How to Use WhatsApp on Computer

WhatsApp on Computer
WhatsApp on Computer

WhatsApp is the most popularly used messaging platform right now with more 1 billion active users worldwide. The best thing about Whatsapp is it not only allows you to convey the messages but also it allows you to share images, videos, files, etc. You don’t have to worry about the message delivery like in the Normal SMS. Whatsapp will deliver your messages instantly if the opponent has Active data or Wi-Fi. Now, Good News is we can use Whatsapp Messenger application now even on our PC or Laptop. It will be very useful when we have issues with our smartphone. So in this article, we are going see How to install and use Whatsapp on Computer or Laptop with step by step instructions.

WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop

If you frequently use WhatsApp, you’ve probably heard of its web client and desktop version and are thinking of using them. But how are WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop App different from each other? And which one should you use? We’ve created this guide to help you answer these questions and choose the right program to use.

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What is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp on Computer
WhatsApp on Computer

WhatsApp Web is the web client of the popular messaging service. Introduced in January 2015, it opens in your web browser and acts as an extension of your phone. Basically, it mirrors your mobile device, so all the messages and conversations that are stored in your mobile WhatsApp application will be also reflected in WhatsApp Web.

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What is WhatsApp Desktop?

WhatsApp on Computer
WhatsApp on Computer

WhatsApp Desktop App was introduced in May 2016 and is the desktop version of the mobile WhatsApp application. It’s similar to WhatsApp Web in that it’s designed to be an extension of your mobile device and reflects the WhatsApp messages and conversation that you have on your phone. What makes it different is that you need to download WhatsApp Desktop App instead of opening it in your computer’s web browser.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp On Computer?

WhatsApp on Computer
WhatsApp on Computer

“Why should I use these programs when I got WhatsApp on my phone?” you might wonder. Well, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop App are created to let you chat with your friends on WhatsApp on your PC or Mac — even while your phone stays in your pocket. It’s a great thing to have if you work in an office that doesn’t allow you to use your phone during work hours. It’s also useful if you’re working on a project that’s almost due; since you can communicate with coworkers without having to pull up your phone, you can focus on what you’re doing and get your project done ASAP.

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How Can You Use Both WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop?

To use WhatsApp Web, go to on your web browser. You’ll see a QR code on the page; open WhatsApp on your mobile phone and use it to scan the QR code. Doing this allows you to pair your phone with your desktop computer and use WhatsApp Web. Once they’re paired, you can go ahead and use the web client.

To use WhatsApp Desktop App, go to to download the application. Take a note that’s compatible with PCs that are running on Windows 8 and higher (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions) as well as with Mac computers running Mac OS X 10.9 and higher. Once the app has been installed, open it and look for a QR code. Scan it using the WhatsApp application in your phone to connect your phone with your computer and start using WhatsApp Desktop App.

Your phone has to be on and connected to the internet before you can use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop App.

WhatsApp Web vs. WhatsApp Desktop App: Which Is Better?

Both programs have similar capabilities; in fact, many people have noticed that the WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop App have basically the same features and functions. However, WhatsApp Desktop App is slightly better; since it’s a native desktop application, it provides you with more support in terms of desktop notifications and keyboard shortcuts. Since it’s separate from your web browser, you don’t have to log back into WhatsApp every time you close Firefox or Google Chrome.

How to Use WhatsApp On Computer

Typing long messages or holding multiple WhatsApp conversations on your smartphone is possible, but there are times when typing away on a full keyboard and viewing messages on a full-size computer screen would be better.

WhatsApp on Computer
WhatsApp on Computer

WhatsApp offers two different solutions for using its service on a computer: WhatsApp Web or desktop apps for Windows and OS X.

Requirements for Using WhatsApp on Computer

According to WhatsApp’s support page, you can use either WhatsApp product (Web or desktop app) if your phone is one of the following:

  • Android
  • iOS 8.1 and above
  • Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1
  • Nokia S60, Nokia S40 EVO
  • BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10

When you’re using WhatsApp on a computer, your phone will still need to have a data or Wi-Fi connection. That’s because the platform essentially mirrors the app on your smartphone. So if for example, you’re traveling in another country and your phone doesn’t have a connection, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp on another device.

How To Set Up WhatsApp Web

  1. Using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge, head to
  2. You’ll see a QR code for you to scan with the WhatsApp phone app. Just below the code, you’ll see instructions to help you find that scanning option on the app. For example, in the iOS app, tap Settings, then WhatsApp Web.
  3. After you scan the code, you’ll be able to see your WhatsApp messages on your phone and in the browser. You won’t need a Wi-Fi connection for your phone, but WhatsApp recommends connecting over Wi-Fi to avoid using too much mobile data.

The WhatsApp Web layout mirrors the mobile experience, just on a larger scale. You can still send emojis, GIFs, photos and voice notes, view your contact list and receive notifications on the computer.

