Bulk WhatsApp Marketing in Singapore – An Overview

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Singapore
Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Singapore

Whether your business is springing now or it’s a million dollar business, Marketing is one of the important things you need to look into. You might already be heard about the wave which WhatsApp is already making in businesses. Today, we are going to discuss WhatsApp Marketing in Singapore. There are plenty of things that you need to consider a merchant when you’re planning to buy Whatsapp channels or bulk Whatsapp channels for his Whatsapp Marketing needs. It is our goal to educate you through this article on these crucial important factors so you don’t have to commit the same mistakes as many other merchants did.

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Since the widespread success of Whatsapp Marketing, the team at BulkQ had decided to become committed to developing various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions. Such solutions are geared towards addressing the Whatsapp Marketing needs of merchants that will enable them to connect with their targeted audience better.

Heard about Whatsapp Marketing in Singapore? The world of Whatsapp Marketing Singapore had spiraled upwards ever since the widespread success of Whatsapp Marketing in general. That is not surprising considering that Whatsapp Marketing is already considered as the latest trend of marketing any type of business nowadays. Not to mention, the popularity of Whatsapp as the primary tool of communicating with other people. If you’re a merchant trying to make it big in your business, there is no best way other than to have a huge database of the target market and convert that database into your list of clients.

Why Bulk WhatsApp Marketing in Singapore?

Among the 900 million of active Whatsapp subscribers all over the world, a huge 10% of that chunk belonged to the Singapore population. This goes to show that Whatsapp dominated the world of digital communication among people; especially in Singapore. Bulk Whatsapp Marketing in Singapore is definitely a huge thing that’s why many businesses, be it small scale or big scale, is now utilizing Whatsapp Marketing to connect with their prospective clients. Such scenario can also be said about Whatsapp Marketing in Singapore and the rest of the world, actually.

If you are running a business in Singapore or anywhere else who desire to take advantage of Whatsapp Marketing, then you’re in luck because our company is offering the latest Whatsapp marketing solutions and tools that will enable you to send unlimited messages to an unlimited number of Whatsapp users in Singapore and anywhere else in the world! With our software, Whatsapp marketing Singapore will soar to even greater heights!

Here comes the importance of knowing WhatsApp Desktop Blaster and Web Panel in detail:

WhatsApp Desktop Blaster

WhatsApp blaster an online tool used for marketing across the globe. WhatsApp is an only application used in most of the countries. Marketing activity is conducted to connect with the customer or to generate business leads. WhatsApp for desktop is very simple to connect with customer sharing humorous content.

How to Use WhatsApp Blaster

To start with WhatsApp Text Campaign, share short text content featuring USP for product/service. The first attempt is to make them recall bard information (store visit, conversation over the call, action on old offers) this is the process to lay the platform for desire. The second attempt would be to share attractive image/video where the same customer would show interest to visit website/ download App/ pay / possible to share with others groups.

Features Offered by WhatsApp Desktop Blaster

Here is the list of features that this software provides:

Numbers Registration & Management Option:
  • WhatsApp Channel Registration
  • WhatsApp Bulk Channel Import
  • WhatsApp Bulk Channel Export
  • Check WhatsApp Numbers
WhatsApp Number Filtration Option:
  • Load CSV/TXT Files
  • Number Range Generator
  • Export Feature
Send Message Option:
  • Message Composer
  • Shuffle Messages
  • Export Messages List
WhatsApp History Option:
  • Delivery Report
  • Export Messages
WhatsApp Chat View Option:
  • Chat View
  • List View

WhatsApp Web Panel for Marketing

WAPanel is world’s most scalable bulk WhatsApp marketing web based script that allows you to operate your WhatsApp marketing campaigns on the web using your own host server. Some of the features that WAPanel provides are checking active WhatsApp Numbers, generates series of phone numbers for filtration, check incoming messages, and auto-reply incoming messages. Send text, audio, image, video, vCard and even GPS location on WhatsApp. Upload unlimited proxies, and you get all the control in our settings tab which can give you full speed in every campaign that you operate, Even more, any purchase gives you access to unlimited future updates without any monthly fee.

WhatsApp Panel

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WA Panel is a groundbreaking web-based Bulk WhatsApp Marketing script which allows you to send 1000s of WhatsApp marketing messages which can be hosted on your own server. Using this powerful self-hosted tool you can add unlimited WhatsApp Senders which allows you to send unlimited messages (literally!) and many other features which help you take control over your WhatsApp marketing automation. Take a tour of the software of how it works above.

Why Use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Singapore

Create a buzz or use trending topics to catch the attention of your prospects and we’re sure as sunsets that your profits will increase exponentially!

Reply in Real Time

Establish rapport and personal connection with your clients and prospects by communicating with them in real time. Close a deal, make price negotiations, create sales over Whatsapp or even simply respond to a simple query. With our Whatsapp Marketing software, you can create a bridge of understanding between you and your client or prospect; paving the way a for long-term business relationships.

Easy Marketing

Our Whatsapp Marketing Software makes it easier for you to compose an effective Whatsapp Marketing campaign to send to your targeted audience. You don’t have to worry about adding balance and top-ups to meet the required limitation of 160 parameters as was normal in SMS messaging.

