How Businesses Are Using WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing For Business
WhatsApp Marketing For Business

A year ago, Facebook has been ranked as the most popular & most frequently used messaging app. But now, things were changed! Yeah…With over 800 million monthly users, WhatsApp has now become a No. 1 social media platform which presents a massive opportunity for online marketers enabling instant customer service and highly targeted social media marketing. The question now arises among most of the business owner is: “How can I use WhatsApp for marketing?” To provide a detailed picture for this question, we have come up with few creative ways of the most popular brands who implemented WhatsApp marketing in their business campaign.

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Clarks – The First Brand to Use WhatsApp Marketing

The leading shoe retailer Clarks is one of the first brands to use WhatsApp marketing in their marketing campaign. In 2015, they rolled out an interactive storytelling WhatsApp campaign to promote its popular product “Desert Boot” to connect with customers.

This campaign involved live-chatting with three characters with links to the Desert Boot, its place in history, and the Reggae generation of Jamaica.

Hellman’s – The First Live Recipe Service via WhatsApp

Hellmann’s website is solely dedicated to cooking tips and inspiration, and to find out how products can add extra flavor to the recipes! And it’s the first live recipe service to connect with customers via WhatsApp! At Hellman’s, the WhatsCook real-time service connected people to professional cooks who taught users how to create a meal using ingredients they already had in their kitchen. To take part in this campaign, the users were asked to submit their WhatsApp number to the Hellman’s website.

Colgate – Send Your Smiles via WhatsApp

Selfies are the reigning trend on social networks! With this in mind, Colgate has launched a new campaign to send your smiles via WhatsApp! Colgate’s Visible White selfie campaign has at least managed to promote its product with a relevant message using selfies. However, the campaign does not offer any tangible incentives, but the campaign reached millions of customers.

HomeShop18’s – Caturday Sales Campaign

HomeShop18 launched a campaign called Caturday Sales Campaign which offered subscriptions to receive entertaining memes as well as live updates on special offers and deal via WhatsApp. The campaign was a huge hit with about 200,000 people signed up to receive these discounts.

Share a Coke – Get Virtual Coke Bottle With Your Name on It!

The Share a Coke WhatsApp marketing campaign has been a talk of the world a few months ago! All you needed to do was send “Coke Your Name” to their WhatsApp number (i.e. Coke Ria), then they’ll send you back a virtual Coke bottle with your name on it!

BBC – To Alert People about Ebola Virus

The BBC first used WhatsApp during the 2014 Ebola crisis to update people about the virus in West Africa. Recently, BBC Africa launched an innovative WhatsApp series titled ‘Young, Angry and Connected’, which receive massive applause from the people.

Coming to conclusion, the above all examples clearly states how business have used WhatsApp Marketing to promote their business and to reach targeted audience.

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So why wait….. Take an advantage of WhatsApp marketing to multiple sales, expand your reach, revenue and visibility!

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