How to Check If Someone Has Read Your Message on WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp Group

As we all know, WhatsApp Group is the best communicating tool for communicating, updating and sharing all the necessary information with your friends, colleagues, and even family members. WhatsApp Group chat lets the user send messages, audio clips, and videos to multiple people at once while seamlessly makes chatting easier in the same thread for days, months and even years.

WhatsApp Group – The Best Communication Tool

This messenger has been evolved as the best communication tool to share the upcoming events and information between coworkers and organization. Here are few of the reasons why WhatsApp Group has been rated as the best communication tool!

WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp Group

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Reasons Why Prefer Whatsapp Over FB


Recently, the internet has been abuzz with news of teens shifting to instant communication modes like Whatsapp and WeChat over social messenger Facebook. We give you five reasons why using Whatsapp or WeChat is much better than the traditional Facebook.

While Facebook lets you put up everything right out there, mediums like WeChat and Whatsapp are more personal. All your chats are private unless in a group and there’s no fear of accidentally posting something which can go ‘public’ if you forget to tweak security settings.

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In terms of data, Whatsapp and WeChat are much safer as compared to Facebook. While it is still not advisable to share personal things over Facebook considering the privacy glitches and fears of hacks, there’s no such issue over Whatsapp. Unless an over-adventurous hacker decides to hack the complete database of Whatsapp and go through each and every account, we guess your data is relatively secure as compared to Facebook.

Quick Response

Imagine you sent a message to someone over Facebook. Now begins the endless wait of checking whether the person received the message or not and another wait till he/she comes online to respond. Whatsapp and WeChat are instant and very quick ways of messaging. Response times are much better. Oh, and as all of us have experienced, there’s that no dreaded response ‘Unable to Send’.

Sending Photos and Videos Easily

Both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp allow users to send photos and videos. Both apps allow you to use footage from your camera roll, capture something on the spot, or send photos from Instagram or other photo apps. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp allow you to share photos you receive on the app directly on your Facebook profile. And with both messaging apps, users must take the added step of saving photos to their camera roll or enabling a tool like Airdrop to share their photos. But WhatsApp helps to send audio, video, and images easily, i.e. within a few seconds!

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Advantages of Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp Group

Though WhatsApp is a very powerful instant messaging app, WhatsApp offers full-fledged advantages as follows:-

  • You can chat with people in your contact list, it automatically imports the contacts from your phone and it tells you that how many of your friends are using Whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp is easy to use, and cheap, it helps you to block the users that you don’t want to see your profile picture or someone who you don’t wish to have the conversation with.
  • You do not need the credit balance to use WhatsApp if you have Internet packet data, and you can transfer the data easily including the music, the images, and video transfer.
  • If you have an internet access and you do not have balance in your mobile to make a call, you can use WhatsApp to send the text or to chat, Whatsapp does not need any advertisements on display screen, you can send 100 messages a month to any of your friends as using Whatsapp is free.
  • Whatsapp carries a series of pre-defined messages that you can just tap to send them instantly, and the settings of this app allow you to tweak some of your chat settings and even set your status for others to know if they can contact you free or not.
  • Whatsapp messenger is an excellent choice for sending free texts across the platforms, even internationally, the app transmits text and photo messages via the user’s Internet data plan, Whatsapp has a high quality of communication, and it has high speed to contact your family and friends.
  • Everyone knows how annoying ads can be. WhatsApp hasn’t imposed ads on any of its users. This is because they too are annoyed with ads on the other side. If they show ads, they have to invest resources in data mining, tuning and everything that comes along with it. So by keeping ads away, they made everyone happy.

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Recap on The Advantages of WhatsApp

  • You can easily send free messages to any part of the world without any charges. This service is completely free.
  • All tools provided by Whatsapp are very easy to use.
  • It does not have any advertisements on display screen.
  • This app automatically imports the contacts from your phone and tells you that how many of your friends are using Whatsapp.
  • You can share your location, photos, status with your friends.
  • You need not spend any money for chatting and sharing with your friends.
  • It also allows you to send 100 messages a month to any of your friends not using Whatsapp for free.