How to Set Up WhatsApp’s Desktop App

Setting up the desktop app is similar to setting up WhatsApp Web, but with one exception — you need to download and install the application first.

  1. Download the Mac or Windows version of the app from
  2. Mac users will need to unzip the file, then move WhatsApp to the Applications folder.
  3. Windows users will need to run the EXE file and follow the prompts.
  4. When the app launches, you’ll see a QR code for you to scan with the WhatsApp phone app. Just below the code, you’ll see directions to help you find that scanning option on the app. For example, in the iOS app, tap Settings, then WhatsApp Web.
  5. After you scan the code, you’ll be able to see your WhatsApp messages on your phone and in the browser. You won’t need a Wi-Fi connection for your phone, but WhatsApp recommends connecting over Wi-Fi to avoid using too much mobile data.

The layout of WhatsApp’s desktop apps mirrors the Web and mobile experience. You can still send emojis, photos and voice notes, view your contact list and receive notifications on the computer.

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Security Concerns of Using WhatsApp on Computer

Once the app is installed or you’re logged in to the Web interface, anyone with access to your computer can view your WhatsApp conversations as long as you’re logged in. If your computer is password-protected, that’s probably not a big deal. But if you use WhatsApp Web from a public computer, sign out when you’re finished. You can do that by clicking on the three-dot menu icon and selecting Log out.

If you forget to log out of WhatsApp Web on a computer that’s not yours, or you suspect someone has accessed your account, you can log out of all active sessions by visiting the same settings page you used to scan the QR Code. Again, on iOS, you can tap Settings then WhatsApp Web.

Advantages of Using WhatsApp on Computer

The web version of WhatsApp is really useful and we are going to explain here few of the important advantages of using WhatsApp on a computer.

WhatsApp on Computer
WhatsApp on Computer

You Can Write With a Real Keyboard

It is much more comfortable to write with a computer keyboard than from the screen of my mobile. In a physical keyboard, you have more space and it is easier to write fast than with the on-screen keyboard. Although there are really fast people writing on their mobile, everything has to be said.

Copy and Paste Links You See from the Computer to Other People

In my case, and in the case of many of those around me, I use the laptop much more than the smartphone to surf the internet. There are times when you find an interesting article or news that you know will please a certain person. So I copy the link, open WhatsApp Web and I send it to that contact. It’s faster than passing the link to the mobile and then sending it via WhatsApp mobile app.

You Can Use Whatsapp While the Mobile Is Charging More Comfortably

The battery of our smartphone is not infinite. If we give him a lot of use, there is a moment when he finishes and he has to put it to load. During that time, it is really uncomfortable to use the mobile. Yes, it is true that you can also rest a bit of using the mobile, but there are times when you are talking about something important at the time that your mobile decides to want to shut down for lack of battery.

If you connect the mobile to the charger and you have WhatsApp Web, you can follow the conversation from your computer while your mobile is charging.

It’s A Double-Edged Sword, It Can Boost Your Productivity As well As Make You Procrastinate

WhatsApp Web can help you greatly improve your productivity. For example, if someone is explaining something to you by messages or if you are organizing parts of a project. But if your group already leaves they get to talk about staying. It’s hard not to get in and lose a little (a lot) time.

You Do Not Need To Install an Application to Use It and You Can Put It on Any Computer

One of the main advantages of WhatsApp is that it is multiplatform in its own way. Through a web page, you can connect to your device to ‘intercept’ messages and bring WhatsApp to the desktop. You pick up your computer, open a tab with WhatsApp Web, scan the QR and go. If you’re not on your computer, it’s as easy as opening an incognito tab and doing the same.

You Can Have Whatsapp on Your Tablet and Your Mobile at The Same Time

Being a client that works by using a browser, you can also use WhatsApp from your tablet. You do the same thing as on a PC. Open your browser, enter WhatsApp Web, and link your smartphone with the browser with the QR and go. You can now answer your messages with your tablet.

Limitations of Using WhatsApp on a Computer

  • iOS devices are not supported. Unfortunately, iPhone users cannot reap the benefits of this service because of “Apple platform limitations.
  • WhatsApp on the desktop shows all the conversation going on the mobile app until PC is connected to the internet.
  • When your mobile phone battery dies or it is switched off, WhatsApp web will not work.
  • Not compatible with all browsers except Google Chrome browser.
  • On the WhatsApp web client, only text messages can be sent not multimedia messages.
  • You can neither edit your profile nor delete the conversation from the desktop app as you do with mobile WhatsApp.

Are you ready to use WhatsApp on the computer? Follow all the instructions provided in this article and take your messaging skills to the next level! Stay tuned with BulkQ for more details! Subscribe us to receive instant notifications and FREE alerts!