Checklist of the Best SMS Marketing Practices for 2017

Best SMS Marketing Practices for 2017
Best SMS Marketing Practices for 2017

Have you got something to offer your customers (Coupons, Special Deals etc.) and need your customers to take notice? If so, SMS Marketing would be the right choice! Its response rate with exceptionally high open rates makes SMS Marketing a very attractive medium to promote businesses of all sizes.

Here is the checklist of the best SMS Marketing practices to be followed while implementing SMS Marketing Campaign for your business.

Keep the Message Simple Yet Interesting

Text Messages which are simple, interesting and easy to read will grab the attention of customers and will have the desired impact and trigger the much-needed user response. Proper punctuation, grammar, and readability also go a long way in creating the right impression. Including “Limited Time Offers” also helps the message stand out from the rest of the offerings in the market, and has a high chance of improving customer responses.

Make Your SMS More Exclusive

Customers often tired of seeing the same message repeated over emails and social media campaigns. So, it’s your role to make your SMS something fresh for them. A “short” message wouldn’t contain too much detail so say something impactful instead. Think of it as something that will stick in their mind within 2-3 seconds.

Be Time Conscious

Your message never too soon or never too late! The right message at the right time might make a great impact to convert the customer’s mind so you have to time it just right. Usually, people are more likely to respond positively in the first half of the day. Click here to know “When is The Best Time to Send Marketing Messages

Address Your Customers Personally and Friendly

Use your customer’s first name to make the message personal. It helps to grab their attention and they are more likely to respond. Creating your messaging in a friendly tone would reinforce the bond with every one of your customers while saving time and money from engaging each of them independently.

Click Here to Know “Tips to Draft SMS Marketing Messages

Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency in your SMS texts to subscribers so you can yield better results or gain information as quickly as possible. For example, a simple expiration date encourages your subscribers to respond or act faster.

Include a Clear Opt-Out Option

Nothing frustrates a customer more than being unable to easily opt-out of a marketing message. Don’t take that chance with your SMS campaigns. Make it very clear from the start to your customers exactly how they can stop using your service.

If you’re ready to start your own SMS marketing campaign, following these best practices will set you up for success. Don’t forget – keep reviewing your campaign metrics to hone and optimize for best results.


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