Best use of Whatsapp to boost up traffic on a website


Do you use Whatsapp? Obviously, the frequent question asked from you, dozens of times and was we are 100% sure that your answer Yes. Whatsapp appears in 2009 and now it has become the sensation all over the world. So, what do you think about how it helps to boost the traffic on your site? In this article, we will talk about Whatsapp Marketing. Whatsapp marketing is the progressively common practice among businesses.

In this article, you will get perfect information and statistic that will benefit you to grasp the significance of Whatsapp as a channel of communication to reach your audience. You will also learn some new ideas and tips to take favour of this application to the maximal and to do WhatsApp marketing profitably.

First of all, let’s begin to know about Whatsapp.

What we know about Whatsapp

Whatsapp is freeware software or we can say free to use at no monetary cost for the different users. It is basically an information sharing device which allows users to share text, images, audio, video and documents. The Whatsapp also provide some advanced features like user location and video calls. The Whatsapp application can be operated through the smartphones as well as on the desktop computers. It can be installed with the standard mobile number of the active user. The communication between the users can one to one or it may be in groups.

This platform is leading the top with the highest numbers of users in the social media industry. The Whatsapp has crossed all other platforms like Instagram and Twitter with the more than one billion users in this year.

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 The users of the Whatsapp:

As we know Whatsapp is free sharing service in the social media. There is a large market to explore the business in the world. The users can contact international friends or other groups for sharing valuable information through the Whatsapp. The Whatsapp has given the formula to share the data of different levels easily.

Whatsapp Statistics

According to research in the year 2017,  there were more than 1200 million users of Whatsapp in the worldwide. Whatsapp is much popular among all age groups. So, it’s the best weapon to boost the traffic on your website by Whatsapp marketing.

Whatsapp application is available in 53 languages.109 countries are using this service. Every day, around 100 million voice calls and 55 million video calls are made.70% people use the Whatsapp regularly.

Whatsapp is a free tool to communicate directly to the customer in real time and act as a huge profit when you want to know the reviews of your audience while offering personalized attention.

Now, to know how to use Whatsapp as a source of website traffic, let’s have a look everything related to Website traffic.

Website traffic

A process of sharing data to the different visitors of the website is known as web traffic. The web traffic can be calculated by the number of pages visited by the visitors. The site traffic should be genuine otherwise it can damage the reputation of the site. The web analysis is only to measure the activities done by visitors. It ensures the business techniques done to increase the web traffic on site to increase the business market.

The website traffic is very important to increase business. The web analysis always provides the exact figure of the number of visitors. The average numbers of visitors visit the site because they find it useful for them. They get the required information by visiting the site.

The observation of website traffic can provide you with the following results:

  • The overall visitors on your site.
  • The quality visitors who have actually find the site useful and they like the site.
  • The average time of visitors speeded on the site for getting the required information.
  •  Most visited pages after entering the site.
  • The observation can be done on the basis of the most visited pages in the site.

The website traffic can be increased with the different modes on websites. The cool idea to boost up web traffic on your site is the Whatsapp technology. You can spread your promotions, news etc with the help of Whatsapp. It’s a multimedia content features allows you to send audios, videos, catalogues etc related to your business. The “create group” specification is an ideal convenience to carry out direct discussion. The primary requirement for any organization or company is to have the phone number of the people whom you want to target.

The main factors of increasing the website traffic through the Whatsapp

A collection of groups:

The first need to diversify your business is the sharing technology you use it. The Whatsapp groups provide the right platform to increase the number of visitors on your site. A collection of groups is the way to share your site link within your groups. The sharing can be multiplied by the different users associated with the multiple groups.

The arrangement of groups:

The groups can be arranged with the proper segments. In these groups, the interval of sharing can be different so that these different groups share your valuable site link in their other groups. The grouping works as an endless chain in the world market. It provides a large area of connecting to the users.

The availability of easy linking:

It is always required for your business the option to add the new visitor to your website. The best way is to provide the direct contact symbol for the new users. This is the only way by which new visitor can directly approach you for their requirement.

Add the new users:

If you get the new members on the Whatsapp through the website, you can approach those members. The next step is to welcoming with the gratitude message. It can also help you to increase the visitors on your site.

Always be there to guide visitor:

Your availability makes high-quality visitors on your site. You have to show a selfless attitude to deal with new group members. Sometimes you have help other group members also for their promotions.

