Sure-Fire Ways to Get More Conversions with SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing to Get More Conversions

In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss “How to Get More Conversions with SMS Marketing.” Have you tried SMS marketing in your business yet? If not, it’s the right time to rethink about re-strategizing your 2017 marketing campaign with SMS marketing.

With ever-increasing competition among online marketers, SMS marketing is stunning! It is not only considered as the emerging method of marketing but also it brags surprisingly high success rate. What’s surprising is that SMS response including clicks, replies, and other actions — is 45% more, compared to the average email response rate.

Nearly 75% marketers are stepping beyond SMS marketing to get more leads and exposure for their business. But unfortunately, they were unaware of “How to Use SMS Marketing to Get More Conversions?”

Lead generation or conversion is an important factor of marketing as it helps your business attract more customers. More and more people own mobile phones and carry them wherever they go and texting has become the most successful method of marketing if it’s done perfectly. Read this guide to know “How to Get More Conversions with SMS Marketing”

Turn Your Fantastic SMS Messages into More Leads via SMS Marketing

There are a number of ways you can do to improve your SMS marketing. The important point to keep in mind is to stand in the shoes of your customers and think like your customers and also how they interact with their mobile phones. Keep reading to know how to improve your messaging:

Know When to Send Your Messages

Timing is an important consideration when it comes to text marketing. With the consistently high use of mobile phones in business hours between 10.00Am to 6.00 Pm, it is ideally a perfect timing to send promotional messages. And also it has been proven that messages perform poorly particularly on Mondays. Mobile users are simply not in the mood to receive marketing messages. So better avoiding text message on Mondays!

Include Who, What and When

Always add who the message is from i.e. your brand name, otherwise, customers won’t know it’s your brand and they can easily delete the message without even reading it.  Make your message precise by explaining your campaign clearly and create a sense of urgency by giving a triggering key. e.g. “Offer ends within 48 hours”.

Add More Personal Touch

Start the message by including the recipient’s name! This is the powerful way to engage the customers and make them feel special. But make sure to keep the message as simple as within 160 characters!

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Provide More Coupons and Discounts

If you send coupon codes and discounts for your customers via message, then your audience will be much more likely to open and read your text messages.

Examine SMS Delivery Reports Frequently

Spend few minutes weekly to track how many messages are delivered, bounced, opened and blocked.

These are few of the sure-fire ways to get more leads and conversions for your business! By implementing the tips sketched above, you’ll be able to get more sales, brand exposure, and more leads easily.

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