How To Create Whatsapp Channels

create Whatsapp channels
create Whatsapp channels

In this technologically advanced world, today everything is just a few clicks away from the fingertips of the people across the globe. WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most popular smartphone apps that have attracted millions of the users across the globe and the number of its users is increasing gradually. Today this smart app is now used by the marketers for digital marketing and reaching out to the target customers. It is one of the best apps available for instant messaging but, for the managing the marketing campaigns, it is imperative to create Whatsapp channels

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What Are Whatsapp Channels?

Whatsapp Channels
Whatsapp Channels

Whatsapp Channels are also called Whatsapp Senders and Whatsapp Sender ids. Whatsapp Channels are the type of Whatsapp Marketing Solutions that are pre-activated Whatsapp numbers created through Whatsapp Channels Generators. They are important requisites for a successful Whatsapp Marketing Campaign and they also perform other automation activities that are initiated by Whatsapp Marketing Software such as receive messages, check active Whatsapp users through the “filter” process, check last seen of Whatsapp contacts in the list, and many others.

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If you’re a business owner or professional struggling about Whatsapp Marketing, having someone to mentor you will be very beneficial. Our company does not only offer you different Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as Bulk Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Marketing Software like bulk Whatsapp Sender. We also provide instant database support that is pre-screened from our end.

Types of WhatsApp Channels

There are two types of Whatsapp Channels. These are Protected Whatsapp Channels and Unprotected Whatsapp Channels.

Whatsapp Channels
Whatsapp Channels

Essentially, protected Whatsapp Channels have higher quality compared to unprotected Whatsapp Channels. Protected Whatsapp Channels also tend to be more costly than unprotected Whatsapp Channels. However, it is highly recommended to use protected Whatsapp Channels for the following reasons:

  • Protected WhatsApp channels are active for a longer period, unlike Unprotected WhatsApp channels.
  • WhatsApp channels which are protected can’t be stolen using WhatsApp channels finder software.
  • Protected WhatsApp channels are prone to change password issue. Because no one can change the password without having the security code of your WhatsApp channel, the likelihood that your Whatsapp Channel will be duplicated is almost impossible.

So based on the foregoing, it is, in essence, more logical to choose and buy Whatsapp Channels that are protected. Imagine having purchased unprotected Whatsapp Channels only you can’t really use them because they somehow end up getting banned? If you want to avoid that risk, invest only in Whatsapp Marketing Solutions that are high quality and reliable.

Advantages of Using WhatsApp for Marketing

  • You can easily send free messages to any part of the world without any charges. This service is completely free.
  • All tools provided by Whatsapp are very easy to use.
  • It doesn’t have any advertisements on display screen.
  • This app automatically imports the contacts from your phone and tells you that how many of your friends are using Whatsapp.
  • You can share your location, photos, status with your friends.
  • You need not spend any money for chatting and sharing with your friends.
  • It also allows you to send 100 messages a month to any of your friends not using Whatsapp for free.

How to Choose The Best WhatsApp Marketing Vendor?

Whatsapp Channels
Whatsapp Channels

As a business seeking the right source of high-quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions, you first need to face the challenge of seeking the right Whatsapp Marketing Vendor or Provider. To help you screen these Whatsapp Marketing Companies, we provided a list of attributes essential for a Whatsapp Marketing Provider. These are the following:

Choose a Whatsapp Channel Vendor That Offer Protected Whatsapp Channels

As what was previously mentioned, protected Whatsapp Channels are better option to go along with the Whatsapp Marketing software. Though protected Whatsapp channels are more expensive than unprotected Whatsapp Channels, they are more secure and reliable to use which makes them ideal investments in the long run. Earlier we mentioned the scenario where you have all these unprotected Whatsapp Channels but somehow you end up not using them since they ended up banned. Whatsapp has a strict “no commercialization” policy so any violation of their 300 per day/ per account rule run the risk of getting banned for life. If you want to buy Whatsapp Channels, ensure that you choose the protected ones!

Buy Bulk Whatsapp Channels that are generated with REAL SIM Cards

Whatsapp Channels that are generated with real SIM cards are more secure. Many Whatsapp Channels that are created virtually or copied by other Whatsapp Software such as Whatsapp Channel finder are easily spotted by Whatsapp, making them highly volatile and easily subjected for the ban.

Choose Whatsapp Vendor That Offer Replacement Guarantee In Case Of Defective Whatsapp Channels

Look for a Whatsapp Marketing Provider that give guarantee for replacements in case purchase of Bulk Whatsapp Channels are defective (eg. they register: LOGIN ERROR during login the attempt)

Guarantee That All Bulk Whatsapp Channels Being Sold Are Never Resold

Choose a Provider that doesn’t resell their bulk Whatsapp channels to other merchants. As mentioned earlier, Whatsapp Channels that are virtually generated are easily prone to get banned by Whatsapp for a file which makes them useless.

Fast Delivery of Products

A good source of Whatsapp Marketing Solutions has efficient and prompt delivery system of their products and services.

Safety from Channel Blocking and Theft

Choose a Whatsapp Marketing provider that possessed a systematic way of taking care of their Whatsapp Marketing Solutions, especially Whatsapp Channels through employing unique Channel registration. Pick out a Whatsapp Marketing Provider that has a high-encrypted security system which prevents anybody (even member of their team) to have access over passwords or any other details which put the Whatsapp Channels at risk of getting duplicated or stolen.

