How to use Telegram for marketing?

Telegram Marketing

Many businesses waste their time with the wrong marketing tools and wait for those tools to bring them results. On the other hand, intelligent business owners harness those moments to grow their businesses. How? By leveraging mobile marketing apps to drive their business from anywhere to wherever they desire.

Yes, there are many marketing apps on our phones without us knowing about their potential. And when you use those tools strategically, you can improve your business on the go. The best part of using mobile applications as marketing tools is that you can share, optimize, connect, and engage your audience while reaching to office, waiting in a line for your coffee or even spending your sweet time in the washroom.

And there is nothing cliche about going wholly crazy and nosy about your marketing since it is anyway better than wasting time trying to grow your business using fancy and nonfunctional marketing strategies and tools.

In this article, we will not talk about all the mobile applications you can use as potent marketing tools, but just one- Telegram.

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Telegram is a spectacular marketing app that can help you to tap and swipe your way to success without considering expensive à la carte menus given by expensive marketing agencies. Plus, all the features available in Telegram today are bound to make you fall in love with it. Let’s dive deep into knowing the Telegram app better to discover its usefulness for your next marketing strategy.

The Most Stunning Features Of Telegram That Make It A Useable Tool For Marketing

Superficially Telegram is just like any other messaging application like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. But alongside making it possible to communicate with others, this messaging app is renowned for its privacy and security.

Telegram can be downloaded in any operating system, and the app’s interface makes it completely user-friendly. There are over 700 million monthly active users on Telegram, which is more like a blueprint of the fact that Telegram is a popular messaging application. It is among the top five most downloaded mobile apps worldwide as of June 2022.

Telegram was founded in 2013 in London, United Kingdom, by the brothers Pavel Durov and Nikolai. This duo is also the founder of the Russian social network VK, which the government took over in 2014.

If history is to be believed, the brothers were born into a family of intellectuals. Their wisdom reflects through the features they have developed for Telegram to make it a phenomenal mobile application of all time.

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It’s Cloud-Based

Whether using Telegram for personal use, for a small business or for a Fortune 500 company, data loss is a massive problem for all of us. Thanks to the creators of Telegram for making it a cloud-based solution enabling online storage of photos, videos, text, music and other documents that are exchanged through the application.

While the application gives you adequate space to store all valuable media on the cloud on your phone, the app requires very little storage, making it significantly less likely to get deleted, even by people who face common storage issues on their phones. Since it is a very lightweight app that does not interrupt the performance of your mobile, you, as a marketer, can pay attention and take full advantage of Telegram. Lastly, using cloud-based technology makes Telegram accessible from different devices, mobiles or computers.

It Has Strong Safety Features

Security is a matter of consideration while exchanging messages and media on the internet. And the developers of Telegram know that better. That is why they made Telegram to provide complete privacy and reliable encryption.

There is double-layered encryption in Telegram which means that server-client encryption is that applied in every chat. Additionally, if you use the secret chat feature of the application, an additional client-client layer is incorporated.

One more feature in Telegram comes under this safety criterion- a self-destructive messaging option for viewed messages. You can set the timer for auto deletion for one minute to one week after the moment the receiver opens the message you sent. Additionally, the message you share with others is only available to be read through the receiver’s phone because those messages are not stored in the cloud.

It Facilitates Creating A Channel

Undoubtedly it is one of the most prominent features of Telegram that allows you to create your channel for sending messages and information to a broad group of users. You, as an administrator, can rule the channel and send messages. If necessary, you can also assign additional administrators for the same.

Once you enable that administrator-only feature to write posts or messages, your subscribers will not get permission. And when you, as an administrator, post a piece of content, it will be conveyed by the name of your channel.

Telegram also has an additional feature to make those channels private and public. And you can also share the permanent URL of those channels with potential subscribers to include people in your group list. If you have a public channel, your users will not need to take permission to join, whereas to enter a private channel, the user request needs to be accepted by an administrator.

Isn’t it pretty evident that Telegram allows you to control your audience completely and avoid leaking important information?

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It Has A Bot

A chatbot is quite common nowadays. But a messaging application having a bot is a deal. The Telegram bot allows operating an account using special software rather than a human. The process is simple and advantageous if you want to create a bot on Telegram.

Though the Telegram application provides step-by-step instructions on creating a Telegram bot, relying on someone with programming skills is always suggested to complete the process quickly. The only reason bots are so helpful is that they reduce the number of human errors. Many unique options include scheduling, reminding, and integration with other services. Besides, integrating the Telegram bot decreases the need to hire additional humans for your marketing, operation, and business segments.

