How to start a career in blockchain technology

blockchain career

Did you know that according to the latest skill index Blockchain expertise is the fastest-growing skill? Along with this, it’s also one of the hottest in the US job market. The technology in which today professionals see a significant career was not very popular earlier in this decade.

Individuals are in high demand with Blockchain skills. Since Blockchain is not associated with one industry, people are getting hired if they have the talent to navigate this new technology. However, li9ke any other sector this also demands a skilled individual. The employer must have trust in your skill that whatever investments will be done are in safe hands.

Who Is Hiring 

In the crypto job market, there are four kinds of people who are hiring, these are:

  • Industries – These are the big firms and companies like oil & gas, insurance, banks, accountancy firms, retailer as well as law offices that are looking forward to keeping up with the blockchain technology.
  • Startups – after the invention of blockchains, these are independent businesses who are looking for a blockchain geek.
  • Tech firms – these are the companies that have the most to lose in case Blockchain tech takes over the world. As they try to shift to a decentralized system, they need all the expertise they can gather.
  • Governments – Government has also started feeling the requirement of crypto experts who can advise them. Professionals with good skill in Blockchain are demanded as governments are also looking to take advantage of the technology.
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Career Opportunities In Blockchain

Let’s see what are the career opportunities when it comes to blockchain technology.

  1. Blockchain Developer 

Blockchain developer is an expert of blockchain technology, and he/she has to help companies to explore Blockchain platforms. Blockchain developers are in high demand. It’s a most remarkable career path in current time as people are eager to explore all the benefits of Blockchain. As a blockchain developer, you must have a lot of experience working with computer languages like C++, Python, and Javascript before becoming Blockchain developers. 

  1. Blockchain Solution Architect

This is a job where an expert has the responsibility of designing, assigning and connecting Blockchain solution components with the other expert like UX designers, developers, network administrators, and IT Operations. They use these resources to develop complete Blockchain solutions.

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  1. Blockchain Project Manager 

As the name suggests, an individual who has the responsibility to run a team of experts to reach to their goals regarding Blockchain. The whole group then comes together under the leadership of blockchain project manager and develops a blockchain solution. However, to get hired, you must also have skills of a traditional (cloud) project manager apart from just leadership quality.

  1. Blockchain UX Designer 

As we know, blockchain technology is not limited to just one or two industry. Different industries have the other way of performing their operations. According to that, a blockchain UX designer develops an interface that creates trust and is alluring to a regular user.

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  1. Blockchain Quality Engineer

Just like in any other field, we see an engineer who is hired to take care of the quality of the product or maintain the base standards of the whole process. Same is in the blockchain industry; an engineer is hired to look forward to the quality and standard maintenance where ever blockchain technology is involved in the company. One must have excellent communication skills and can also get the opportunity in the maintaining of good work relationships. 

  1. Blockchain Legal Consultant

Legal issues always arise when any company tries to adopt any new practices or technology. Same goes with the blockchain industry. From small to huge every organization which is into Blockchain is looking for skilled blockchain legal consultants. In this job, one must know all about standard terms, solutions, advisory etc. regarding the blockchain technology.

  1. Everyone In The Business

However, if an organization is dealing with blockchain technology, everyone gets the opportunity to know and work with Blockchain. Also, you must have a basic knowledge of blockchain technology and understanding of the critical capabilities, use cases, benefits, and critical success factors. Then organizations can fully exploit the Blockchain.

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Other Roles associated with Blockchain: 

  • Accountants
  • Public Relations
  • Marketers
  • Crypto journalists
  • Managers
  • Crypto brokers
  • Analysts
  • ICO advisors 

Are These Jobs Available?

There are several job sites for Blockchain. You have to check for Crypto Jobs List, and you will see vacancies in management, marketing, design, and many other roles.

If you want to get a kick start in the crypto career, do the following:

  1. Get certified
  2. Keep up with the trends
  3. It would help if you were flexible; these careers opportunity comes in many forms
  4. It would help if you enjoyed working with crypto and Blockchain (I feel like that one goes without saying).

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 There is vast career opportunity when we consider blockchain technology; all you need to do is get skilled. This technology is going to last for a very long term so you must have patience and focus on developing your skill.