Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing
Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp has touched more than a billion lives on this planet. Making every 1 of 7 people on this planet accessible and connected via this very easy to use mobile messaging app acquired by Facebook for whopping 19 billion dollars. Since, WhatsApp is predominantly the most active mobile app used by its user to interact with their friends, family and business contacts. Many marketers have found a workaround from its counterpart feature of not allowing any WhatsApp Ads or other advertising options. Here comes – Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

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WhatsApp Supports Multiple Formats!

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing
Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

It not only supports the text but also various media files so makes the marketing campaign through WhatsApp more clear for every marketer. WhatsApp Marketing through Text, images, videos on mobile is very important for every sector today. Formats which are supported by WhatsApp are

  • Image
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Vcards
  • Location

Benefits of Whatsapp SMS Marketing

  1. You can easily send free Text/Voice/Video messages to any part of the world without any Additional charges.
  2. All tools are very easy to use.
  3. You can use your Excel/CSV file format to send WhatsApp message.
  4. You can target your Premium clients.

***DND Not Applies To Whatsapp.

One can also send promotional messages to the DND numbers through WhatsApp as DND does not apply on the WhatsApp. So now marketers can send text as well as multimedia messages for the promotional purpose through WhatsApp to all the contact without the obligation of the DND.

Watch Above Video for Demo and  if you like to try practically,

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Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software – What Is It?

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing
Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

Bulk WhatsApp Sender is world’s leading WhatsApp marketing company providing different solutions like Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Scripts, Tools, Software, Web-based Panel (with reseller options) and even bulk WhatsApp Channels with WhatsApp Channel Registration tools.

Features of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing
Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

Send 1000s Of Messages – Make BIG announcements to your audiences without breaking a sweat.

Add Unlimited Senders – Save time by adding unlimited WhatsApp numbers to send messages. Anytime…Anywhere…From any number!

Change Profile Picture – Change your WhatsApp profile pictures in on the go.

Personalized Inbox – Reply individually to all your channels. Personalized inbox for all incoming messages

Supports All Multimedia Formats – Shout out your messages in any format – text, Images, Videos, Audios and Vcard Files

Easy Contact Management – The ability to categorize your contacts into groups, import Excel or CSV contact lists to your group.

Filter Whatsapp Numbers – Keep the junk out by filtering thousands of WhatsApp users under 3 seconds.

Whatsapp Forwarding – WhatsApp Forwarding for faster uploading of images, audios & videos.

How to Get Started with Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing
Bulk Whatsapp Marketing
  1. Either you can install WhatsApp on your PC using VMWare with Android virtual environment or use apps like Bluestacks

NOTE: Only downside you can only add one WhatsApp number and maximum messages per number you can send is 200+ and then boom the number gets banned

  1. Use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software such as WhatsApp Bulk Sender which allows you to add unlimited WhatsApp numbers into the software and then you can scale your campaigns to up to any number of messages you want to send. The software also allows you to send text, audio, video, image & vCard files to all the active WhatsApp users.
  2. You can use Bulk WhatsApp Sender who are providing WhatsApp marketing credits with a web-based panel

How to Send WhatsApp Broadcast Messages

With the Broadcast List feature, you can send a message to several of your contacts at once. Broadcast Lists are saved lists of message recipients that you can repeatedly send broadcast messages to, without having to select them each time.

Creating a Broadcast List
  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to the Chats screen > Menu Button > New broadcast.
  3. Tap + or type in contact names to choose recipients from your contact list.
  4. Done.
  5. Tap Create.

This will create a new list of broadcast recipients. When you send a message to the Broadcast List, it will send to all recipients in the list. The recipients will receive the message as a normal message. When they reply, it will appear as a normal message in your Chats screen; their reply will not be sent to other recipients in the Broadcast List.

Note: Only contacts who have added you to their phone’s address book will receive your broadcast message. If your contact is not getting your broadcast messages, check to make sure they have added you to their address book. Broadcast Lists are a one-to-many communication. If you want your recipients to participate in a group conversation, you should create a Group Chat instead.

Editing a Broadcast List
  1. Open your Broadcast List.
  2. Tap the Menu Button > Broadcast list info.
  3. In the Broadcast list info screen you can:
    • Change the name of your Broadcast List by tapping the Pencil icon.
    • Add recipients to the list by tapping on the Add recipient… button.
    • Remove recipients by tapping, holding and selecting Remove {recipient} from a broadcast list.
Deleting a Broadcast List
  1. Tap and hold on the Broadcast List in the Chats menu you wish to delete.
  2. Delete broadcast list.
  3. Tap Delete.

Why is WhatsApp Marketing considered as an Excellent Tool?


Bulk Whatsapp Marketing
Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

Watch Demo Video

Because of the wide user database of WhatsApp, it can serve as an excellent marketing tool as well. Much like International SMS marketing, WhatsApp marketing can also offer you all the benefits at your fingertips. To make use of WhatsApp as your marketing tool, all you require is a smart mobile phone, a mobile number, and Internet access. You can instantly begin with WhatsApp marketing! You can send countless marketing texts, images, video content and voice messages as well. Moreover, unlike SMS service, there is no limit on the length of the message. This is much flexible and preferred marketing tool currently. It offers the easiest way to reach out to numerous customers around the globe.

The significant benefits of using WhatsApp Marketing Services include:

Vast Reach: 

You can easily expand your customer base and reach across the world by sending WhatsApp messages to your buyers irrespective of location. You can now target both international and national audiences with one single message to all.

