How Do I Make Group Calls In WhatsApp?

Group Calls In WhatsApp
Group Calls In WhatsApp

For a really long time, WhatsApp was a popular name, a means of communication between family and friends who were beyond the reach of your local carrier. We made video calls and suddenly they weren’t that far away anymore. Then came the era of smart devices and a new lot of Video and Voice over IP services were born. Today, the most popular instant messaging service WhatsApp and other VoIP services like Viber, LINE, and Telegram, all offer easy ways to get in touch with anyone on the same platform, regardless of their physical location as long as they are connected to the web. In this article, we are going to discuss on – How to Do Make Group Calls in WhatsApp

Group Calls In WhatsApp
Group Calls In WhatsApp

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The Importance of Video Calling

It eliminates the need to travel to see a person thereby saving a lot of money and time. It also makes the business meeting run quickly on the go over video conferencing applications. The workforce of a business house may be scattered around the city. In this situation, video calls allow the company to globally bind the workforce. It works as an essential tool to aid telecommuting. Most importantly, video calling humanizes the communication, making it lively and more emotion attached. As seeing is believing people, through video calls people can see things before a transaction. Through video calls, people can learn from far away experts.

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WhatsApp Group Video and Audio Calls

Group Calls In WhatsApp
Group Calls In WhatsApp

WhatsApp group video and audio calls are now available for all users. The new features were announced by WhatsApp at Facebook’s F8 2018 conference last May. WhatsApp users on Android and iOS can update their app to the latest version and start using this feature.

Note that WhatsApp’s new features aren’t built into the Group chats. Instead, it allows users to add other contacts when making an audio or video call. You can add up to three users on a video or audio group call. The users which have WhatsApp version 2.18.145 and above (Android) can see the feature on their phones. iPhones updated to WhatsApp version 2.18.52 for iOS has this feature.

While making a WhatsApp call, these users can see an option to ‘add participants’ in the call window. Tapping the option, users can add participants from their contact list.

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How to Make Group Calls In WhatsApp

In order to check if you are one of those lucky users who has received the update:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Select a participant you wish to call.
  • Do a normal call.
  • Check if there is a new button “Add participant”
  • If there is, then you can now have group calls if you don’t, then you cannot.

In January this year, WhatsApp confirmed had they are working on a version to enable group video calls. This was confirmed in February that this new feature will be available for the messaging app in ‘future.’ Then at their annual F8 developers’ conference, Facebook mentioned that a bunch of new features will be headed to WhatsApp including support for group video calling in the coming weeks. This feature is live and can be seen by few users.

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How To Make A Whatsapp Video Call

If you are now running the latest WhatsApp beta – or if the video calling feature is available to you after launch – it’s pretty simple to start a video call with another WhatsApp user.

Here’s how to make a video call within WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp (of course!)
  • Go to the Contacts tab
  • Find and tap the contact you want to initiate a WhatsApp video call with
  • Tap on the phone icon towards the top of the screen
  • From the popup choose Video call

That’s it – you’ve just made your first WhatsApp video call!

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Advantages of WhatsApp Video Calls

WhatsApp Video Calls
WhatsApp Video Calls

Video Calls Are End-To-End Encrypted

Similar to the messages, video calls on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted. What this essentially means is that no one, except you and the person you intend to call can get access to it. Not even WhatsApp will have access.

No More Annoyance

Since WhatsApp video calls can be placed only to the ones in your address book/contact list; it is more of a private affair unlike others, where anonymous people can annoy you by sending call requests.

Optimized for Slower Networks

One of the biggest concerns in India is the low-bandwidth internet connectivity. To overcome this issue, WhatsApp has optimized the video calling for slower networks. Meaning you’ll not have to worry about the slow internet speeds.

No Need for Other Apps for Video Calls

There are already 160 million active users in India. Earlier, people used to share conversations with their friends on WhatsApp, now that you can place video calls within the app itself, there’s no need of downloading other apps.

Works On both Android and iPhones Seamlessly

Unlike FaceTime, WhatsApp video calling works seamlessly on Android and iOS smartphones regardless of what platform you are on.

How to Use WhatsApp for Your Business Calls

WhatsApp Video Calls
WhatsApp Video Calls

Is your business drowning in meetings and conference calls? The average employee attends a staggering 62 meetings every month and executives spend nearly half their working hours sitting in meetings, per a recent TED talk. Unproductive meetings are a waste of time and money, costing businesses up to $37 billion in lost productivity every year.

Only Include the Necessary Number of Participants

Including too many people may lead to unnecessary distractions, especially when you have to wait for people to join the call. Also, the more people you include, the more options and viewpoints there will be to consider, and this may take up considerable time. So, only include the people who must be at the meeting.

