How to Setup WeChat Payment?

In today’s world, many people work away from home and lives in different countries. And also, more and more people…

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Why is WeChat popular in China?

Foreign businesses who are interested in breaking into the Chinese market would be forgiven for wondering why WeChat is successful…

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How to Use WeChat for Business?

Most of us believe that mobile instant messaging (MIM) is the next big thing in digital media. However, many marketers…

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5 Successful Brands Doing WeChat Marketing

WeChat had over 600 million active users and only 70 million of those were from outside of China. Often considered…

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10 Tips to Market Your Brand on WeChat

Nowadays, WeChat is much more popular than all social networking platforms. It is also a channel where business firms have…

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What Marketers Need to Know About WeChat Marketing?

We all well aware of the app “WhatsApp” but what about WeChat? WeChat has been offering more features and marketing…

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What Are The Best Strategies for WeChat Marketing?

Today, business owners are searching for different & different messaging platforms to reach the targeted audience. WeChat continues to grow…

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