100+ Funny WhatsApp Group Links In 2021

Funny WhatsApp Group Links
Funny WhatsApp Group Links

Hi Friends! In this post, I am writing about Funny WhatsApp Group Links to join Funny WhatsApp Groups available! Join the whatsApp Group Links mentioned here to get some new fresh & jokes. You can join these funny groups very easily by clicking on “Join Now” button.

Funny WhatsApp Group Links
Funny WhatsApp Group Links


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Teenagers are using social media for entertainment purposes and they are looking for some kind of funny jokes to spend their time happy and also to share with their friends.

How to Join Funny WhatsApp Group Links

  • If you wish to join any one of the funny whatsapp group link provided below, then click on your favorite group link and you will be redirected to the next page.
  • In this page, you will get some options like UC Browser, Opera Mini, Chrome, and few other applications like Bluetooth; share it, Xender, whatsapp.
  • Here you need to select the option “WhatsApp” and you will ask you to join the WhatsApp Group link.
  • Now you need to click the join button and Very soon you will be connected to the same group.
  • Once you joined the group, you will be able to receive funny jokes and funny memes daily.

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How to join WhatsApp

If you wish to join more groups, just make sure to repeat the above-given steps again and again. Note: You can join as many groups you can! There is no limit for joining groups!

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Funny/Jokes WhatsApp Group Rules

Before you join any group, make sure you follow the group rules so that you won’t be removed by the group admin. Below given are the WhatsApp group rules you should follow:

  • You can share jokes in the group
  • Don’t share any adult content
  • Never abuse other group members
  • No fighting with the group members; no personal conflicts
  • Don’t share any adult website link or Youtube links
  • No personal messaging the group members

Popular Fun/Jokes WhatsApp Groups Links – Join Now!

Funny WhatsApp Group Links
Funny WhatsApp Group Links

Funny WhatsApp Group Using Invite Link

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Fun WhatsApp Group Links List

Funny WhatsApp Group Links
Funny WhatsApp Group Links

Behavior Rules for WhatsApp Group Chats

Behavior Rules for WhatsApp Group Chats
Behavior Rules for WhatsApp Group Chats
Nature of the Group

Respect the purpose of the group; A “WhatsApp workgroup” shouldn’t be used to send messages or content of a personal nature, as well as groups of friends and family shouldn’t be used for business purposes. If you need to send a specific message to a specific person, then you can use a personal 1-1 chat option.

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Response to Other Messages

Don’t use WhatsApp groups just to send memes, videos, pictures, and news, without reading and reacting to the content shared by others. The main aim of WhatsApp Groups is to establish interaction with others, but when you only place content, but never read or interact, the existence of such groups loses their purpose.

Don’t Send Rumors and Fake News

Never and ever send content, information or “news” that has not been verified. Placing content whose authenticity has not been proven can be very dangerous and harm many people. Today all social media platforms are infested with lies and it’s better to put a stop to them than to be guilty of spreading them.

Don’t Leave the Group

If you felt that the group is no longer needed for you, just use the option “Mute Notification”. Using this option, you can mute the notification for this group even for 1 year. So, it’s better to mute conversation rather than being criticized for leaving.

Send Direct Message or Inform the Admin

Before sending a complaint to the group, find out the admin and share your thoughts and opinion with him or her.  Don’t get angry if someone doesn’t respond to your messages in a group. No one is obliged to do so. Before sending a video, picture, meme or any content, analyze if such material aligned with the nature of the group or not.

Don’t Send Chain Messages

When forwarding a message, picture or video and you’re choosing multiple recipients, avoid sending it to all your groups, since hardly the same content will be suitable or of interest to all.

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Don’t Send Adult Content

Unless tolerated by all, avoid sending any content that is violent or pornographic. It’s common for “only men groups” (or women) to circulate inappropriate content, but it’s important to ALWAYS keep in mind that many people may feel uncomfortable, especially when the content affects someone’s reputation.

Send Specific Comment to a Specific Person

When replying to a specific comment from a person, use the “reply” function to make sense of your comment and avoid confusion. When noticing that you’re having a dialogue with a single member of the group, consider changing the conversation to direct message, because the rest of the group may not be interested in reading your conversation with another person.

Keep Your Messages Short and Don’t Use Emojis

Keep in mind that your words can be interpreted in multiple ways, so use short sentences that can’t be misinterpreted. Don’t abuse emojis. There are some like this ? or ? that don’t require explanation, but others like this ? or ? can be interpreted in different ways and generate confusion. Avoid sending videos or files that are very large, since nobody likes to saturate the memory of their smartphone or waste their data/internet plan on nonsense.

Terms and Conditions for Joining Funny WhatsApp Group Links

  • After joining WhatsApp groups and before start interacting in the group, you need to follow certain terms and conditions:
  • Don’t spread rumors and don’t make any spam messages on the group. If you do such things, you will be removed from the group by the admin.
  • Keep in mind that the group is to make friends with all members. So, don’t abuse or use bad language to other members in the group.
  • Don’t change any group name, icon or status without informing the group admin.
  • If you face any issues, then direct contact with admin via private message. Don’t ever complain about other group members in the group.

To use the platform safely without any conflicts, you must fulfill the above term and conditions. If you violate these rules, the group admin will block or remove you on this group.

Wrapping Up,

I think you find this WhatsApp Group Link List is the way of joining more groups without admin’s access. Hope you liked and loved this article, so don’t forget to share this awesome Funny WhatsApp Groups Link List with your friends!

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