How to Download Facebook Live Video with Easy Steps

Facebook Live Video
Facebook Live Video

Have you ever tried Facebook Live broadcasting for your business? Facebook Live has been launched in August 2015 and this allows celebrities and popular brands to broadcast their video directly to their fans via the fan pages. Facebook Live Video has been gaining a mass attention in the social media platform and almost every business is implementing this live broadcasting feature in their marketing campaign to attract an effective fan base. In this article, we are going to discuss “How to Download Facebook Live Video with Easy steps”.


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What is Facebook Live Video?

Understanding Facebook Live is an important thing if you’re a social media marketer, as it marks an important trend in the social media and mobile technology worlds.


Facebook Live has the potential to transform the way marketers and consumers approach the platform—not to mention influencing most of the platform’s features.

Facebook Live videos come with many advanced features that support live commenting, screenwriting, filters, vertical or horizontal video mirroring and reactions from viewers. During live streaming, you can also block specific viewers if you desire. Initially, the maximum time limit for a broadcast was 30 minutes, but now you can now stay live for up to 4 hours.

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Importance of Facebook Live


Go Live on Facebook will broadcast your message, mission, and vision to the largest audience in the world with the camera in your pocket.

Have engaging conversations with your followers

Facebook Live is the best way to interact with users in real time. While you’re on live, you can enjoy the real-time session with your customers and can answer their burning questions, understand what’s on their mind and check out their Live Reactions to gauge how your live streaming is going.

Connect Instantly

Facebook Live Video lets you connect with the user who cares you the most. Your followers can receive notifications when you go live so they know to tune in to your broadcasts at just the right time.

Tell Your Story in Your Own Way

There are no rules to follow while you’re on Facebook Live! With creative tools like filters, themes, and effects, it’s easy to express yourself in ways that delight your followers and make it even more fun.

How to Use Facebook Live

  • Open the mobile app, click at the top of the news feed, and select the Live icon (you can find this option just below where you enter status answering to: “What’s on your mind?”
  • You need to allow the access to grant permission for the facebook app to use your camera to record video if you have not already done so.
  • Before getting started with Live Video Sharing, just check out the privacy options too. Visit the privacy settings to check whether you need the video to be shared with the public, all friends, friends except those specified, or only for yourself.
  • Don’t forget to write a short and precise description of the video.
  • Specify the location from you on live and also make sure to tag friends to draw their attention to the post.
  • Set the camera position where it desired to be and tap “Go Live” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, your Facebook Live is “ON” and your friends and followers will get an instant notification stating “XXX is On Live Now” and here XXX is your Facebook username.

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Why Use Facebook Live?


Once you have decided to include Facebook Live Video, you can probably think of a number of broadcasting benefits! Here are few of the other important benefits of using Facebook Live Video: – major company announcement, a seminar, or some other participatory event, or you could aim for something more content-intensive like an interview or a whiteboard strategy session.

  • Attract more followers

Once you get started with a live video session, your friends and followers will be notified with a notification stating that you’re on live now. By this, you can attract more regular “followers” on the platform. So, make sure to do as such by showing a quality live stream encounter that your customers appreciate.

  • Let your users know in advance that you’re planning to broadcast

Giving prior announcement regarding your broadcast schedule is the good option to your customers available at the right time! As the live video is only available for 4 hours, informing your Facebook friends and followers at the earliest would be the right option.

  • Check your connection

When you get ready to Facebook Live Broadcasting, make sure to double check your network connection speed and reliability, and if you wish to get better quality and clarity, you can use Wi-Fi.

  • Write an awesome headline

It’s actually not a feature, but rather a portrayal. In any case, it’s what individuals will read before they choose to tune in, so ensure its precise and sufficiently convincing to enough to encourage participation.

  • Engage with your viewers

Show gratefulness to your users and gain the attention of new users. Request feedback, react to questions and comments and make the experience as participatory as would be prudent.

Top Reasons to Use Facebook Live for Your Business


By going live on Facebook, you can create an authenticity, transparency and build trust and credibility with your audience by engaging with them in real time. And, unlike pre-shooted video, which relies more on high definition camera and post-production, live video can be simple and cost-effective and most importantly video shoot takes less than 30 minutes.

