How Do I Set Up A WhatsApp Business Account?


WhatsApp, the widely used instant messaging service, launched its business-centric app which is available to download for Android users. If you own a business and want to communicate with your prospective customers in an effective way, having WhatsApp Business app makes total sense, and it is free to download and use. Let us discuss – How Do I Set Up A WhatsApp Business Account.

Due to huge usage in WhatsApp, there are many small business owners use WhatsApp for business purpose. But when come to Business usage, WhatsApp lack of business features. So this problem leads to the development of WhatsApp business app primary focus on this Business app is for small business owners.

23rd January 2018 WhatsApp Business app launched!

But….Is WhatsApp Business App is feasible & efficient for small business owners?

WhatsApp Business: How To Register And Set Up

After you download the WhatsApp Business app from the Play Store, open the app and go through the initial setup process. To begin with, enter and verify your phone number via an OTP.

Next, you will have to enter your business name, which could be your shop name or company name. Do note, once created, you will not be able to change the name of your business. So, whatever you enter has to be the final one.

After that is done, you will be taken to the app’s homepage, which is similar to the regular app. You have the quick camera access shortcut on the left, followed by three tabs – chats, status, and calls. On the top-right, you have the three-dot menu button, whereas, at the bottom, you have the icon to start a chat.

WhatsApp Business: Profile Settings And Statistics

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business

One of the interesting bits of the app is that you can create your business profile where you can add your business details. Tap on the three dots on the top right, then tap on ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Business settings’.

Now, in profile settings, you get to set a display image, followed by your business address. You can even pin the location on Google Maps so that it becomes easier for users to simply tap on the map and navigate to your location. Next, you also get to choose a category for your service, which could be automotive, clothing, finance, restaurant and transport among others.

In the next section, you can describe what your business does, followed by working days and hours. You also get to add your business email address, and website. Once all details are added, tap on save on the top right. The section also includes statistics, where you can see the number of messages you sent, the ones delivered, and the ones read by users.

WhatsApp Business: Messaging Tools

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business

Another interesting and very helpful tool bundled with WhatsApp business is the messaging tools. It can be accessed from business settings, where there are three options – away message, greeting message and quick replies. Away message can come handy when customers contact you outside of business hours (which can be defined in settings). You can also set an away message to always send when customers ping you on WhatsApp.

The second option is the customized ‘greeting message’ which can be used to greet the customers the very first time they contact you, or when there are 14 days of inactivity between you and the contact. Lastly, there are ‘quick replies’ that could make it easier for you to communicate with the customers. For instance, I can define ‘brb’ as a quick reply, to type out “I’ll check the same and get back to you with details”.

Besides these, all other features of WhatsApp Business app are the same as the regular app. You can hide your last seen, profile photo and status from everyone, or from people who are not in your contact list. All conversations are end-to-end encrypted, there is two-step verification for additional security, you can change your phone number, and there is an option to delete your account too. What’s more, you can also use Google Drive to back and restore your chat history, just like you do on the regular app.

WhatsApp has introduced new chat labels feature in its Business app that lets you label chats for convenience. The chat labels include – the new customer, new order, pending payment, paid and order complete, and each of them has different colours for easier recognition. You can create new labels, edit existing ones, and change colours too.

To add labels to your chat conversations, open WhatsApp and open the conversation with the user. Tap on the three dots on the top right, followed by ‘Label Chats,’ select the label you want to add by tapping on the checkbox and tap on save. To edit labels or change colors, open WhatsApp Business app, and tap on labels. Here, you get add button on the bottom right to add new, or you can tap on the existing one can make the changes.

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WhatsApp Business App Features

In addition to this, there are Account settings that can set up with Two-step authentication and also you can change your business account number or delete the business account from this menu. The Chats settings let you customize the wallpaper, chat settings, enter key customization etc. The Notifications menu will let you set the notification tone, vibration mode etc. This is particularly useful when you have a personal and business WhatsApp account on the same phone and distinguish between the incoming messages for both accounts.

The Data and storage usage let you set to use the app with WiFi or data plan, and reduce WhatsApp data usage settings while using the WhatsApp Business app for calls. The Network usage window will show you how many Messages bytes sent and received through this WhatsApp business app, Wi-Fi, Cellular Data and Roaming Data consumption, etc. There is an option to backup WhatsApp conversation to Google Drive or email the chat history to clean up the storage of WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Business Review

  1. Business Profile

I think it’s the major future of WhatsApp business app. You can create a business profile for your business. So you can share helpful Business information to your customers.