Cost Effective Marketing

Because the technology of Whatsapp allows you to send longer messages without additional cost, you can also save money and time resources. What is required is for your targeted audience to have Whatsapp installed on their cellphone and you can reach them as fast as you could.

How to Choose the Right Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Provider

To protect yourself from being ripped off, it is best to choose a Whatsapp Marketing channel vendor that not only sell protected Whatsapp channels but also give more value to the purchase by providing you after sales support.

The following are the checklist of what makes a good Whatsapp channel vendor:
  1. Choose a Whatsapp Channel Vendor that offer protected Whatsapp Channels
  2. If possible, Whatsapp Channels must be generated with REAL sim cards
  3. Choose Whatsapp Vendor that offer replacement guarantee in case of defective Whatsapp Channels
  4. Guarantee that all Whatsapp Channels being sold are never resold
  5. Fast Delivery of products
  6. Safety from channel blocking and theft
  7. Fast replacement of bad channels
  8. Known to be reputable and honest Whatsapp Channel provider or vendor
A Whatsapp Channel vendor that offers protected Whatsapp Channels

As previously mentioned, protected Whatsapp Channels are better option to go along with your Whatsapp Marketing software. Though protected Whatsapp channels are more costly than unprotected ones, it’s more secure and they are definitely reliable investments in the long run. Whatsapp have a strict “blocking” system, especially with virtual numbers. It would be a shame if your Whatsapp Channels are blocked soon as you just purchased them from your vendor.

Whatsapp Channels being sold are generated with real SIM cards

Real SIM cards almost eliminate the possibility of the Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp senders getting banned by Whatsapp. Virtual Whatsapp numbers such as those generated or copied by other Whatsapp software like Whatsapp Channel finder are easily prone to get banned by Whatsapp.

Offer replacement guarantee in case of defective Whatsapp Channels

To give allowance for imperfection, choose a bulk Whatsapp Channels vendor that will guarantee replacement in case your purchases of Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders are defective (eg. they register: LOGIN ERROR during log in attempt)

Whatsapp Channels are never resold to other merchants

As previously mentioned, Whatsapp has strict “blocking” system so any duplicity of Whatsapp number is a sure way of getting banned by Whatsapp. To eliminate the possibility of your Whatsapp Channel from getting banned, ensure that the Whatsapp Channel vendor doesn’t resell their Whatsapp channels to other merchants.

Fast Delivery

Choose a Whatsapp Channel provider or vendor that has efficient and fast delivery of their products.

There is safety from theft and blocking

Again, to prevent your purchased bulk Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders from getting blocked or stolen, ensure that your Whatsapp Channel provider or vendor have a systematic way of taking care of their Whatsapp Channels through their unique Channel registration.

Another way to ensure this is, your Whatsapp Channel provider or vendor must have high-encrypted security which prevents anybody (even member of their team) to have access over passwords or any other details which put the Whatsapp Channels at risk of getting duplicated or stolen.

Fast replacement of bad channels

This is in direct correlation to the “fast delivery” section of this list. Choose a Whatsapp Channel Provider or Vendor that promptly replaces defective Whatsapp Channels.

Known to be reputable and honest Whatsapp Channel provider or Vendor

This is probably the most important part of the list. It goes without saying: only time could tell whether a particular Whatsapp Channel vendor or provider is indeed reputable or not. Of course, it would require sufficient or extensive research on the part of the merchant to validate this.

Now, What to Consider!

Let us tackle now what you need to know once you do have the Whatsapp Channels on your hands.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing
Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

It is recommended that you only need to send 9 marketing campaign messages per channel per day. So if you have 1000 channels in your system, you will be able to send 9000 messages per day to other Whatsapp users at whatever part of the world. The logic of why only 9 campaign messages will be sent per Whatsapp channel per day is because this will prolong the life of the Whatsapp channel in your possession.

However, many Whatsapp marketing software and tools actually allow you to send as many campaign messages as you possibly could. But since Whatsapp as a messaging application prohibits Whatsapp users from using Whatsapp for commercial purposes; they have imposed a strict “blocking” system. To illustrate, anybody who you have sent your campaign message which has the power to report your Whatsapp Channel as “spam” and that entails an almost guarantee that your Channel will be blocked. When that happens, your Whatsapp channel will become useless.

The risk actually lies on the bearer of the Whatsapp channel. It depends on what you choose to do with your Whatsapp channel but if you want longevity of your Whatsapp sender, we suggest that you follow the 9 campaign messages per day rule.

Set some monthly goals for your Whatsapp bulk message suite crack. If your goals are not met in a timely manner, then you need to re-think your strategies.

This is a key in marketing. You can even tell everyone what you had a barbecue this past weekend! Show them what you’re doing and provide ideas that will attract sales.

Keep your posts engaging and to the point. You should include a picture. An attention-grabbing post with an excellent picture is far more effective than an ordinary status update. Be sure to “like” positive comments from followers.

Since you more than likely to have a WhatsApp Campaign, you are already aware of what a customer expects and looks for on your page. Pair this knowledge with the advice from this article to create a great campaign. You will get better results when you give more effort.

Are you ready to buy WhatsApp Channels or Bulk WhatsApp Channels from any of the leading reliable bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service provider? Contact BulkQ today!

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