How Popular Brands Are Using WhatsApp Marketing for Business

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WhatsApp Marketing

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With over 1 billion users and a 70% successful open rate, WhatsApp now becomes the handy marketing tool! Yet very few businesses have been able to implement a successful WhatsApp Marketing campaign. So, thinking what was it about the campaigns that made them so successful?

To reveal the answer to this question, we have done a case study on five popular brands to find out what they did right and what they didn’t do wrong on WhatsApp Marketing. Let’s analyze….Come on!!!

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Absolut Vodka

Absolut has become one of the first brands to use WhatsApp within a campaign to promote ‘Absolut Unique’, a line of vodka in which each bottle is limited edition and uniquely designed. To celebrate and publicize the launch of the new edition, the company organized an exclusive party. Only two entrance tickets were available to the public. To win these tickets the public had to convince a fake doorman, Sven, to give them access. The catch was that the only way to get in contact with Sven was via WhatsApp.

Do you know how the result was? The result was unbelievable, yeah! Over 600 users contacted Sven with over 1000 unique images, videos, audio messages, and indecent proposals over 3 days of uninterrupted chat.

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Share a Coke

We all were well aware of this campaign! The campaign which connected with consumers on a personal level involved replacing the brand’s logo with consumer names. Within two days, this campaign created an amazing result! Over 7000 virtual cans were created with over 1000 people messaging the robot on WhatsApp. Additionally, Coca-Cola gained roughly 25 million extra Facebook followers as a result of the campaign.


The international brand Unilever announced the launch of Persil Liquid Soap. To promote this product, the company created a marketing campaign that asked Persil users around the country to send in 15-second videos of their best washing tips via WhatsApp. The simplicity and effectiveness of the campaign are loved by all. The message and instructions were clear and precise, therefore, it’s easy enough for the audience to understand and take part in.


Fans watching the game and enjoying a Heineken would send the word “Champions” to the Heineken WhatsApp number, after confirming they were above 18 they would be asked 5 random football trivia questions.

Correct answers would automatically send them to the next question, 5 correct answers would add them to a draw where they stood the chance to win the trip of a lifetime.

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The Liquor Ticker

As a part of revamping their brand campaign, Delhi-NCR-based Cafe TC, along with Dentsu Webchutney, uses WhatsApp to reach out to its customers. The marketing campaign created by The Liquor Ticker is the perfect example of creativity and genius! To announce new offers, the restaurant created a “blinking status” in WhatsApp that was enough to catch any body’s and everybody’s attention. All the user had to do was save the restaurant’s number and update their WhatsApp contact list.

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The outcome is mind-blowing! The restaurant’s inquiries go up by a staggering 117% while the sales shot up by 28% during the campaign period.

When it comes to conclusion on WhatsApp Marketing

What makes a brilliant WhatsApp Campaign? Here are a few things, the campaign needs to:

  • Be interactive and engaging
  • Encourage user opt-in
  • Provide simple and clear instructions
  • Be creative and don’t be too much funky

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Oh…. You’re feeling inspired to run a WhatsApp marketing campaign? So, why wait? Get started by today and rock on!