  • Your business location address:  So your customer can easily track & locate your shop through Google map.
  • Email address, Website, business category, and business description with a business profile
  • Business Hours: it will show your working hours of business. Similar to Google the user can visit once your shop is open.
  1. Reply Features

Reply feature help the business owner to save there valuable time while there are doing business

a) Quick reply

Quick reply helps to instantly reply to customers. You can create and save a quick reply. So, you can send a long message with a single tap

b) Away reply

It’s an automated reply actually help to automatically reply to your customer when you are out of business hour. For example: ‘sorry dear, today our shop is closed. Come tomorrow

c) Greeting message

It’s also an automated reply which used to instantly greeting a new customer who messages you. While in business hours maybe you can’t instantly reply them but an instant greeting message to your customer actually make them happy and also reply all new customer with a new informative message.

Benefits Of WhatsApp Business App For The SMEs And Start-Ups

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business

Helps In Strengthening B2C Interaction

With the aid of WhatsApp mobile app, the business can interact with their consumers in a sophisticated way. Users can straight away contact the business are not required to keep visiting the” Contact Us” page for sending the queries.  They can have one to one communication in an easy way.

Aid In Business Promotion And Marketing

WhatsApp business app allows the business to market them in a better way. They can showcase their services and products amongst the users’ groups. Additionally, they can go with running the banners on other social sites as well, but when you are serving the vast user base already on the WhatsApp, probably the business is not required to try versatile publicity stuns for attracting the users.

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Works In Chatbot Style

Now, this is something that will add to your overall business reputation. The users will be automatically delivered the greeting messages, whenever the request has been made. The away messages are also delivered to notify the business about the client status.

Authenticated And Secured

The closed pilot program enables the users to check the authenticity of the business. They can block the businesses or can report a spam in case of illegal activities. Thus, users are completely kept assured that they are communicating with a reliable business association.

How to Use WhatsApp Business Account Effectively

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business

Now that you have everything set up on the app, it’s time to use it effectively. You can use WhatsApp Business in a number of ways. It could be something as simple as offering support to your customers or send them timely updates. The possibilities are nearly endless.

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  1. Labels For Your Conversations

One of the biggest things you’ll need to consider while using WhatsApp Business is keeping a track of your customers. While you’ll need to manually add them to your contacts list, you’ll also be able to assign labels to your conversations. These are helpful while interacting with a large number of users.

You can set up labels for your customers and then label your chat conversations using them. For example, You may want to label a conversation as ‘new customer’. This way when your customer replies after some time you’ll still be able to make out who this person is.

To add a new label: Tap on the menu button on a chat conversation and tap New Label. Enter the text for the new label and tap on Save.

To add labels to chats: Tap on the menu button on a chat conversation and then pick a label and tap Save.

  1. Use WhatsApp Business On Desktop And Web

Just like your personal WhatsApp account, you can use WhatsApp Business mobile app with the desktop variant too. This makes it much easier to interact with a large number of customers.

The setup process for the desktop variant is the same as the regular WhatsApp app. Go to Settings > WhatsApp Web and scan the given QR code.

  1. One-On-One Support

One of the primary advantages of using WhatsApp Business app is being able to offer one-on-one support to your customers. If you’re running a small business, you’d want to stay on top of your customers’ queries.

WhatsApp Business app also lets you send photos, videos, and other attachments to your customers, and vice-versa. This can help your customers explain their issues more clearly.

  1. Sending Out Updates

WhatsApp Business can also help you send out timely updates related to your business. Be it a new product or a new service you’re about to launch, it’s always perfect to let your existing and prospective customers know about it first.

You could create broadcast lists to send out messages to a large number of people in one go. This can help you save time in case you have a large customer base, though broadcast lists are currently limited to 256 contacts.

Why is WhatsApp Business Utmost Important?

So, these are some of the advantages delivered by the WhatsApp business app. Therefore, infusing the WhatsApp in the business can help to reap out revenues and at the same time, it serves as a broader platform for dealing with the clientele with just the right approach! Stay tuned with BulkQ to know more about WhatsApp Business App!