It Enables Transferring Money

There is a money transfer feature in Telegram. However, Brazil and Russia are the only countries using the feature. But since the feature is there, it is expected to grow much broader with time for having a high level of security and cloud storage Telegram is a good application for money transfers. Money Talks is the bot pre-installed within the application allowing users to send money to each other. You can look for the money transfer feature if you have an online store. But again, the feature is not yet widely available.

How To Use Telegram For Business?

If you started reading this article to know how to use Telegram for business, we have another surprise for you. Just like WhatsApp business, a Telegram business account exists that allows you to create a Telegram bot to chat with your customers and make the most of your business account for Telegram.

Since around 65% of customers prefer communicating with a business over instant messaging applications rather than phone calls or emails, using Telegram for business can bring multiple benefits.

Since privacy and security are crucial drivers of Telegram’s popularity, Telegram can be leveraged to interact with customers at scale. And best of all, there is no limit to the number of devices one Telegram account can be connected to and used simultaneously. Therefore, all the chats can be synced in real-time across all devices without any restriction on the content type.

Europe, Asia, Africa, and America are the regions where the trend of steady downloads of Telegram is continuing even in 2022. India is Telegram’s most extensive user base, with over 120 million active users monthly as of September 2022.

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To use Telegram for business, you need to create a branded Telegram account to run e-commerce services, chat with customers and more. However, like an API, there is a limitation in using Telegram for business. For the same, it needs to be connected to a messaging inbox to send and receive messages.

How To Install Telegram On Your Phone And Desktop?

Installing Telegram On Your Desktop Or Laptop

If you want to install Telegram on your desktop or laptop, you don’t require any other software to use it. You can download and install the Telegram desktop application and start using the app on your PC.

Here is a step-by-step guide on installing Telegram on your pc or laptop.

  • First, search for the Telegram app on Google and tap on the first link. You can open the link on your preferred browser but remember that to download the desktop application, you must visit the official site of Telegram.
  • You will see four options appearing in front of you, giving you a choice of different screens, such as Telegram for android, iPhone/iPad, macOS and PC/Mac/Linux. If you are using a laptop or desktop with a Windows application, you need to choose the PC/Mac/Linux option, and if you are using a MacBook, you have to select Telegram for macOS.
  • The next thing you need to do is to tap on the button that arrives on the screen written “get Telegram for windows” in case of a Windows PC, or “get Telegram for mac” in case you are using a MacBook.
  • The executable file will automatically be downloaded to your computer. You have to wait for a while for the download to get completed. Once done, you can click on the file and complete a few more steps that will appear in pop-ups during the file launch. You might need to choose your preferred language, choose an installation location, browse a folder in your PC etc., to download and install the file.
  • After you tactfully choose all the suitable options, the app will be ready to use. You can also create a program shortcut to make Telegram easy to use for yourself.

Installing Telegram On Your Mobile

  • Downloading Telegram on your mobile is probably the easiest thing you will learn today. This messaging application is available in the Google play store and apple store to be downloaded for free and can be used on all operating systems, alongside on different devices.
  • To download Telegram on your mobile phone, tap on the app store or google play store by typing “Telegram” in the search bar.
  • Tap on that Telegram application and then the “get” button in the case of the apple store and the “install” button in the case of android.
  • Once the app is downloaded, you can go ahead with using the application. 

Why Must You Start Using Telegram For Your Marketing?

When it is hard to decide whether Telegram is helpful for your business, the best way to fix it is to know about its benefits. The growing popularity of Telegram allows marketers to enjoy many advantages, such as:

Keeping Their Audience Informed: With the Telegram channel, it is possible to stay connected with the audience of a business. Whether the challenge is public or private, your business can invite current and potential customers to join. And you can share photos, videos and other types of media related to your products and services to tell the subscribers about the history of your brand, introduce your vendible merchandise and introduce your team. You can also notify the subscribers about any upcoming offers or sales.

Better Communicating With Their Customers: Telegram is a messaging application allowing you to interact with people. You can interact with your customers directly using Telegram if you are a business. There is a Telegram group chat option where you can communicate with your audience, and even your group members can interact with each other. However, suppose you want to be the sole controller of that channel and don’t want to allow others to communicate in the group. In that case, you can limit the freedom of messaging to the administrator only. You can also add more administrators to manage the group efficiently.

A Telegram group helps you stay connected with your loyal customers and generate new leads by answering questions from potential customers about your products or services. Telegram groups bring an excellent opportunity to develop communities.

Supporting Customers 24/7: Telegram has a chatbot feature that comes into play when brands want to keep their customers insensibly. A chatbot is like an online assistant that your business can use to streamline daily tasks. From handling orders and answering FAQs to consulting clients, a chatbot is available 24/7. You can engage your customer support team to resolve more complicated issues.

It is easy to create a chatbot on Telegram without any technical skills. However, you can also reach out to someone with programming skills to avoid glitches.