Have you decided to try live video for your business? Below given are a few of the important reasons to use Facebook Live for Your Business.

  1. It’s easy: Facebook Live, itself comes with all pre-defined options and also it is user-friendly and well developed. You can start your live video streaming session in just a couple of taps.
  2. It provides a built-in audience: With an active base of two billion users monthly, Facebook acts as a perfect platform to promote your business and gain more attention. When you start your live stream, Facebook will send a notification to anyone who’s ever liked your Page.
  3. It drives traffic: On the newsfeed section, Facebook still ranks live video on the top. That means your live video will appear at the top of your viewers’ News Feeds while it’s streaming.
  4. It increases engagement: Users comment on Facebook Live videos at 10x the rate of regular videos. In addition, Facebook Live videos are watched 3x longer than regular videos.
  5. It boosts your organic reach: Creating live videos is one way you can still boost the organic reach of the other content you publish.

More benefits of Facebook Live:

  • Tools & analytics – Facebook enables you to promote live video ahead of time and gives your users a chance to set the updates for live videos they would prefer not to miss. Notwithstanding Facebook’s as of now lineup of analytics, it offers extraordinary measurements on live video, for example, total reach, reactions, comments and shares
  • Marketing assets – Once your live video is complete, Facebook automatically saves the video to your Timeline so you and users can refer to it anytime.
  • Exclusive events – You can create live events that are exclusive to specific groups within your audience.

How to Save a Facebook Live Video

  • Right click and go show video URL. Copy the URL and open a new tab.
  • Paste that URL into the new tab. Then, make it a mobile video feed by deleting “www” and replacing it with “m” instead.
  • Now, play the video. Then, right-click and click the option to download the video as. Then, download the video and save it to your computer.

How to Download Your Own Live Video from Facebook


Step 1

Find the video on your Facebook account page profile or on your newsfeed. On the left sidebar, you will see under “Explore”, a button for Live Videos. When you tap on that button, it will list out all the live recordings you have shared or the ones that have been shared on your timeline. Find the one you might want to download, at that point tap on it to open it.

Based on the technique you get to the video, say through your feed, you will likewise be required to tap on the time stamp. When you tap on the time stamp, it will open the video. On the right side of the screen, you can likewise see every one of the comments about the video.

Step 2

On the upper right side, there are three dots. Tap on them and you will get various prompts including one enabling you to download your video. Tap on this and you will begin downloading the video automatically. It will be spared to your gadget as an MP4 video.

Now you have the video downloaded to your hard drive. You can share the video to your other social media profiles, or email it to somebody, or utilize it for whatever reason you like.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Engaging Facebook Live Video


Promote Before You Broadcast

Facebook Live Video allows you to target your network, the fans of a business page (if you’re an admin), a group, or an event. If you can’t find a group or event to meet your needs, consider starting one or joining the one.

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Prepare and Practice

Before you start your live streaming, you need to take an account on few things including:

  • Try to minimize background and ambient noise. While clients will anticipate that the generation quality will be somewhat crude and unrehearsed, make sure that they can see and hear you without undue diversions.
  • Decide whether to hold the telephone yourself or utilize some sort of mount. You could likewise designate the job to a co-worker. For the live video, you can utilize either the front-or back confronting camera.
  • Choose a spot that has a strong broadband connection or Wi-Fi connectivity.
Be Personable

Introduce yourself and your organization and convey to the audience of people what you intend to cover. Not at all like a prerecorded YouTube video, your facebook followers and friends have no clue of the time commitment involved so help manage their expectations. So, ask your customer to give remarks and other suggestion. You’ll have the capacity to perceive what number of viewers you have whenever.

Measure the Results

Facebook added two new metrics for measuring the success of live videos. You’ll be able to see the total number of people who watched at least a portion of the video, along with a running count of how many viewers you had at different points in time.

Start Your Facebook Live Session Now!

Facebook Live videos are gaining more popularity and they are preferred because they have a larger social media following compared to YouTube. Millions to trillions of people all over the world use Facebook today and everyone enjoys viewing the many videos found there.

So, don’t miss your chance to reach your audience today! Get started today to shoot your live video now! Start… Camera… Action!!!!

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