How Broadcasts Differ From Group Chat On WhatsApp

Broadcasts Differ From Group Chat
Broadcasts Differ From Group Chat

I am sure you have heard of WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps that allows you to communicate with your friends, family, and acquaintances. WhatsApp is entirely free and works in a similar mechanism to instant messenger. Therefore whether you want to chat with clients, friends, or business partners, you can use WhatsApp. Moreover, if you want to convey your message to multiple people at once, the app has a WhatsApp Broadcast feature that allows you to create groups and send messages.

You only need a mobile device and an active Internet connection to use WhatsApp. And WhatsApp is an example of how feasible it is to connect with people all over the world with the advancements in mobile technology.

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In the current scenario, people are using WhatsApp on professional fronts too. Alongside using it for quick daily communications, WhatsApp is an integral part of many social media marketing strategies, as it is possible to send a message to the audience using WhatsApp Broadcast. Whether you want to send a brand message or announce a new product launch, both things can be done through WhatsApp Broadcast. That is why WhatsApp is a relatively new method marketers are leveraging to reach and connect to new consumers.

Alongside this new communication tool being free to download and use, another plus point of using WhatsApp is that the messages you send within the app are encrypted. Therefore you don’t need to sweat thinking about your privacy and security. Given the growing fraud around user privacy these days, the extra layer of security in the app gives its users a great sense of privacy.

Therefore, if you are willing to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool for your brand, you don’t need to think twice and move forward to disseminate information about your brand through WhatsApp broadcast.

What Is WhatsApp Broadcast?

WhatsApp broadcast is an in-app feature that gives your brand a dedicated channel to broadcast any brand message to an audience of your choice. This means you can create a list of your own, including several contacts to send a message at once.

WhatsApp broadcast feature is way too different from WhatsApp individual and group chat. But interestingly, the broadcast feature has the characteristics of both- individual chatting and group chatting. How? Let us explain that to you.

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First, please tell us what happens when you send a message only to your friend. They can read your message and reply to it. Now think about what happens when you send a message in a group. Every contact in the group can see your message, and they also can see one another and messages sent by others (if the messaging is not enabled for admin only). Likewise, WhatsApp broadcast delivers your message unilaterally to many people at once, but the only difference is that the contacts within the same broadcast cannot see one another.

WhatsApp broadcasting is a one-way communication, unlike WhatsApp group chat; in group chat, multi-user communication takes place.

You are correct if you have perceived WhatsApp broadcast to be similar to a no-reply automated messaging function. WhatsApp broadcast is a new form of a press release that you can send directly to your consumers and clients, but with a personal touch.

Every broadcast list you create on WhatsApp can have 256 members, similar to a WhatsApp group. And the good news is that you can create multiple broadcast lists based on your need. Therefore you don’t need to limit your communication to a specific set of people. But remember, only people who have added your phone number to their address book can receive your message.

WhatsApp is available on all major operating systems, including Android and iOS. Therefore using the WhatsApp broadcast function will not be a problem.

How To Get Started With WhatsApp Broadcast?

Whether using WhatsApp for daily personal messaging or business, the initial setup is to download and configure your details, including your phone number, with the app. You need to allow WhatsApp to access your contact book and import the phone numbers into the WhatsApp system.

Now to set up a WhatsApp broadcast, you need to follow a few simple and short steps:

  • Open the app on your phone
  • Now click on the option broadcast lists
  • Select new list
  • Now choose the context you want to add to the list
  • Tap on create

Things To Remember While Creating Your First WhatsApp Broadcast List

We are repeating it WhatsApp is a messaging platform primarily used for one-on-one conversations or group chats where multiple people join the same conversation. The broadcast feature of WhatsApp is used by marketers as it enables sending out the same messages to a selected group of people in a way that appears as personalized as a one-on-one conversation. And that is why WhatsApp broadcast is advantageous for marketers who want to publish their newsletters or press releases.

But while using WhatsApp broadcast, there are a few things you need to remember, such as:

There Is a Limitation In The Contact List

The number of people you can and on your phone book or WhatsApp broadcast list should not stop your brand from excelling. Fortunately, you can have a different approach to tackle the limitation of adding contacts to your WhatsApp broadcast list. You can create more than one broadcast list. You can create lists for different products, services, and announcements. The more strategically you will do your audience segmentation, the more personalized experience your customers will get. WhatsApp broadcast is one way of communication. But since consumers still demand a greater personalization from brands they prefer, having different broadcast lists benefits you and your consumers.

You Have To Make It To The Recipients’ Address Books

The contact you have added to your broadcast list or sending messages can only receive your message when your contact is saved in their phone’s address book. That is why you need to ensure that people you are adding or willing to add to your broadcast list are actively adding your phone number to their phone book. Otherwise, your message will not be delivered to them.

You Cannot Delete The Message Once it Sent

The ‘delete for me’ and ‘delete for everyone’ features of WhatsApp are sometimes complete saviors. Especially when you mistakenly send something to the wrong person, or you just had a quick change of mind after sending a message to a person. But unlike the other communication modes in WhatsApp, the messages you send through WhatsApp broadcast cannot be deleted. So you need to be a little more careful in what you publish to your broadcast list. Though you can share media files of all types, including PDFs, videos, images, and more, you need to be sure that they are correctly typed and in the best interest of the receiver.

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How Are Brands Using WhatsApp Broadcast For Their Businesses?

