Best Crypto Trading Bots Stategies

crypto currency

As the title clearly suggests, today , in this article, we are going to discuss which crypto trading bot strategy is the best .

But before we start comparing various bot strategies, we should first have a basic idea about what crypto trading bot strategies are.

crypto currency


To give a straight to the point answer, to carry out automatic buying and selling of cryptocurrencies,  some computer programs were designed. Apart from carrying out the automatic trade, these programs also kept in mind their need to achieve gains. These computer programs are basically what we call crypto trading bot strategy.

However, is trading bots that promise gains enough to call it the best?

Definitely not. Trading bots are one of the most high-end risk strategies out there, and so, to decide whether a strategy is just good or the very  best,  we need to figure out which strategy performs with the lowest risk.

That just means , that , it is perfectly normal to have a strategy that earns small profit but it should have a low volatile rate as well.

So, we have gained a brief idea about what a crypto trading bot strategy is and what makes a strategy good in the market. Now, let’s see if we can understand how crypto trading bot strategy works.


The functioning of the bot strategies are divided into three systematical portions. Each portion is a step that needs to be taken one after the other periodically. They are:

  • To gain good results,  we need to choose our inputs properly.  Can be referred to as Generator , this is the step when  we have to believe our gut feeling and put the input.
  • The next step is where we decide how much risk should we take on board, and can be called risk allocation.
  • The next and the last step is the putting into action phase. In simple words, execution of the strategy.

These are just the steps , the force behind them are some weirdly complicated programming done by algorithm experts.

That is how a bot strategy works .

But the  above mentioned are the technical processing.

For the best bot strategy for us, we need to choose the best one available out there according to our needs.

And just for a trivia, there are lots of crypto trading bot strategies.

So how should one choose across from the lot? Is there any way of filtering the bot strategies?

An  investor might want to look into the companies background or how they deal with their customers , etc.

But the most important thing is , are they trustworthy enough to hold your hard-earned money ?

So, once we have decided on what basis we want to filter the strategies in the market, what is there to wait for? Let’s choose some best crypto trading bot strategies!


Next we are going to come up with some of the best crypto trading bot strategies in the market according to reports and public review.


Entering the lamplight in 2017, the strategy offers its users with various types of bots and strategies under a single platform. Apart from that it tries to manage damage control as much as possible.
And they come along with a free trial of 7 days.


Quite similar to cryptohopper, apart from the fact that this strategy has to be first installed on our PCs to be accessed. And since it’s one of the oldest in the game, one can have a bit of trust on it.


Coming with an option of preview trading, this is one of the oldest bot strategies to exist. And like HASSBOT , it also deals with its purchases in Bitcoin.


Zingnaly offers its users a unique damage control feature, that most of the other strategies don’t even consider. Apart from that the system is all time running one , using signals to choose it’s operations.

There are many more in the list of best strategies out there, but it depends on our needs and our capability to invest . So, choose the strategy that is best suited for yourself wisely keeping in mind that investments are always subject to market risks.