How to Change Facebook Page Name After 200 Likes

facebook page name change

The use of social media platforms for business purposes is not new. That is something all businesses know about. Most social media platforms have different features to make them easy for business use. If we talk about Facebook, the application has made it clear that it will no longer entertain personal profiles for business purposes. And therefore, millions of business owners who are using their personal Facebook profiles to market their businesses are left with only one choice- switching to a Facebook business page. Facebook is one of the most used social media networks in 2022, and the Facebook business page is an added advantage for business owners.

facebook page name change

But still, many users think having a personal Facebook account is way better for their business than having a Facebook page. And such thoughts are only hurting their businesses, and there is a long list of reasons why. Additionally, after starting a Facebook business page and acquiring a few likes and followers, many businesses still do not find it comfortable to continue with a Facebook page. Many such businesses stop using their Facebook pages or sell them for a few bucks to other business owners, making it an excellent exit point for themselves.

But if you don’t find it safe to sell out a business page and don’t know what to do with a business page that is no longer in use, we can give you a great idea. You can change the page’s name and use it for other businesses.

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Well, Facebook has made it easy to change the name of an existing page and create meaningful connections with your potential customers while retaining the existing likes and followers on the same page.

Sounds interesting? But before we tell you how you can use an existing Facebook page by renaming it, we first want you to know how Facebook can benefit your business.

Here Are The Top Benefits Of Using Facebook For Your Business

 Facebook Helps You Build Your Online Brand

For any business from any industry, vertical online selling is mandatory. It is because more than 90% of any brand’s target audience is using at least one social media platform. And Facebook is the top priority for all social media users with the largest userbase. Additionally, nowadays, people prefer mobile and social media shopping which is also growing in popularity with every passing day. Therefore Facebook can be the best opportunity if you want to get in front of the right customers regionally and internationally.

Facebook has 2.9 billion monthly users, according to Statista, and no other social media platform can offer your business such vast potential exposure. As the largest social media network, it is easy to achieve mainstream success with Facebook. Facebook has many integration tools that help you promote your business online and generate leads.

Facebook Helps You Build Professional Bonds With Your Competitors

Besides connecting with people you like, such as your friends, family members, and relatives, Facebook is also helpful if you try to build bonds with your competitors. Many groups for fellow professionals on Facebook maintain a healthy relationship among businesses from the same industry verticals. The group members agreed not to steal businesses from each other. They collaborated healthily by sharing advice on what software to implement, what insurance policies to consider, or how to pitch to an investor. And all the information shared in those groups remains discretely within the group.

It is truly a blessing to get to know other businesses from the same industry, collaborate with them, and share thought leadership. Facebook has made it relatively easy for business owners to put their egos aside and help each other improve the industry’s quality nationally and internationally.

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Facebook Helps In Breaking Stereotypes

Previously, people had many misconceptions about specific professions when there were no social media networks. Certain careers used to carry negative stereotypes. Such as lawyers, politicians, and salespeople used to be considered dishonest just because of their jobs. And with the gaining popularity of Facebook, those stereotypes are being defeated.

Previously when Facebook was not that popular, some professionals used to keep themselves distant and a bit aloof from the general public. And after Facebook became an efficient method of making personal connections and business relations, even people from those professional backgrounds are seen to connect with people better.

Many practice owners such as lawyers, doctors, and Chartered Accountants seem to post on Facebook about how they serve the community and create a better level of trust that leads to new cases.

Facebook Helps Finding Top Job Candidates

Hiring the best talents for an organization is not an easy task. On the one hand, where the job seekers are complaining about not having enough job vacancies, companies are saying that they are failing to attract the best potential employees to their companies. Nowadays, with the increasing use of social media platforms like Facebook, the barrier of finding a good job and identifying the best potential employee has become a little less. Many businesses are posting job openings on Facebook, especially on their business pages, so that people who would be excited to know about those vacancies can know about the opportunities to join. Additionally, people who are not interested can like and share to let other qualified candidates know about the opportunity who might be interested.

Many companies are adapting more focused and proactive recruiting strategies on Facebook as Facebook users engage positively with a brand. Therefore they are posting pictures, showcasing their work cultures, and doing whatever it takes to reach out to potential candidates they might convert into their best assets.

Facebook Can Increase Productivity

While many people are trying hard to make you believe that Facebook is detrimental to your mental health, distractive the opposite may be true. Amidst a jam-packed day full of activity when people are willing to take short breaks and do something that interests them, using Facebook can make them happier and more productive. Sometimes checking the news feed on your Facebook can make you feel more connected with your friends and family, and maybe you will be more relaxed and focused when you return to work.

A quick Internet survey has proven to help give your mind a small rest and leads to a higher total concentration.

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Facebook Helps In Generating Leads

It is well-known to businesses nowadays who use Facebook religiously for business purposes. Facebook has lead generation templates, and the platform is half for creating promotional ads. Many businesses even send those ads through automated messages on Facebook Messenger and analyze the response they get to discover what their customers are looking for in a relatively straightforward process. For many small businesses, Facebook is a cost-effective tool to generate leads without consistently monitoring the responses they get. Through automated conversations targeting consumers understanding their interests, and building r genuine email marketing contact list is now easy.

Facebook “Book Now” Tool Makes Scheduling Appointments Easy

Facebook has a book now feature, which has proven helpful for small businesses, including booking appointments. A business can integrate the book now feature on their calendar system and help their customers book appointments whenever convenient. Once a customer schedules an appointment through Facebook, that particular time or date is locked automatically, letting other people know about the unavailability of that particular slot. Therefore it is pretty straightforward and time-saving for companies to reduce the number of phone calls for booking appointments and time spent monitoring an online booking system.