The Ultimate Rules Of WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp Group
  • Always keep to the purpose of the group! Don’t share irrelevant messages about other topics.
  • Do not spam the group! If you would like a group to share memes, adverts or deals with then set one up for that exact purpose and invite others to join.
  • Don’t be offended if others leave. Not everyone wants the same information.
  • Do politely excuse yourself before you leave a group.
  • Post your message in one single chunk of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message.
  • If you’re lurking in a group chat and ‘seeing’ every message, occasionally respond with *something* to remove the stalker vibe that inevitably develops.
  • Don’t create huge groups.
  • Don’t create groups with minors who don’t know each other – no parent wants their kids talking to strangers.
  • Do not have one-on-one conversations in the group. Switch to private messages.
  • Do not post in any group between 21:00 and 07:00 unless it is an all-out emergency. By emergency, we mean the “blood, floods, and broken bones” type of emergency, not the “I needed the scone recipe at 2 am because I had the munchies” type of emergency.
  • If a message asks for a positive response like an RSVP, don’t reply in the negative. Only say if you are able to attend. Don’t double RSVP if the second call to action is sent out for the same event.
  • If someone asks a question and you don’t know the answer don’t respond with “I don’t know”. Just wait for someone who knows the answer to reply.
  • Please don’t send in a hundred “thank you” messages. If you feel gratitude towards someone – tell them in a private message.
  • If someone asks a question of a personal nature (like asking for advice) don’t respond if someone else has already answered, or else respond to the person directly in a private message.
  • The group is not a political platform (unless you have specifically set it up for this purpose) No arguing, no heated opinions, no fear mongering, no hyped up drama, no fake news. Check your sources before you share.
  • Never EVER use a group to berate someone else or air grievances. If you have an issue address it one on one with the relevant person.
  • Don’t add random people to a close-knit group.
  • Always ask someone if you may add them before you add them.
  • Don’t send data-insensitive messages. No-one wants their last 3GB used up on uninvited memes.
  • When the group has served its purpose (the hike is over) delete it.
  • Hit “Mute” on your Whatsapp group (unless you’re part of an emergency rescue group). This is a sanity saver. You will still receive all the messages, but your phone won’t buzz or make a noise for every one of them.

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How To Check If Someone Has Read Your Message On Whatsapp Group

WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp Group

For any message that you send, you’ll be able to see a Message info screen, displaying the details of when your message was delivered, read or played by the recipient. To see the Message info screen: Open a chat with a contact or group. Tap and hold your sent message.

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Read Recipients – How to Check?

WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp Group

Check marks will appear next to each message you send. Here’s what each one indicates:

  •  Message successfully sent.
  •  Message successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone.
  •  The recipient has read your message.

In a group chat, the second check mark appears when all participants in the group have received your message. The two blue check marks appear when all participants in the group have read your message.

Check Who Has Read Your WhatsApp Group Messages

Do read receipts work on group messages? How do you know if a text message has been read? How to know who has read your WhatsApp group message on Android/iOS? The questions are still there, How to know who has been reading your WhatsApp group messages on iPhone/Android? Can you track WhatsApp messages? How can I tell if someone has read my message? What about the messages sent to the group? How to find who has read your message in a WhatsApp group?

WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp is a great invention of this century and you can easily find WhatsApp in the app store. Everyone seems on WhatsApp, it’s not only a great tool for getting connected in very less cost but also, in this app many innovative features included by every month, like video calling, material design, and the main new feature is blue tick; it’s very helpful to know the sent message is read by the receiver or not.

This includes 3 types, one gray, two gray & two blue. One gray is message delivery tick, 2 gray ticks mention, it is successfully delivered & blue is message read by the receiver.

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Find out Who read your WhatsApp Group Chat Message on iOS

WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp Group

If you follow these easy instructions you will soon know who has read your messages.

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Find a group that you are active in.
  3. To experiment with for this How-to send a new message.
  4. Hold and tap on your sent message, wait for the menu to appear and then tap info.
  5. Now you will be able to see who has read your message under read by.

To be thorough I am going to tell you about another method of doing this with the same results as before, you should follow each step precisely.

  1. Follow the first three steps from above.
  2. This next part works for text, video or an image. Swipe from right to left on your sent message.
  3. A screen will appear with the information you need.

For this last part to work, you will need to make sure you have the latest version on WhatsApp as it was not possible on previous versions.

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Find out who read your Group Message on Android

WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp Group

Just like the iOS version of WhatsApp, it is now easy to see who has read your group messages in on the Android version too. Simply follow the instructions below to set this up.

  1. Find WhatsApp on your tablet or smartphone and open it.
  2. If you have an ongoing group chat tap on it to open it.
  3. As with the iPhone version you can send a new message or tap on an old one. When you have done that, at the top of the screen a menu will popup.
  4. Tap the information symbol, usually the letter “i” within a circle.
  5. Under the read section, you will now be able to see which group members have read your message.

Group members who are yet to read your message will be listed under “Delivered to”

And that is how you can find out who has read or who has not read your group chat message on both Android and iOS. Personally, I think this is a very powerful feature especially when you consider times when it is important that everyone in a particular chat is able to gather time-sensitive information whether it be for work or pleasure.

If you found this tip useful, please do share it with your friends on your favorite social networks. Stay tuned with BulkQ to know more about WhatsApp Marketing Strategies!