Driving Traffic To The Website: You can invite your customers to check your landing pages and website by sharing the links. You can also generate customer reviews through the same process. This way, you can increase traffic to your business site.

Increasing User Engagement: Through Telegram polls, you can quickly increase user engagement. Creating a poll with multiple answers will help you know your customers’ opinions about your services and products. You can also create a quiz and explain why a user chose the wrong variant. It is an excellent way of educating your customers. 

What Is The Best Strategy For Telegram Marketing?

The future of Telegram marketing is bright. With a large user base, it is easy for any business to reach more people since every day, the number of active users on the Telegram platform is increasing. More companies and individuals recognise the value of Telegram, and that is how the application’s popularity continues to grow. And here is a list of a few strategies that you can try in Telegram marketing:

Creating A Promotion Channel:

Creating a promotion channel is the best place to start your Telegram marketing strategy. This will allow you to connect with your audience and help you streamline your marketing overall. To create a Telegram channel, you need to have an account on Telegram, whether you have downloaded the app on a mobile or computer. You can create promotional content and ask questions about your products or services in the channel. You can also recommend your business website in your Telegram account profile section.

Creating A Telegram Group:

Creating a group in Telegram is another effective strategy that you can consider in marketing. If your audience uses Telegram, it will be much easier for you to integrate with them through a group. The advantage of creating a group is starting a long-lasting conversation with your audience. If you want to create a Telegram group through other channels, you need to contact the administrators of those channels and ask if you can use the channel for your business. If your request is granted, you can take control of the channel and post content that interacts with your users.

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Creating A Telegram Bot:

Telegram bot is one of the most effective marketing strategies leveraging artificial intelligence to automate the creation and distribution of content. You can create and distribute helpful information about your products and services using the technology. If you are already on Twitter, creating a Telegram bot will help you leverage its capabilities within other messaging platforms.

Telegram View Advertising:

It is one of the effective marketing strategies for your business, although you must put a lot of time and effort into it. The Telegram Ad strategy refers to creating ads distributed through Telegram groups to drive more traffic to your website and social media channels.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is quite trending right now, and you can also use this strategy to augment your Telegram promotion channels. This method can help you reach out to influential people on Telegram, such as celebrities, bloggers and other thought leaders, to enhance your marketing efforts.

Some FAQs Regarding Telegram For Marketing

Can Telegram Be Used For Business?

Unlike the WhatsApp Business app, you cannot expect to have a Telegram business app dedicatedly created for business owners. However, you can create a branded Telegram account for your business. The Telegram business API or bot is free to use, and by leveraging the Telegram bot, you can streamline your marketing operations, such as chatting with customers, updating them about your business, handling orders etc.

Does Telegram Help Businesses?

With the rising concern regarding WhatsApp, security and encryption, Telegram is becoming a more secure option for business owners to communicate with their teams and customers. Many businesses are switching to Telegram from WhatsApp to discuss with their team and maintain their work virtually. This specifically increased during the pandemic.

Is Telegram Free For Business Use?

Using Telegram for your business is convenient and profitable since such as free, and the app’s functionality meets many businesses’ needs. It is a corporate messenger app with cloud storage and different functionalities to communicate with customers effortlessly.

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Is It Possible To Sell On Telegram?

Some unique benefits of conversational sales using Telegram make it an exciting alternative to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. You can also connect the Telegram bot with other messaging platforms to send and receive messages.

Does Telegram Need A Phone Number To Use For Marketing?

Telegram has the privacy-first approach and the features are created prioritising the user’s privacy. And hence Telegram is the most potent messaging application of the current time. However, to register your company, you require a phone number, which might make Telegram not so popular choice for many. But the good news is that you can hide your phone number from people.

Is It Possible To Create Multiple Telegram Accounts?

It is simple, to create a Telegram account, you need to have our phone number. Therefore, if you have more than one phone number, you can create multiple accounts using the same. For each account, you will need a new phone number, and the application installation process remains the same for all. That’s it. The only problem is that you must log in and out of every account to use them simultaneously. 


You may or may not have noticed that the messaging application Telegram is on the rise. If you have already started using it and are not sure how it will be to use Telegram for your business, it has 700 million monthly active users spread worldwide, allowing you to reach more people in one go. This free messaging application is focused on security and speed, and you can use this application to send messages, videos, photos and files dear existing and potential customers. 38% of the 700 million active Telegram users are from Asia; therefore, if you want to spread your business in Asian countries, Telegram can be our best choice for you. However, from other regions, the Telegram user is such, 27% from Europe and 21% from Latin America, making it a preferable messaging application for businesses.

I hope this article helped you know about the importance of Telegram in marketing in the current situation. Keep following us for many such articles.