Home Remedies for Pimples on Buttocks


Acne on your butts is definitely embarrassing and with the summer season hit and bikinis are to be worn having an acne in the butt area could be sad. Acne is troublesome no matter where they are and where they form in your body. Sad but then it is a fact that these small troubles can erupt in your butt area. However, acne on your face is different from acne on butts and are caused due to different reasons and therefore call for different treatments. Acne in the butt occurs due to folliculitis. Folliculitis typically occurs when a hair follicle is infected by bacteria known as Staphylococcus. These bacterias usually live on the skin without causing any problem. When they enter into the skin through a break, they result in infection. If the infection worsens then it results ion boils and this is painful and may need medical intervention for its treatment.
Folliculit is bumps look similar to regular bumps. They appear red bumps on the top of your skin and are filled with pus. They can be very itchy and can cause discomfort. These can be treated with home treatments and a little bit of care.

The methods to cure it are as follows:
1. Wash regularly- the best way to stop the infection is to take bath regularly with a good anti-bacterial soap. If your butt is prone to acne then it is advisable to wash your skin in the morning and the evening. This will clean the dirt and the sweat builds up.

2. Loose-fitting clothes- Bacteria usually sits on the skin, and wearing tight-fitting clothes can rub the bacteria back down in the pores which can further lead to breakouts. Wear looser, breathable and cotton bottoms for benefitting your skin. The undergarments if made from natural cotton opts the problem of acne in the butt area can be dealt with great ease.

3. Sit on warm washcloth- not too hot but bearable hot washcloth is to be used. Place this damp cloth over the area your butt is having acne and this will open the pores and get rid of bacteria and pus. Using a warm bath could also help in the same way.

4. Tea- tree oil- Tea Tree is an essential oil which has many skin-related benefits. It can also treat skin infections and wounds of various types. It can be used to treat the acne too. Using earbud apply a few drops of the tea tree oil on the area of acne and see the effective results that it can give. Apply it twice daily for better results.

5. Shower after a workout- leaving sweat and dirt on the skin after can lead to butt acne. After the sweat session never forget to take a warm shower. Also if you are wearing tight pants during the workout session then it becomes all the more important. Also, wash each of your workout cloth and undergarments after the session.

Applying antibacterial ointment or lotion after a shower can provide great relief. Ensure that the ointment contains benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid. There are some shower gels available in the market which you can consider.

How to apply:
• Dry your skin thoroughly and apply the ointment directly after the shower
• Let the ointment dry properly and completely before wearing clothes, as it may bleach your clothes.
• Alternatively use the products that have Tretinoin, used to treat acne wrinkles.
• Before using any of these products try a patch test so that it does not create any further allergy.

6. Exfoliate- using a luffa or loofah or any mild scrub or exfoliating get rid of the dead skin that could contribute to clogged follicles and results in infection.
7. Saltwater solution– salt water is highly effective in treating mild infections. One teaspoon of salt in 2 cups of water needs to be applied with a washed cloth on the area with butt acne, to get relief from the acne.
8. Avoid fabric softeners- people could have sensitive skin that can get affected with different fabrics or laundry products. Thus most brands have hypoallergenic versions. If you find that detergents, fabric, softeners or dryer sheets are resulting in this issue then you need to switch something that has no dyes or chemicals or just stop to use the product altogether.in place of these any natural or chemical-free alternative could be used.

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9. Get sun on your buttocks when possible- if you have a private backyard or nude beach nearby then let your butts soak up a little sun on a warm day. The Sun will naturally soak up excess oil and dry your skin. Use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30, to protect your skin from UV radiation. Use this method once a month and till the acne heals. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause a problem in using the products in limit can be helpful.

10. Aspirin can help in reducing inflammation- crush up 4 to 5 aspirin pills. See to it that there is no coating outside of the pills. Combine this with tablespoon lukewarm water and honey or plain yogurt and apply it on your buttocks. Apply a thin layer on the surface of your buttock where you have a pimple. Let it dry and then wash it off completely. You can follow the treatment with a non-comedogenic moisturizer which can prevent further irritation.

11. Apply Natural Acid on the affected area: Fresh lemon juice and apple cider vinegar diluted in water can be very helpful in treating all kind of pimples. If the pimples have open sores, it can be very painful. Apply natural acid on the skin area which is affected by pimple and leave it for 10 minutes. Later wash that area thoroughly with cool water and apply any mind lotion there to soothe the skin. Honey has anti-bacterial properties so you can also add a few drops of honey in the diluted mixture.

12. Rub an ice cube on large pimples to reduce inflammation- it will not heal the pimples but will give instant relief from the painful pimples. Rub ice on the affected area if you cannot apply it directly then wrap it in a piece of cloth and apply it. A commercial ice pack can also be used for the same purpose.

13. Use simple toilet papers without dyes/fragrances – you might not aware but toilet papers can cause chafing and can promote the growth of breakouts. Make sure to use toilet paper free from any kind of fragrance or dyes to prevent any kind of skin infection.

With the help of these natural treatments, you may get rid of butt acne or pimples but is the situation persists then it’s the time to visit the doctor. If your folliculitis gets worse than it is strongly advised to visit a doctor. In case of severe infection, you may need to take some oral antibiotic to combat the infection. The doctor may also drain the boil and remove the pus from the infected area.