How to Use WeChat for Business?

WeChat for Business
WeChat for Business

Most of us believe that mobile instant messaging (MIM) is the next big thing in digital media. However, many marketers may find it challenging to figure out the best possible ways to engage their customers through MIM.  With the release of WeChat for Business in 2011, even small companies are now emerging as major market competitors.

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With more than 300 million users, the mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service supports text and video chat, video calling, photo/video and location sharing, discovering new people, broadcasting messages, group messages and photo sharing. Many marketers find it a unique way to engage their customers and fans of their brands.

Importance of WeChat for Your Business

WeChat for Business
WeChat for Business

Use Verified Accounts

Individuals can follow verified brand accounts by either getting a member of their WeChat network to share their account or scanning a QR Code.

High quality creative content is the key to attract audiences. The verified account allows a brand to post rich media content including audio messages, videos, photos and text to followers of their WeChat stream.

Use Membership Functions to Convert Followers

WeChat enrollment capacities can really change over your adherents into individuals. The capacities make dependability programs where people can utilize their geo-limited enrollment cards to combine up with clients by their WeChat ID or telephone number. This enables brands to adjust their showcasing substance and feature deals advancements to a specific area of purchasers.

There are three average approaches to apply WeChat into your showcasing exercises:

  • Issuing a virtual VIP card.
  • Sending limited time special notices.
  • Delivering e-coupons.

To start business communications with your clients an appreciated message is a significant advance, particularly for novices. You can likewise make inquiries to change over request to a few arrangements of recommended answers. To react effectively to your clients, you can utilize five kinds of substance including, sound, visual, video and + visual. In addition, you can also choose to respond with a URL of a mobile-friendly site. Most importantly, the conversation remains confidential between you and your fans unless you or your fans wish to spread it out.

Use WeChat QR Codes to Promote Your Brand

You can effectively change over fans through different means. One such means is to make your image’s QR Code highlighted in all purpose of procurement materials. Continuously give your purchasers motivation to check your QR code. A couple of promptings, for example, top up advancement for a buy, rebates, fortunate draws, keepsakes or a free Wi-Fi pass code are constantly valued.

Also, including your QR code you’re bundling is another incredible option. The best strategies to consider are to either highlight your image’s WeChat QR code on your Weibo page or advance your WeChat exercises through divider presents on catch the eye of groups of onlookers.

Share Your Brand Images

Brands can stand out enough to be noticed by showing their logos on the endorsers’ close to home pages. This permits mark adherents an approach to flaunt their own tastes and inclinations and you can pick regardless of whether to grandstand your logo.

Incentivize to Entice Followers

WeChat’s API enables you to incorporate the administrations into portable applications to allure devotees. In any case, customers who take after a business on WeChat ought to be given an inspiration to join. Offer prizes, POS advancements, pictures or stimulation to improve your change rate.

Create a Mini Website

Aside from discussion in view of talks, WeChat empowers brands to set up a full smaller than expected site to finish their image understanding. This site can be partitioned into two-level menus which can fill in as a progression of advertising purposes. These two-level interfacing menus are an imperative apparatus to better oversee connection with your fans. This can be set up on the WeChat account board or with the assistance of outsider administrations.

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What are WeChat Official Accounts?

WeChat for Business
WeChat for Business

WeChat Official Accounts are the WeChat equivalent of a Facebook page: they are an interface a brand can use to:

  • Gather followers
  • Send them push-notifications
  • Redirect them to a website/e-commerce

Most WeChat Official Accounts appear in the “Chat” section of WeChat. This is the section of WeChat which is most similar to WhatsApp / Messenger. Upon sending notifications, WeChat Official Accounts are brought to the top (we’ll see nuances about this topic in the section regarding different types of accounts)

Users can then open the account to access a conversation interface where they can either click on push notifications or access information through the bottom menu interface.

Which WeChat Official Account Suits You Best?

WeChat for Business
WeChat for Business

WeChat now has 3 types of official accounts. They are:

  • Subscription Accounts
  • Service Accounts
  • Corporate Accounts

Before registering your WeChat official account, take a moment to think about your needs and goals.

Subscription Accounts

WeChat subscription accounts focus on information and brand communication. They’re like another media channel. Subscription accounts can publish once a day and can only publish 1-6 articles each time. All updates are sent to the users’ subscription folder and users do not receive push notifications.

Subscription accounts are the only official account type open to individuals such as bloggers, writers or celebrities, which are the best choice for individuals, media and brands that are content based or information-orientated.

Service Accounts

WeChat service accounts provide stronger support for customer service and CRM. They are also sales-oriented in that verified service accounts can apply for WeChat Pay functions and open a WeChat Store. After verification, service accounts are also allowed access to APIs that enable them to build additional apps and functions such as an Instant Customer Service app or GPS apps that help customers find their offline locations.

When posts are published, service account articles appear in followers’ chat lists as push notifications and are more visible. On the other hand, in order not to annoy or spam users, the posting frequency is lower than a subscription account. A service account can publish only 4 times per month, with 1-6 articles each time.

Service accounts are most suitable for industries with a mass audience or with large customer databases, such as banks, airlines and hotels. Sales-oriented brands that don’t need frequent publishing are also well-suited to service accounts.

Corporate Accounts

While subscription accounts and service accounts target external markets, WeChat corporate accounts are specialized for internal communication and management. They’re not open to the public. Users must be verified internal staff to follow a corporate account.

