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WhatsApp For Business

Whatsapp marketing is a great opportunity for all the marketers to grab the market. But entreprenuer find difficulty to break through whatsapp. No advertisement is one of the biggest factor for the difficulty. Sending messages becomes another difficulty for the marketers since you can’t send push message to anyone until and unless that person invites you. With daily engagement, Whatsapp has made a grab over 700 million people. This are some of the strategies all marketers should be aware of.

1. Creating Brand Personality on Whatsapp: People use whatsapp for chatting with their kith and kins or someone personal. No one would like to talk to someone unpersonal. If you want to get invited in anyone’s friend list you need to be familiar with them. So make sure, customers do feel friendly with you.

TIP: Make sure your brand persona along with your whatsapp number is crystal clear at media where your brand is presented.

2. Offering value in exchange of mobile database: In order to gain a huge number of whatsapp contact, you need to offer something big in return. It can be some discount, voucher, coupon.

TIP: Make sure the voucher you make is attractable and ensure you that customers will add you in their whatsapp friend list. Make it easy for the customer to redeem the coupon/voucher.

3. Offers on relevant contents: Always ensure that you provide content on topics which the customers are really into. For example, serve them with some interesting facts or details related to your business such that your business become a part of their daily life.

WhatsApp Marketing

TIP: Make sure that the customers are connected to your business on a daily basis. Don’t let your business out of their brain.

4. Prompt Customer care service: It same with all the customer. All the people round the globe wants to feel like a boss. You can only do it by having a speedy customer care service and if you manage to do so. Then you will make a good impact on the customers. That would be beneficial for your start up to earn good reputation.

TIP: Make sure that the customers don’t have to wait too long to get response from you.

5. Customer Preferences: Being known to the customer’s taste is another great factor to capture the market. Once you are known with the change in taste, you can meet with the consumers need at every point of time. So keep an update about consumer’s taste and preference.

TIP: Make your you never fail to meet the needs of a consumer, keeping an update about the feedback by the consumer and asking them for their taste would surely help you to enrich your product.

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