How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages?

Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages
Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages

In the previous post, we have discussed more on WhatsApp Marketing, but I get a lot of questions from my reader’s about how to send bulk WhatsApp messages. Well, in this blog post I want to get deep into the subject matter and guide you with the best & honest advice I can give you right now.

Whether we are business owners or a normal person, WhatsApp bulk message option will definitely lend a helping hand to you at some point in our life. It’s not only on holidays when we seek the help of bulk messaging, but also on occasions like parties or group activities. Last weekend I was throwing a get-together party and as always I sent out a notice to all my friends using text messages inviting all of them at once, to the party.

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Using WhatsApp one can send bulk messages to 25 friends at once by default, but with the power of copy and paste function, it didn’t take much of a time to extend it to 52 friends. Now let us discuss “How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages?”

How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages?

On the WhatsApp app open the page where all your current active chats are shown, press the menu soft key and tap the “More” option.

Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages
Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages

Now select Broadcast message put a check against the friends you want to send the message to and tap the “Done” button. Type the message you want to broadcast and tap the send button. Don’t forget to copy the message in case you want to send it again in the next batch.

Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages
Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages

The feature of WhatsApp is universal and can be found on all the platforms, just explore your WhatsApp menu and you will find it somewhere there.

WhatsApp SMS Features

  • WhatsApp can be used globally
  • Easy to use as no specific plug-in required
  • Can send messages with unlimited character length
  • Available on every mobile platform
  • Product and service launches
  • Announcing offer and deals
  • Stock / Quote updates
  • upcoming event publicity
  • Greetings on special occasions
Unique Features of BulkQ WhatsApp Marketing Messages
  • You pay for those messages only which is accepted by your recipients. I.e. Digital-Gateway credit deducted only for delivered messages.(Delivery ratio 85 to 90%).
  • You can send up to 10 Lac messages in a day.
  • Bulk Digital-Gateway panel supports for each campaign minimum 1,000 to maximum 1, 00,000 mobile numbers upload.
  • The entire interface is build considering the customer edge.
  • You can upload mobile numbers in .csv file format.
  • Panel accepts duplicate mobile numbers, Please remove duplicate numbers from the campaign.
  • BulkQ Web Panel will accept .jpg, .png image format and maximum image size is 5 MB.
  • Bulkq Web Panel will accept .avi, .mp4, .mov video format and maximum video size is 10 MB.
  • Online report available with 90% accuracy.
  • All language supported.
  • No refund policy.
  • 24 X 7 Online support.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Choose BUlkQ For All Your WhatsApp Marketing Needs:

WhatsApp Marketing is one of the platforms for any businessman or owner to promote his product. You will get direct access to the various customers. The most used messaging cross-platform application by the people since it has been launch. So today are going to have a look at WhatsApp strategies of Marketing so that the small business owners can take the opportunity.

BulkQ WhatsApp Marketing guarantees you, for cracking more sales once you start using WhatsApp Marketing for your business promotion. Gone are the days of email and of the SMS marketing, today what we are talking about is the reliable and fastest promotional weapon for your business named WhatsApp. Everyone is aware of TRAI rules, that anyone cannot send messages to any of the DND numbers. So it means SMS marketing is a waste now. If we talk about Email marketing then well how many of the advertising emails you have reply since you started using your first email account. So what we find exactly. We find the Email marketing is basically waste if you haven’t done your homework right So what we actually do is, set up a campaign to promote your business to the list of number, either provided by you or by us (It totally depends on you). Now we got a bot which is attached to WhatsApp’s official version.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies are designed to be loading your promotional message and in a few minutes, that message will be hitting everyone’s WhatsApp applications. The Prices are really low; Writers, small businesses, and many IT Companies, and hotels have used our WhatsApp Marketing Service. They are getting new clients every day and their revenue is been increasing day by day.

BulkQ WhatsApp Marketing – Advantages

BulkQ WhatsApp Marketing Techniques allow companies to send the maximum of 1500 characters per message with 5 pictures (1 Mb each), videos (3 Mb) or audio (2 Mb), V-Card, Profile picture, all in one. It provides the ability to create campaigns with the mobile phones of your potential clients and broadcast texts, pictures and viral videos to an unlimited number of recipients. When you choose BulkQ, you get a range of fully customized WhatsApp marketing plans designed as per your specific business promotion demands. Using WhatsApp marketing you can also send messages to those buyers who are registered in DND directory. More users mean more customers.

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5 Advantages of Using BulkQ WhatsApp at Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Today, this viral marketing technique and taken place over traditional social media marketing. As everyone uses mobile phones, it becomes easy for marketers to reach their targeted audience by sending them promotional messages, video or audio files.

5 Advantages of Using WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Access Any WhatsApp Number Globally – Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software allows you to connect with other WhatsApp user, regardless of the location. This will catch the attention and pull the customers to purchase and invest in the products and services of your brand.