Share text and multimedia content with ease: 

WhatsApp allows you to send text messages, videos content, images, PDFs and word documents as well, with just a tap on the screen of a smartphone. Therefore sending bulk messages that include multimedia files as well can be instantly sent to all your contact lists.

Increased Flexibility and Mobility: 

As, all you need is an Internet connection and a smart cell phone to get started with WhatsApp marketing and you can send any kind of data and information via WhatsApp, thus it offers excellent flexibility. You can do all this irrespective of where you are and what time it is, offering you the maximum mobility.

Cheaper and Best: 

WhatsApp marketing is one of the cheapest modes of marketing. You do not have to pay any penny for the software app or any other hidden charges. You just pay for the amount of Internet used during that time.

Promotions and Advertising Utilizing WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is a magnificent tool for endorsing new varieties of your products or offers that are available at discounted rates. Innovative short detail can be sent by you along with digital images or videos of your products comprising directions concerning the product use. The process is similar to advertising where you can share eye-catchy e-brochures of your company, your valuable service with help of WhatsApp. You can also share them through television or radio advertisements. You can grab the attention of your customers by changing your status and exhibiting pictures for promotion sake of any specific service.

Marketing Survey Along with WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is a magnificent tool for endorsing new varieties of your products or offers that are available at discounted rates. Innovative short detail can be sent by you along with digital images or videos of your products comprising directions concerning the product use. The process is similar to advertising where you can share eye-catchy e-brochures of your company, your valuable service with help of WhatsApp. You can also share them through television or radio

Team Building:

For having excellent communication, your section can craft your specific WhatsApp groups for discussing on new works, task updates, work deadlines and meeting timings. Starting from a manager to an employee, every person can talk simply via the app. Your employees can share new ideas, thoughts, problems, or even team building activities that can assist your company to expand greatly.

WhatsApp can also be utilized by you to acquire a good communication along with your company’s employees. Whether it is a significant quick update regarding a specific assignment or any inspiring message for maintaining high spirit among your team members, WhatsApp will put together easily. While interacting with your team members, you can find a proper resolution of your problem in actual time.

Positioning your Brand:

While communicating with your customers personally, you can be aware what your customers want from you and your business, and thus can place your marketing communications that are based on it. When you reply your customers’ queries, they will be excited that their questions have been answered by you in real time, as they consider you as real people.

Do’s & Don’t About Whatsapp Marketing

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing
Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

Do you still need more reasons for not using WhatsApp as a major tool at your disposal for marketing? Anyhow, there are some do’s & don’t of WhatsApp Marketing


  1. You should start sharing your WhatsApp contact details on the various website including your official website & other social media platforms. You can even integrate WhatsApp share buttons on WordPress websites using a simple plugin.
  2. You should store phone numbers of your consumers & clients and let them know that you will reach them back using WhatsApp for future announcements and other updates when you have established a relationship even though it is not made mandatory.
  3. Even though WhatsApp is one of the informal ways of communicating with your prospects & clients. But, it’s always best to keep decorum when you communicate with your consumers & customers.
  4. You should reply immediately to queries generated on WhatsApp. Communicating instantly & promptly showcases customer support. And it’s essential for any business to respond to their customers & prospects in the least time. You never know you might do business with simply communicating with them in a timely manner.
  5. Use Images & Videos to make your marketing content more engaging. We have seen our self that visual content has higher chances of receiving a reply from prospects.
  6. Include interactive, funny, engaging elements in your message. This helps make your messages go viral.
  7. Of course, it’s not possible to be there 24 x7 sometimes to be available for your customers. But, it helps when you communicate the same to your customers about specific operational hours and days of your business.
  8. Be selective about who you take as a prospect. Don’t market to people who have got nothing to do with the type of business you run.
  9. You can post your product or service offered on Facebook and engage with replies on WhatsApp. This way of integrating Facebook with WhatsApp is a nice way to target communications with your audience.


  1. Do not send unsolicited messages to unknown numbers. Simply don’t. It’s ok if you send out messages to ideal prospects which are specific and well-targeted. But, not just random numbers! Because if you send messages which are totally irrelevant then you might end up getting your WhatsApp number blocked.
  2. Watch your frequency of sending WhatsApp messages. Sometimes sending too many messages doesn’t help build your brand image. Instead, its treated as SPAM and it’s more like Anti-marketing rather than engaging marketing.
  3. Focus on providing excellent support. Don’t ignore the feedback your customers provide or queries they have with your business. If you do that, then your customers may lose interest. In exchange, that’s business goes bad. And hope you don’t want that, right?
  4. Keep your profile on WhatsApp active. Change Display Picture often. Change status often. Because if you don’t then customers may think that you are not keen on promoting your brand or business.
  5. Never ever. We mean never ever create a group on WhatsApp with unknown people in it. It should have something in common – Maybe a locality or an interest or anything. But, making someone join a group where they are unknown fires up bad conversations within these common set of people.

Stay Tuned with BulkQ!

Get ready to expand our business with us! Our BulkQ WhatsApp Software would be the right choice for you!

Benefits of Our Software:

    • Easy To Use
    • No Credit limit, Send an Unlimited message to Unlimited Users And Clients
    • Lowest Rate In Market
    • Customized, Transparency, And Control
    • Inbuilt Whatsapp Filter
    • No Need Of Channel
    • It’s Easy From Bulk SMS
    • Also, the Opening rate in Whatsapp message is more than bulk SMS
    • Training And Support Provided By Us

Our Package:

Our Price starts at 25 USD or 1500 Rs

The world awaits you to test our massive messages via WhatsApp quickly and effectively. Subscribe BulkQ to learn more about WhatsApp Marketing Strategies!

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