The latest updates and News about the novel Coronavirus in India


The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading in the speed of the tornado. Till now, it had made people believe that it is going to disrupt the world with its scattering power. In such a situation, the other thing which is beating the heat of reality is the rumors. As the symptoms of novel Coronavirus is very common, and those can be compared to regular cold and flu, it is hard for many to stay calm.
Most of the organizations have adopted ‘Work from Home’ culture for their employees after some crucial cases of the epidemic has come to the limelight.
The quarantine measures, locking the borders, suspension of flights, banning travelers coming from other countries and health screening are the different measures taking but the government to help people stay safe and away from the effect of the virus.
Washing your hands again and again with handwashes containing alcohol is not the only advice that you need to follow to stay safe. It would be best if you also can stay away from the news coming from non-reliable sources too. While not touching your nose, eyes and mouth without washing your hand is advisable, we also want you to stay updated about the latest news and the latest measures which are being taken against the virus and to help the people of the country to stay safe.

The courts of Goa and Maharashtra including Mumbai, Nagpur, and Aurangabad will be functional only on 23rd and 26th of March to take care of some urgent matters only.
As per the data of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the total number of positive tested people in India is 167, among which 25 are foreigners.
After analyzing the outbreak of the virus, the Kolkata port has also quarantined the vessels coming from Corona-hit countries for 14 days before getting accepted. The Haldia Dock Complex and Kolkata Port have already started taking preventive measures.
After the recent death of a 70-year-old man in Punjab, the state is all set to suspend the public transport system from Friday. The state government of Punjab has also decided to shut hotels, marriage places, banquets, restaurants. The state is about to rely on home delivery measures for everyday requirements.
The government of Maharashtra is t5aking more preventive measures, and it has decided to use the Epidemic Disease act 1897.
People traveling from Turkey, the UK and European Union are prohibited from entering the country
The toll of death in India due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus raised to 4
The exams including the ICSE, CBSE board class 10th and 12th has been postponed, and the new dates will be announced after 31st March only.
The Financial Year 20 results are also due because of the epidemic, and there is a 45 days extension for the companies to submit their Q4 fillings.
Sixty percent of tickets have been canceled according to the report of the IRCTC in March due to the threat of the epidemic.
Pilgrimages are being restricted for devotees and pilgrims in most of the places till 31st March or more.

Maintain Hygiene: As Coronavirus is nothing but a virus which has mostly do with general hygiene. The virus does not spread through the air, but when it comes in contact with your nose, eyes and throat. The best way to keep yourself safe during the epidemic is to wash your hands more often with handwash. Use hand sanitizers more often after touching anything and before touching your eyes, mouth or nose. Wash your clothes after coming back from any place.

Keep your travel less: After Coronavirus was announced to be an epidemic, most of the public places are instructed to keep shut. In such a scenario even, offices have allowed their employees to work from home. As it is hard to understand the symptoms of the virus in the initial stage, the virus is very prone to get spread easily from one person to another unknowingly. It is better not to take public transport while travelling. Keep enough distance from other people who are found to be sneezing or coughing. Staying back at home as much as possible is the best thing to do right now.

Limit the spread of germs: The only cure of the Coronavirus is your immune system. If you are found sick and affected by the virus, you can help others by keeping yourself distant and not spreading it. Even when you are down with cold and flu use tissue papers while sneezing or coughing. Cover your nose and mouth with your sleeves or elbow.

Do the cleaning: As we said earlier that you need to maintain utmost hygiene to stay safe from the virus. Keep your house and area clean and follow the process more frequently. Wipe off the surfaces like the light switches, computers, keyboards, desks, handles etc. regularly.

Wear Facemask only when you ate sick: This is not an air transmitted disease; thus, not everyone needs to wear a mask. Masks are mandatory for those who are affected by the epidemic and not for those who want to stay safe from the Coronavirus.

Be responsible: The common symptoms of getting affected by the virus are fever, cold, shortness of breath etc. The signs of the epidemic are seen between 2 to 14 days after getting affected. If you think that you are concerned, you need not get panicked and should contact a healthcare professional. It is always suggested to cover your face with a mask while visiting any healthcare provider’s office.

Stay updated about the current updates of the virus from reliable sources only. Don’t rely upon everything you see on social media. Remember that rumours and negativities spread faster than the epidemic. Share genuine and authentic news with your friends and families and stay safe.