You can Send Sound, Video files and Pictures through WhatsApp – WhatsApp Marketing software can help you to create a successful marketing campaign and grab the attention of your clients. It empowers the clients to send messages with content, sound, picture, and video, allowing you to better showcase your creativity, imparting your marketing effort to your crowd.

Get WhatsApp Replies – This element permits you to compare and monitor about what Marketing campaign works superior to the others through the sort of response that you will get with this Bulk WhatsApp software.

Digitalized Marketing – Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software enables you to automate your messages and permit you to get control over it. By programming your WhatsApp Marketing campaign occasionally, you allow the software to do the pending work!

Affordable – When it comes to advertising your brand, every entrepreneur seeks ways to minimize the marketing expense. The bulk WhatsApp software provides the most effective strategy and helps you to reduce the expense of your marketing strategy.

This software not only enables you to send bulk messages to other users but also help you to create WhatsApp marketing campaigns, giving the value of your marketing campaign. Today, WhatsApp has become an easy means to get in touch with family and friends, both nationally and internationally. Currently, it is the most effective and innovative marketing tool used for business promotion. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Strategy is used to promoting your business and creating a strong connection between you and your potential customers.

How do you protect your WhatsApp channels to get blocked from WhatsApp?

  • Stop sending completely rehashed, pure marketing messages. Be more interactive and your marketing copy should not be unsolicited marketing messages, WhatsApp will never want this and if you send these kinds of messages then WhatsApp can trace you and ban + block your WhatsApp number forever or temporarily.
  • Make sure that your WhatsApp marketing software/application allows you to change mac address, handles IP address, user agent changes, and also handles the sending/delivery by receiving incoming delivery reports. Because if your software is just sending a message and not receiving messages then WhatsApp will understand you are just a spammer who logs into WhatsApp sends messages and logs out. This makes it very easy to trace your channels for marketing purpose.
  • Change your display picture on WhatsApp & also change your status message multiple or at least one time in a day. This helps to showcase normal user behavior against WhatsApp eyes.
  • Have two-way communications with your entire list of people who respond back to your messages. Interact on multiple levels with one on one communications. This signifies you are a human interacting with another human and not just a marketing bot sending spam messages.
  • BUY only PROTECTED WhatsApp Marketing Channels – Don’t worry about the pricing difference because the money will be better invested into channels which last longer and you don’t have to go through blocking issue early on. I have seen this many times if I don’t use protected channels then firstly, these channels are not long term and eventually get blocked very early. Secondly, these channels are stolen by software users who find & mine WhatsApp channels to send messages. Even if you are using WhatsApp Channels finder which normal searches channels which don’t have password protection are basically for one time uses. And then, you have to again reinvest your time.

Importance of BulkQ WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign is a Latest trend in marketing that enables individuals and businesses to send a large number of text, images, videos, audio and Vcard marketing messages to various people such as employees or clients with just a click. It has been widely adopted by most companies as a way of communicating & promoting important information to their clients due to its many benefits such as convenience, effectiveness, and affordability.

WhatsApp SMS Marketing Campaign is a perfect marketing solution for both National & International retailers who would like to promote their products and/or services to their immediate and perceived public. Aside from direct advertising, WhatsApp SMS marketing can also be used to offer incentives as well as improve your network and boost customer loyalty. WhatsApp Marketing Campaign is a more convenient way to provide promotions like coupon codes, images, text, audio, and video to their network of contacts.

More Benefits Of WhatsApp Marketing Are:

  • You can create texts, images, videos, audio & Vcard that engage your audience and get results
  • You can deliver texts, images, videos, audio & Vcard at the right time so they don’t get lost in the crowd
  • You can activate new customers to take action and create foot-traffic
  • You can increase sales in the short run and build value over the long haul
  • You Can Develop long-term relationships with your customers’ through WhatsApp to bring them back over and over

WhatsApp vs. Bulk SMS – Who Wins In Business?

  • WhatsApp is free to download and use.
  • You can exchange instant messages with your friends without having to worry about extra charges on your monthly bill.
  • As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can use WhatsApp as long as you want.
  • You can also participate in group chats in WhatsApp and even send photos and videos to your contacts


Today, the growth and penetration of the WhatsApp application on smartphones phones in Indian country is already 70%. WhatsApp has reached 600 million active users worldwide. Instead of the traditional SMS with a character limit of 160 characters, WhatsApp Marketing allows users to send unlimited characters per message, which makes this BulkQ WhatsApp System Platform an attractive alternative to traditional Text Marketing.

There is an array of software available used for business or brand promotion. However, if you are looking for genuine and result-oriented software then there is no other better option than WhatsApp bulk Software. This innovative software has taken place of Social Media Marketing to a large extent and therefore, has become a foremost choice of many businesses across the world.

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