You can even better the process by automating a few messages when someone tries to schedule an appointment manually. After booking an appointment, customers receive an invite with the necessary information, instructions, and directions.

Facebook Made It Easy To Find People Or Content

Be it any social media platform; a keyword is a valuable tool. If you want to find someone or some relevant content when needed, it is easy to search all posts, including photos, videos, articles, status updates, and more, using simple keywords on Google search.

You can type those keywords or phrases when trying to find information about a person, subject, business, or more, and relevant information will appear. This process is significantly time-saving and makes finding business connections and networks easy when you have limited information about them.

Facebook Offers Digital Marketing

Like digital marketing helps your business grow its conversion rate and reach your potential audience, Facebook also helps businesses contact their target audience directly through a series of specific buttons. Facebook also facilitates 2-way communication between users and small businesses in as little time as possible.

If you are a business owner, those Facebook features will make it easy for you to expand your reach and convert your target audience into a potential buyers in just a click. Additionally, you can customize the call-to-action buttons based on your communication styles and conversion goals. Some of the CTA buttons of Facebook are: get directions, send messages, call now and shop now.

Facebook Makes It Easy To Sell Directly

If you have an eCommerce website or want to start selling online, Facebook makes it easy to set up a Facebook shop where your target audience can see your products and services. They can also pay you directly, and as the business owner, you can start accepting payments through Facebook Pay. When you sign up for Facebook Pay, you can link your Facebook shop in your payment arsenal, and all of your target users can use this feature to buy almost any type of goods and services you are selling.

How To Change The Name Of Your Existing Facebook Page?

If you had the question of whether or not you can change your Facebook page name, the good news is that most FB pages can. Years ago, Facebook never allowed businesses to change their page names. But now it’s pretty easy. But Facebook needs to approve your name change. However, we will guide you through the entire process of changing the name of your Facebook page. Read on!

Some Basic Rules Regarding Business Page Name Guidelines

First of all, to change the name of any Facebook page, you first need to be the admin of that page. Now the new name you choose for your business must accurately reflect the page’s purpose. Remember that only authorized representatives can change a page name for an organization, brand, place, or public figure.

Your page name must not include:

  • Any abusive term or phrase that violates others’ rights.
  • The term ‘official’ refers to if the page is not a brand or organization’s official page.
  • Toggle font. Your brand name must be grammatically correct
  • Symbols or punctuation
  • Slogans and descriptions

Your page name cannot include:

  • Just generic words such as School. Your page must have an official name that represents the organization or business you own.
  • The name of a place such as Hyderabad. However, you can create a page name representing a specific location, such as Hyderabad Mayor’s Office.

The name of a Facebook page can be 75 characters long, and if you want to add a further description about the page, you can add that in your “about” section.

Now to change the name of your Facebook page:

  • You have to log in as an admin.
  • Next, go to the page and click on edit page Info, generally placed at the bottom left side.
  • Now click on the page name area and enter the new page name of your choice.
  • Now review your request and request to change.

Once all those steps are done, your name change request will go for approval. But here, we want to notify you about one more thing: that not every Facebook page name can be changed. And you must know what the possible reasons for not being able to change the name of your Facebook business page are:

  • You are not allowed to change the name of the Facebook page since you don’t have a page role
  • You are some other admin who has recently changed the page name
  • Your page is a regional page that falls under a global page category

How To Increase The Reach Of Your Facebook Page Quickly

Now that you have successfully changed the name of your old Facebook page after 200 likes or more now, this is the time to increase the page’s reach and dominate conversions around Facebook marketing. And rightfully, every business wants to reach as many people as possible in less time. And we will tell you different ways of Facebook reach. But before that, we will tell you about different types of reach.

Facebook organic reach: When all businesses talk about Facebook reach, they typically refer to organic reach. Organic reach is measured by how many people saw your Facebook page generally without sponsoring posts. This type of reach is hard to earn but yields maximum benefits. According to marketers, organic reach brings the best ROI.

Facebook viral reach: Viral rich refers to how many people saw your content because someone else engaged with the content via comments, shares, and likes. This reach depends on interactions from other accounts, such as followers and non-followers. If sometimes some content popup in your news feed as if someone else liked it, that is a viral reach in action.

Facebook ad reach: Facebook ads are based on audience targeting and budgeting. According to Facebook, Facebook ads are measurable metrics, and you can measure how well your ad performed and how well it has impacted your audience.

Ways To Increase Your Facebook Reach

Facebook reaches are not entirely dependent upon the algorithm. But you also need to know about some essential Facebook best practices. And below, we are sharing some best practices you can incorporate.

Optimize Your Content: You can cross-post across Instagram, Twitter alongside Facebook. You can craft unique captions, hashtags and post videos, infographics, and so on, along with a call to action to drive discussions. Content optimization is crucial for Facebook’s organic reach.

Maintain Consistency: It is no surprise that consistency is the key to a successful Facebook marketing strategy. You must post on Facebook daily to grow your presence and let the algorithm work for you. If you cannot allocate the same amount of time regularly on Facebook, use the Facebook app to queue up your content and ensure you regularly publish.

Post On The Right Time: you must know the best times to post on social media to engage more and more audience stare posts. Considering the result, you are getting; you can always fine-tune your publishing times.

Use Facebook Ads: If you want fresh followers, Facebook ads are a great strategy. And for most brands, the investment in Facebook ads worked wonders.

Join Groups: If you want more and more people to engage in your Facebook business page, you also need to engage on different Facebook groups or individual accounts to earn viral reach.


As noted earlier, Facebook is highly customizable, and we recommend keeping an eye on long-term trends to make the most of your Facebook business page. There are plenty of options to make the best use of your Facebook page and market your business. Among so many common trends, it is essential to identify the top-performing ones that others do in your industry.