Be communicative in the group:

The response in time always is counted by visitors. You can respond and comment in the group activities to help the other visitors. This can be helpful for you to the new entries of members in your business group. The constant communication can be related to new topics and the latest news in the group.

The use of other social media:

You can use other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. to link the Whatsapp friends. You can share your Whatsapp contact with all the different members connected through other social media.

Provide Real-Time Customer Service

You can assist your customer through chat, voice calls or video calls. Resolve the doubts of your customers in real time scenario. This strategy will strengthen the quality of your service and acts as an evidence of the loyalty of your company so that customers visit your site frequently.

Text and Multimedia

Highlight the main information in italics and bold. To make the text italic you have to type the phrase between low hyphens such as Whatsapp.

To make the phrase bold just place asterisks in the beginning and end of the text such as *Whatsapp *.

Include GIFs, links, photographs, emojis to increase the articulateness of your message. It will help to make a good relationship with customers and enables to increase the traffic on your website either directly or indirectly.

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 Quality of your Message

It is vital to provide quality and respect in your communication while dealing with your customers. Your message should be brief, clear and relevant. Send a single paragraph message instead of multiple separate sentences.

Optimal use of Whatsapp Functions

Use every function of Whatsapp so that customer visits your website. The best way to put the profile of your business. Logo of the company works better. Share the exact location of your organization so that the client receives an exact map with proper address.

 Whatsapp Status

You can update the status or can share posts or blogs having short URL. The client or customer can easily switch to your website through Url. You can also include photo or videos in your status to make the service clear to the clients or customers.

Broadcast your articles

You can broadcast your articles or the link of your articles and it will reach to all the selected members. This list is limited to 256 people. This is the best way to save time and increase the traffic on your website.

Join Similar groups

It is recommended to join similar groups so that you can share your updates. Do this task only when admin and members of the group don’t have any objection. This is a trick to increase the numbers of visitors who are not familiar with your blog or website.

Add Whatsapp share Button on your blog

Just like you include facebooks like/share button, Twitter tweet button, and Instagram button, you can also add Whatsapp share button on your blog. This is the way you can keep readers to share the content as they read.

Feedback from the Audience

It’s hard to know about your Whatsapp audience what they like and dislike in your content. The best strategy is to go straight. Communicate directly to your readers to know about the content. You can use surveys to know that whether readers see your blogs as a trusted source for helpful content. For instance, Financial Times uses a related strategy to drive traffic through Whatsapp. Whatsapp application has the probable to produce a ton of targeted traffic.

Mistakes to avoid while Whatsapp Marketing

Personal Number

Don’t install Whatsapp on your mobile phone. It will help to save your personal number from revealing. If you are serious about Whatsapp marketing then buy a new phone and label as the “company phone”.


Never send the constant message to your audience. Just start with one or two messages in a day. This is because constant waving of the message may lose the interest of your readers and they can exit your group and block your Whatsapp number.

Don’t add members without their consent

Never add members to your group without their consent.

Unnecessary Calling

Don’t call any follower unnecessary as it equates like telemarketing, calling. So, first ask them on chat if they are available to receive your call.

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Using Company number for other purposes

Don’t use companies number for personal calls or any kind of benefits. It may break the trust of your boss.

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Target customers through Invitation feature of Whatsapp

It is recommended to invite a new member to join WhatsApp through invitation feature of WhatsApp. It could be achieved via phone messaging, Instagram, hangouts, email, and other social platforms.

Whatsapp Marketing Tools

Business app

This business app is launched by WhatsApp and it is free to download. It is currently available for Android mobile phones. Automate, sort,quick response to messages etc features of this app makes interaction easier.

Conclusion :

As we know social media is moving fast with continuous change. All the trends of social media are useful for social awareness. But the trend of Whatsapp is everlasting and continuous. The Whatsapp technology is used mostly in these business trends.

In this time the Whatsapp platform provides different aspects by which we can boost our business in a decent way. The Whatsapp is for the internal communication in the teams of different places. Customer communication is also required to guide the valuable customers by providing them with the best services with the Whatsapp platform. Another advantage is the best customer support which helps you to take follow up of the customer. In this, you can resolve their queries easily. The purpose of using this Whatsapp platform is only to target the large market with marketing and promotional activities.