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Distribute a Meeting Agenda In Advance

Don’t let folks go off on a tangent! Prevent conference calls from being hijacked by having a clear, actionable to-do list in place before the call. A simple summary of key points will keep everyone on the same page and ensure participants are prepared for the call-in-advance.

Use the best technological tools to facilitate clear communication

One of the biggest problems that conferencing calls face is the quality of videos, so make sure the application you use will provide you with high-quality sound. That will reduce disruptions during meetings and ensure that the meetings run smoothly.

Advantages of VoIP and WhatsApp Calls

WhatsApp Video Calls
WhatsApp Video Calls

Cheaper than Normal Carrier calls

A lot of people like to say WhatsApp calls are free but I don’t think this is entirely true. Yes, the platform itself is free but you need to account for the data you will need to access and use the platform. That said, as per calculations made by the Indian Express, a minute of WhatsApp call costs around 0.15 MB to 0.20 MB of 3G data which means a 5-minute call costs around 1MB of 3G data. The call quality on 3G networks is decent but on 2G, there is a considerable amount of lag. So if you’re on 3G or 4G, that’s the rate for you. Depending on your carrier’s rates this might vary but there’s no escaping that WhatsApp calls are cheaper than normal calls.

International Calls Are Much Easier

As long as the person you want to call is online on WhatsApp, geographical locations are irrelevant. You can comfortably make and receive calls without worrying about international calling rates.

Supports HD Calls

WhatsApp calls use the internet and not your carrier’s network infrastructure. So if your carrier does not support HD calls yet, WhatsApp calls is the way to get that.

Whatsapp Is Popular

With the prevalence of smartphones, chances are that a good number of your contacts already are on WhatsApp. This essentially means that you can WhatsApp call as many contacts as you have on your phone…hoping that they are online on WhatsApp when you need them and that they are on Wi-Fi or on a good network.

End-to-End Encryption

It is the most important advantage of WhatsApp. WhatsApp added end-to-end encryption feature to their messaging platform and later extended it to cover WhatsApp calls and videos. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption makes your data and communication highly secure. Due to this, no one can eavesdrop on your calls, not your country’s communication authority or big brother.

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Skype vs. WhatsApp

The Skype software facilitates user conversation with anyone across the globe. Many individuals and businesses use Skype to make free video one-to-one or group calls, send instant messages to others, and share files. Skype can be used on a computer, tablet, and even on smartphones. It is both free to download and to use.

On the contrary, WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that lets the user communicate with his/her phone contacts. Apart from messaging and sharing media files, a user can share contacts and his/her live location over the app. It also facilitates video calls but unlike Skype, WhatsApp only supports one-to-one video communication and does not support group video calls. Unlike Skype, WhatsApp can only be used on smartphones. WhatsApp is also free to download and use.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Video Calling Feature for Business

WhatsApp Video Calls
WhatsApp Video Calls

No Need to Travel

It costs a lot of money and a lot of time to travel to meet people. With Group Calls In WhatsApp, you can organize and hold a meeting within the hour with participants from remote places all over the world. They only need to have the necessary equipment and be present in front of the screen at the chosen time. The pre-meeting organization can be done via email or instant messaging.

Get Connected with Your Employees at Any time & anywhere

Your workforce may be scattered around the city of around the country if they are mobile workers. They connect back to base through their mobile devices. You can leverage this existing mobile infrastructure to conduct meetings with your workforce. Besides, the visual nature of Group Calls in WhatsApp even allows you to check the activities and whereabouts of your employees.

Show Things

Seeing is “believing things”, and showing is convincing. Through Group Calls in WhatsApp, you can write on a board and show it to everyone, demonstrate your latest product, or introduce a new recruit. Often, you can show things that you cannot take along with you in your suitcase while traveling to a meeting.

Learn and Teach Online

There are great courses being offered and great teachers teaching everywhere, but most of them are probably very far from you. If you are a teacher or trainer, your market may be far from where you are. Group Calls in WhatsApp is a great way of acquiring and sharing knowledge beyond hurdles. While it will not be like being physically present, the interaction is adequate. You will be able to use multimedia facilities like online interactive whiteboards, and you can use online collaboration tools.

Why WhatsApp Marketing is the Must

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a crystal clear HD video call featured by WhatsApp is the perfect example of how true that statement is. A live group calling is much more effective than a phone call in many different situations.

Hope, now you are well aware of why are more and more business owners willing to adopt WhatsApp Marketing Strategy in their company? Obviously, it’s because WhatsApp is becoming increasingly important and there are many benefits that one company can get from it.

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