What are some creative ways to use Whatsapp for business purposes?


Social Media platforms and messaging apps have altered the way of communication for online businesses. By adopting these technologies, a company can easily reach to their potential customers or audiences. Companies are using Whatsapp application as part of their business promotion and communication solutions.

Whatsapp communication is a way to reach millions of possible customers directly with low cost when it comes to advertising through PPC or another platform. Whatsapp marketing brings out the concept of your business in the form of text, graphics, videos and gifs. It is a cost-effective technique to boost your product sale.

Here are some of the creative ways to use Whatsapp application for your online businesses

Live customer service

Whatsapp was designed for mobile devices however, it’s compatibility with desktop devices is more fruitful for customer support team. It makes the communication process easier with potential customers as well as clients.

It has taken the customer support to a new level. With the help of Whatsapp you can easily connect to your customers or clients and can answer their query in real time. You can also use rich media like audio, video or rich text to provide a personalized customer support.

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Create and Target Groups

Whatsapp is known to be the ‘most used’ messaging app globally. So, any business owner can’t refuse to use this cost-effective platform to reach out to the clients as well as the customers. Choose your potential customers and client, create a group and promote your products, blogs, links, promo codes, offers etc. You can also share the achievement of your business with them.


It is vital to get most out of Whatsapp as it will help you to get real-time feedback as well as suggestions from your clients and customers so that you can improve your business with those feedbacks and suggestions.

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Special Access: Status Feature

With the advent of the special feature of Whatsapp, you can instantly provide special access to the events by putting a live feed on your status. You can share your promotional offers, discounts etc with your audience.

You can demo your product or service on the status and let your audience know about the product. It may work positively. For instance, a customer doesn’t require this particular service or product now but he knows that it is available from your company. So, when they want to have that product or service then they will reach to you. It’s a future-oriented approach to business.

Smart uses of Whatsapp for the quality business

The Whatsapp technology is the latest and fastest conversation service provider in the world. There are lots of uses of Whatsapp to explore your business locally and globally. The Whatsapp platform provides the smart facilities to its users. They easily deal with their clients in less time. The best use of Whatsapp is the best user interface. It helps you to communicate with the people all around the world very easily. This Whatsapp platform is globally adopted by the different users for their business purposes. It is also giving them the better results.

These are some smart uses of Whatsapp platform in the business world.

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Best food service provider:

People normally order food using the contact numbers provided by the restaurants. It sometimes creates trouble to order the right item from the menu. But Whatsapp platform gives the best interaction to give the clear idea about the order. The user gets the best services in time with the required quality products. The other benefits of using Whatsapp platform is to give the clarification of the order. You can clearly give the detailed information of your order. It can be an order related to food items like cakes and other confectionary items. The Whatsapp is best for both the users and the service providers. They can also track their order using this smart platform.

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Provide the best offers:

The Whatsapp platform is used to provide the best deals information to the clients. They can easily interact with the multi-users by making the group categories. The group categories are best to send the relevant information to the number of users at the same time. The clients get the latest offers and deals which helps to multiply the sales in the business. These offers can be the coupons with the specific codes generated by the company. The benefits of fast message forwarding are only available on this Whatsapp platform. The users can forward their best offers and deals to different group’s clients at the same time. It can be helpful to increase the traffic on your business site.

Promotion of the business With Call For Action:

The advertisements play a great role to make any business successful. The advertisements are only made to attract the users towards the products. They get attracted to the products with such catchy advertisements. The best way to promote these promotional activities is provided by the Whatsapp platform. It helps to forward the exact message of the business to its clients and other users. The Whatsapp platform is best to target the new users with WhatsApp number to reply faster. The business can be best promoted with the social media. The people are always active on such social media platforms.

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Query handling with the Whatsapp:

The best qualities of a business are always judged by its problem-solving techniques. The user interaction is required for the successful business. The different users have their different issues related to the products provided by a particular company. But the customer will be satisfied only with the best query handling service in the short time. All the business groups are using such social media to resolve the user’s issues. The Whatsapp platform is there to provide the best support for all types of users. The business groups can add an option of the chat on their site to interact with the users. By using this option users can easily contact the concerned department and get the solution in time. These are some amazing features of the Whatsapp platform to make the business smart and fast in the world.