Fast Replacement of Bad Channels

Choose a Whatsapp Marketing provider that promptly replaces defective bulk Whatsapp Channels.

Known To Be Reputable and Honest Whatsapp Channel Provider or Vendor

Choose a Whatsapp Marketing Provider that is known to be a reputable source of high quality and reliable Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as different kinds of Whatsapp Marketing Software, protected Bulk Whatsapp Channels and many others. is one of the leading Whatsapp Marketing Providers that offers high-quality Whatsapp Marketing Software. Our reputation reflected on the quality of our products and services which makes us one of the top choices for many marketers who aim to exercise Whatsapp Marketing in promoting their business.

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How to Create WhatsApp Channels

Whatsapp Channels
Whatsapp Channels

You can start creating your own Whatsapp channels with the use of Whatsapp Channel Creator tool. This will helps you to create your own tool which will be beneficial for both business and individual use. Here’s how to create Whatsapp channels:-

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System Requirements for Creating WhatsApp Channels

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Windows XP not supported)
  • 50 Mb free spaces on the hard disk
  • Good internet connection
  • Installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable
  • Installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

[Watch the Embedded Video or Read the Steps Given Below]

  • Start creating your own whatsapp channels by running the software “WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender”
  • Then choose the option “Import Channels” and fill out the field of “Image”, “Vcard”, and “Location”
  • Provide the caption that perfectly suits your WhatsApp Marketing Campaign
  • Now, click on “Add” option and enter the recipient WhatsApp Number. And also, if you wish to send the message to 1000s of recipients in a single shot, import the extracted mobile numbers. And start running the campaign by clicking the “Start” button.
  • The process will take approx. 4-5 minutes to send the message to all the 1000 recipients.
  • After sending the messages to all the recipients, now you can check out the success of your campaign with the help of “Show Delivery Report” option. By clicking this option, you will receive the detailed report of the messages sent and failed along with the corresponding mobile number and the status of the message with reason.

WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster) – Download Now!

Download Whatsapp Blaster
Download Whatsapp Blaster

This Whatsapp Bulk Sender Software will allow you to send bulk Whatsapp messages to other thousands of Whatsapp users in one go, enable you to super target your Whatsapp Marketing campaign so that you only tap on users that are potential clients and take advantage of Whatsapp to increase your income.

We have worked long and hard in perfecting this WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster) for the desktop to empower small businesses and get connected with their clients and prospects. Bulk Whatsapp Sender is designed and developed to specifically address the needs of merchants so they will gain total control of their Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns.

WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster) – Product Features

Our WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster) is packed with numerous features that are designed and developed to make your life as a merchant easier. With WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster), you can now compose and send your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns and connect with your prospects/ existing clients easily. Below are the features of our WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster):

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Add multiple WhatsApp numbers into the system

With this Whatsapp Bulk Messenger, you have the ability to add as many Whatsapp numbers and use it to send as many Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users in whatever part of the world!

Option to create different campaigns to a different set of WhatsApp Numbers

With Bulk Whatsapp Sender, you have the option to create different campaigns and program them to be sent in one go.

Option to use multiple Proxy IP Addresses

Our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software had an option that will allow you to use different Proxy IP addresses so that your Whatsapp numbers remained safe from getting banned by Whatsapp.

With this Bulk Whatsapp Sender, you are now empowered to and be able to reach out to your targeted audience and connect with them in a convenient way. Be able to send a multitude of messages and establish rapport with your targeted market by using our reliable and high-quality WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster)!

Why Use WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster)

Whatsapp Channels
Whatsapp Channels

In our wide variety of high quality Whatsapp Marketing solutions available, Bulk Whatsapp Sender is one of the best Whatsapp Bulk Sending tool available. This Whatsapp Marketing Solution will enable you to:

  • Add unlimited WhatsApp channels
  • Filter numbers that are active on Whatsapp
  • Be able to send future dated WhatsApp messages
  • Many other uses

Why Incorporate WhatsApp Channels?

Using the Whatsapp channels you can send the unlimited or bulk amount of the

  • Video recordings
  • Audio recordings
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Files
  • Voice recordings
  • V-cards

There are different ranges of the Whatsapp channels offered for the customers such as 1000, 500, 250 and some of the other type of the ranges.

Channel: 8618812724793

Login Password: UwwTEpE8coviPpr+uh7zvZ9LKrA=

1 Channels -10$

2 Channels-20$

5 Channels-48$

10 Channels – 95$

20 Channels- 180$

Select Number of Channels

Send your Payments to Paypal ( ) Or Click on Buy Now

If you like to use web panel for bulk whatsapp marketing you can buy it here.

Already downloaded the WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster)? Get your activation key to fully unlock all the features of our product!

Future of WhatsApp Marketing Platform

The current trend in marketing nowadays is Whatsapp Marketing. This is the most effective tool that helps businesses increase their income potential through its ability to connect with target audience easier and with less amount of cost involved.  Therefore, this is your chance to leverage Whatsapp marketing so you can connect with your multitude of prospects located in any part of the world and allow you to earn more money!

WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster) – Download Now
WhatsApp Bulk Sender (Blaster) – Download Now

If you’re looking for the perfect Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Software that allows and guide you on how to send mass Whatsapp Marketing messages to other Whatsapp users without fear of getting your Whatsapp Channels banned!

If you have any other questions, issues, and concerns about our products and services, Contact us now and we’ll be glad to discuss terms with you. Stay tuned with BulkQ for more details!

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