With third-party APIs, corporate accounts can reach diverse internal management functions, from establishing corporate contact lists, internal resource sharing to supply chain management and mobile offices.

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Top WeChat Features

WeChat for Business
WeChat for Business

Massive Audience Base

With about 500 million Chinese users and 100 million others across the globe, WeChat continues to expand at a phenomenal rate. It’s already the optimal medium for reaching Chinese or Asian-American consumers, and that audience will only grow as the platform’s popularity continues to spread.

All-in-One System

While most apps are self-contained, WeChat has the flexibility to connect to 85,000 other apps. It has been building a business ecosystem, allowing third-party companies to develop functions and services within WeChat to expand its market base even further.

Reach Beyond Social

WeChat isn’t just a social app; it’s a lifestyle app. A user can still connect with friends and family–or reach out to potential customers–but he can also order a taxi, pay his utility bill, buy a plane ticket, split the dinner check, and invest in a new stock. There’s almost no limit to what a user can do without ever closing the app.

Wallet Replacement

The WeChat Wallet lets user’s link bank accounts and cards to their WeChat accounts to make both online and offline purchases. This also allows users to make purchases quickly and easily right from the app. This helps businesses that advertise through the platform, cutting out the extra steps between viewing an ad and landing a sale.

Communication Enhancement

WeChat not only comes with standard communication features like free calling, text messaging, and video chat, but it also offers a popular “Hold To Talk” feature that makes messaging a breeze. All users have to do is select a contact, press the button, and speak. When the user releases the button, the message sends.


In addition to its robust suite of lifestyle features, WeChat partners with advertisers and entertainment venues to offer an interactive component to users. To use the popular Shake feature, a user simply has to shake his phone. This allows users to find someone nearby who is also using Shake, participate in a brand promotion, or interact with a nearby event

Advertising Integration

WeChat’s social component, called Moments, operates similarly to Facebook’s Timeline. The app recently partnered with BMW and Coca-Cola to begin integrating advertisements in users’ news feeds, joining the many companies already interacting with their customers by sharing news and providing customer service right through the app.

Public Accounts

Many renowned brands have set up official public accounts on WeChat, allowing them to communicate with their audiences by sharing news feeds and providing customer service through the app.

After the grand opening of Burberry’s flagship Shanghai store, followers were able to take an interactive panoramic tour of the event, including videos embedded within the interactive 360-degree exploration tool.

Reasons Why WeChat is better than WhatsApp

WeChat for Business
WeChat for Business

Group Messaging

Group Messaging on Whatsapp is restricted to just 30 members. On WeChat however, you have the option of adding up to 40 members.

Find Around You!

You can find Wechat users around you on the base of your location. Go to Social>Look Around! Even you can find on the basis of Gender too!! go to Options and choose View Male/Female.

Hold to Talk

This is the awesome feature introduced the first time. It’s like walky-talky. You just hold the button, speaks the message and it’s gone!! Don’t confuse it with Voice typing. It doesn’t type your message and just sends your Voice to your friend.

Animated Emoticons

When we first used WhatsApp, we awed by the number of emoticons we could choose from. There were even icons of cars, buildings, animals and hand gestures! But WeChat has raised the bar: their emoticons move. In fact, they’ve more, makes WhatsApp look almost old-fashioned.

Doesn’t Require You to Expose Your Contact Number

WeChat has a social add-on that works like Facebook + Instagram, but it can only be viewed on a smartphone. And that gives you the option to merely show a username instead of a contact number. It may seem like a small issue, but with the Internet becoming scarier every passing day, masking your contact number to total strangers is always a good add-on.

Shake and Get New Friend Feature

Another fun feature is the Shake Feature. Users can just activate the feature and proceed to shake their phone. As they do that, if there’s anyone else anywhere in the world shaking their phones at that instant, their names will pop up on your list! Connect and start chatting!

Get WebChat

This we think is the coolest feature ever! In office and can’t keep juggling between your PC and your phone? Don’t bother. Get WeChat on your PC! Simply log into the profile through your PC and continue your conversations. While a back-up is a conversation is created on your phone, all records deleted from your system.

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More Features about WeChat

WeChat for Business
WeChat for Business

WeChat is the informing application for the individuals who need to accomplish something beyond send their companions a content. The stage enables clients to play diversions with companions, contend in wellness challenges utilizing WeRun-WeChat, and companions can even send energized stickers to additionally express how they feel or emphasize a point. The most recent refresh to iOS accompanies Apple Music and iTunes support to share melodies. Clients can likewise share and view photographs in the “Occasions” segment, which is like Facebook’s News Feed.

Clients can send instant messages with gatherings of up to 500 individuals, and additionally make voice and video calls, and send recordings and pictures. There are numerous approaches to include contacts, for example, sending an email, content or through internet based life like Facebook and LinkedIn, filtering a contact’s QR code, including official records and utilizing “Companions Radar” to discover adjacent companions. Clients can accomplish something beyond talk on this application, since there are gaming, shopping and even electronic installment highlights, in spite of the fact that the last two are just accessible in China.

Make Use of WeChat Marketing for Your Business!

WeChat for Business
WeChat for Business

Now many top companies are opting to use WeChat marketing as one of their marketing tools. Stay tuned with BulkQ to know more on WeChat Marketing tips & tricks!