Today’s consumers like brands that communicate with them. Therefore conversational marketing is on the rise. Apparently, consumers also expect to have tailored experience from brands, and tailored digital marketing strategy is becoming the point of focus for 90% of global brands. Marketers nowadays say that they spend more time personalizing their service and the messages they send to their clients and prospects.

Today more than 5,000,000 brands are actively using WhatsApp business, and more than 50% are using the WhatsApp broadcast feature. And we will highlight how they are being benefited from using WhatsApp broadcast.

They Are Expanding Globally: WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app worldwide. There are more than 2 billion active users across more than 180 countries globally. Therefore, brands are leveraging the application to reach a potential audience that large using WhatsApp broadcast as it is easy to engage the prospects and clients at once.

They Are Improving Their Customer Experience: As mentioned earlier, modern consumers want brand personalized experiences. And if you want to improve the customer experience with your brand, WhatsApp provides a seamless experience. According to research, the most renowned brands and leading companies use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp broadcast to offer customer support and engage their customers.

They Are Improving Employee Satisfaction: Not only your consumers but the people of your team also need to be satisfied and engaged with your brand. WhatsApp broadcast can engage with employees to keep them motivated and support them regularly. You can create different broadcast lists for your departments, teams, and more and engage with your employees quickly and effectively without sparing much time to indulge in a one-on-one conversation.

They Are Streamlining Their Sales Pipelines: According to Gartner, by 2025, 40% of customer service will convert into a significant profit driver from major organizational expense if direct messaging is incorporated. And therefore, the thought leaders in different industries are streamlining their customer service using WhatsApp broadcast and shrinking their customer service expenses.

Benefits You Get From Incorporating WhatsApp Broadcast In Your Business

There are plenty of reasons you must incorporate WhatsApp broadcast as one of many marketing channels for your business. Whether you prioritize better deliverability, open rates more than other channels like email, or enable personalized conversation with your customers and potential clients- WhatsApp broadcast is the answer to all.

Here are some Reasons why you must incorporate WhatsApp broadcast in your business

You Get Rid Of Repetitive Typing

If you have to send the same message to many people, you need to choose each one separately, type the message and send it to them. Though you can save time by copying the message from one chat window and pasting it to another, you still need to choose the receivers from your contact list separately. And one major drawback here is that you can only send the message to 5 people at once. On the other hand, using WhatsApp broadcast can save your wrist from falling because instead of selecting the individuals you want to send your messages, you can list them at once and send them to all. It is a perfect way to announce a product launch, offers, or more to your customers and update them about something important about your organization.

You Communicate Without Communicating

Now that sounds tricky. But trust us, you will believe it too. When you broadcast a message to your broadcast list, it is received as a personalized message to the receiver’s window. And due to the high open rate of WhatsApp broadcasts, it has become a conversation. Since WhatsApp is a popular messaging app among every generation and age group, you can target all your audience at once to broadcast your messages.

You Save Money

You don’t need to pay any monthly fee based on the number of people you reach in a month or the number of people you add to your broadcast list. Therefore, if you are looking for an inexpensive marketing channel to grow your brand, WhatsApp broadcast is a great communication strategy before you invest in social media ads and emails.

You Can Create Multiple Broadcast Lists

You can use different labels to create multiple broadcast lists according to your customer’s interests, preferences, and purchase history. That way, you can send targeted messages and build an engaged audience.

There Is No Risk Of Being Marked As Spam

If you send emails to your target audience, a folder stores unsolicited emails named Spam. And if your customers have blocked the keywords you are using on your emails, you will likely be in that folder. Unlike email services, WhatsApp does not have any feature to filter unnecessary messages and store them in a separate box. Therefore, once you send a message to a contact, it will be delivered to them unless the user has reported or blocked your number.

WhatsApp Is More Accessible Than Other Apps

Many people still don’t use email for daily conversation. Sometimes they use an email account to manage their professional endeavors, but they do not check their emails for months and years. But in the case of WhatsApp, the users use that frequently and read the messages they receive.

You Can Track Your Messages

WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to track whether or not the message you have sent on WhatsApp is delivered and read. That way, you can track your message’s performance and use those analytics for future strategies.

Few Tips To Remember Before Using WhatsApp Broadcast

WhatsApp is a great marketing channel when implemented appropriately. But before you start building a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing strategy, there are a few points you need to be aware of if you want to maximize the potential of your WhatsApp broadcast strategy without getting blocked.


Though WhatsApp is a form of direct communication and an effective way to grab your customer’s attention, you should not smother your customers and potential clients with lots of information about your brand. Sharing too much information with your consumers and messaging frequently can bother your audience, and they can add you to their archive list or block you entirely.

You need to create a strategy of how often you will reach out to your customers through WhatsApp broadcast and what messages you will share. Sending out heavy and oversized media files can also clog your customer’s phone memory, which is as bad as sending frequent messages.

The best way to use WhatsApp broadcast is only to share information when you are launching a new product or want to redirect your customers to a new link to know their affinity toward your product or services. Some companies share weekly newsletters to their customers through WhatsApp broadcast, which is quite a reasonable timeframe without showing up too much.



If you are thrilled knowing about all the benefits WhatsApp broadcast feature brings along and want to incorporate the same in your marketing strategy, download the app, create a broadcast list, and you are golden. But are you still finding it hard to determine how frequently you should share content and what type of content you must send to protect yourself from getting blocked by your contacts? You need to polish your WhatsApp marketing skill.

But we are sure that your brand has gained the confidence and knows how to embark on creating a personalized WhatsApp broadcast campaign.