more and more ways to connect with businesses that matter to their customers, getting a WhatsApp green tick is not an impossible task.

The requirements for applying for a WhatsApp green tick are:

  • You have to use a WhatsApp Business API account with Facebook business verification.
  • Your account must enable 2 step authentication and must be a business since individual businesses are currently not allowed for WhatsApp business API.
  • You must be a Tier-2 or above messaging level.
  • Your business must have organic PR and not paid PR.

So if you have a WhatsApp Business API account, a registered business, and press coverage, you can apply for WhatsApp green tick verification with the help of any API provider.

What Is The Cost Involved With Applying For WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

No cost is involved in applying for a green tick badge on WhatsApp. However, the API provider may charge you a nominal fee for applying on your behalf.

However, one more thing that we want to bring to your notice is that not every business or industry is eligible for the WhatsApp green tick badge. WhatsApp does not allow specific industries to get the green tick verified. And the business operating in those industries cannot apply for WhatsApp API. WhatsApp typically rejects applications from industries including:

  • Adult services and products
  • Alcohol brands
  • Dating services
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Gambling businesses
  • Medical and healthcare products
  • Weapon businesses

How To Increase The Chance Of Getting Green Tick Verified?

In our years of reading about different brands and marketing strategies, we have noticed that your business has at least 3 to 5 PR articles written about your business can increase the chance of your WhatsApp Business account getting verified. 

The Benefits Of WhatsApp Business API

Since it is mandatory to have a WhatsApp Business API account to achieve the green tick badge beside your name, you probably are thinking, is it worth getting a WhatsApp Business API? No, not only for getting a green tick verification, but WhatsApp Business API is beneficial in many other ways. Below are 3 reasons why WhatsApp Business API is mandatory for your business to gain a competitive advantage:

It Facilitates Interactive Communication: With a WhatsApp Business API, businesses can develop engaging content that takes them one step closer to their customers. Businesses that use WhatsApp Business API can send messages with numerous interactive features alongside the features of a WhatsApp Business account, such as including display pictures, status, stories, and more. With just one API, your business can enhance your messaging with different media types such as text, images, audio, contacts, location, templates, and documents. Moreover, with WhatsApp Business API, your business can send messages through desktops, mobile phones, and other devices. As a result, your brand can stay connected with your customers anytime from anywhere.

It Strengthens Your Customer Base: Every brand is trying to build a strong relationship with its customers through every type of messaging possible. WhatsApp makes the communication process a lot easier by providing a secure and closed platform through which a brand can enable one on one communication with its customers. In addition, when you connect with the customers on a platform they are familiar with, you gain the added benefit.

It’s A Standard Application: Traditional communication channels such as SMS and email are long lost since consumers don’t want to access different messaging applications for different types of communications. Therefore when you connect with your customers through a WhatsApp Business account, it becomes easy for them to connect with your brand since they are not needing any other business channel.

What Is The Best WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp API offers a wide range of feature-rich solutions to businesses to sell their products and services on WhatsApp. This is probably one of the most sought-after solutions in the current time since WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to assign many support agents while using one number linked to a profile.

But the question is how to get a WhatsApp business API. The top 5 WhatsApp business API providers are:

  • BootSpace
  • Zoko
  • Twilio
  • WATI
  • Cabell

You can reach out to each of the WhatsApp Business API providers and try to know what they offer you.



WhatsApp is the world’s number one social channel transforming how brands engage with customers. Since 2009 WhatsApp has helped revolutionize the way of communication, and right now, it has more than 2 billion active monthly users with availability in 180 countries. Every day, 100 million messages are being transferred globally; that is how WhatsApp is outperforming all the other social channels. Now since WhatsApp is becoming a key channel of communication for brands and being a part of their audiences’ daily lives, you also must resonate with your customer’s demands and start using WhatsApp Business accounts to enhance their digital experiences. I hope this article helped provide information regarding the WhatsApp Business account and how to verify your WhatsApp Business account. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions.