50 Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts to Follow in USA

Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts
Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts

Instagram is now creating a large buzz in today’s social media platform. Recent statistics revealed that more than 400 million people are using Instagram. And now Instagram has given the #BlessedNewUpdate that allows users to sync multiple accounts in a single application. Everyone wish to have more followers and got addicted to following more celebrities and personalities? In this article, we are going to reveal the topmost 50 Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts to Follow in the USA.

Celebrity Instagram Accounts
Celebrity Instagram Accounts

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Who Should You Follow on Instagram?

Celebrity Instagram Accounts
Celebrity Instagram Accounts

Here are some guidelines to determine – Who to follow on Instagram

Follow Those Who Admires You

Follow those Instagram users who admire and interest you! It’s recommended to follow brands, photographers, celebrities, and hobbyists; if you enjoy the content they share, then you should follow them. Because they can make you feel engaging while using Instagram.

Make Sure to Follow the Good Examples

Search for the similar brands and businesses like yours and start following them. By doing this, you will get an idea of what they do and how they engage with their customers. And this will give you an insight on what works and what doesn’t.

Follow Your Customers

This is the Must! Following your customers on Instagram will definitely help you in building a massive fan base. Interacting with them and showing them you care about them will take your business go leaps and bounds towards success.

Follow Your Business Partners and Associates

Are you affiliated with other companies and having business partners? Then make sure to follow them on Instagram. Following them will build a trust, credibility and also allows you to watch out what they are doing aside.

Who NOT to Follow on Instagram?

Celebrity Instagram Accounts
Celebrity Instagram Accounts

One of the biggest mistakes we often do is – Scrolling and clicking the “Follow” button of all Instagram users to get more follows for your Instagram account. This is not at all good! This will create a negative impact on the credibility of your Instagram account. Also, don’t follow everyone who follows you!

Always verify the account before you follow them; this is because if the account is fake or spammy, it will affect the reputation of your account too, so be cautious!

While verifying the account, make sure to check out whether they should have a complete bio, photos and/or videos, engagement and conversations, and their account should be more than a few weeks old and should be in active state.

Try to avoid follow for follow method! Many people follow you and then ask you to follow them. This is also a type of baiting which is considered to be spam! These are the people who are just looking to increase their followers and they don’t have any real interest in your brand or business.

Be selective when choosing the followers, and make sure the content you see in your newsfeed should be relevant to your business and worth your time.

In certain cases, if the people you follow are posting irrelevant or inappropriate or adult content, then don’t afraid to unfollow them.

Why Follow Celebrities on Instagram?

Celebrity Instagram Accounts

Among 400 million Instagram accounts, nearly half a billion accounts are celebrities-run pages. With the invention of the “Status” feature, most of the celebrities wish to share their silly, glamorous, and behind-the-scenes moments with their followers and fans. They used to do so to create a better interaction and engagement with their followers.

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By following the celebrities Instagram account, you can check out what’s happening in their life. You can also get to know the places they travel and who are their best buddies are. Since the celebrities are very active on Instagram, you will get instant updates!

We compiled a list of celebrities to follow on Instagram. Pick your best favorite celebrity and get following!

Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts to Follow

Kristen Bell @kristenanniebell
Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell

She is an American Actress and Singer. If you want a few laughs and wish to watch out her crazy activities, then follow “Kristen Bell”. Recently she has posted behind the scenes views of her newest “The Good Place” and also, the awesome pics of her hot hubby Dax Shepard!

Nicki Minaj @nickiminaj
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

An American Singer, Rapper, Song Writer and Actress, Nicki Minaj has more followers on her Instagram account. She loves to post the selfies of her and her pals. She is well-known for her funky fashion and following her is the right way to stay updated with jet-setting fashion and lifestyle.

Finn Wolfhard @finnwolfhardofficial
Finn Wolfhard
Finn Wolfhard

The most popular Actor and Musician, Finn Wolfhard loves to share his regular silly and fun antics. His Instagram shows the clear picture on what it’s like to be a teenager in the spotlight in Hollywood.

Lena Waithe @lenawaithe
Lena Waithe
Lena Waithe

Following the Instagram account of Lena Waithe is pleasing to all who appreciate some quality pics just about life in general. She likes to showcase her personality with no apologies. Her posts are refreshing and fun with a lot of famous friends thrown into the mix!

Norman Reedus @bigbaldhead


Norman Mark Reedus is an American actor, television host, and model. He is best known for starring in the popular AMC horror drama series. He likes to share stories on travels and daily life and it’s showcased in most of his interesting pics.  

Alexa Chung @alexachung
Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung

The most popular Fashion Designer and Model, Alexa Chung wishes to share his positive vibes all around. Her peculiar personality is very entertaining and refreshing. She used to share stories on fashion senses and all of her friends doing some fun activities.

Samira Wiley @whododatlikedat
Samira Wiley
Samira Wiley

Get a sneak peek into her fun and exciting life from her posts. She is unapologetic about being herself 

Ellie Goulding @elliegoulding
Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding

Lots of variety! Selfies, workout posts, behind the scene are just a few posts to sum it up. She has a healthy and fit lifestyle and will inspire you to follow in her footsteps!

Ryan Reynolds @vancityreynolds
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Posts give you a glance at this current genius’ life. Fun in the background at some Hollywood occasions! Also, obviously some couple pics of him and Blake Lively!

Mandy Moore @mandymooremm


She has the #tbt down. Also a few looks into her marvellous life. Possibly in the event that we are fortunate some in the background takes a gander at “This Is Us”. Bring a sneak crest into this divas life!

Gwyneth Paltrow @gwynethpaltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow

Her way of life with wellbeing and all common anything is the point of convergence of her Insta. In the event that you are occupied with her image, this is the place to go. She has a great deal of information and posts on her page!

Amy Sedaris @imamysedaris
Amy Sedaris
Amy Sedaris

Her posts are one of a kind. She is out of control, entertaining and will do anything for a giggle. Her posts are positively out there however engaging. On the off chance that you need to take after a record, not at all like some other this is the record you need to take after.

B.J Novak @picturesoftexts
B.J Novak
B.J Novak

His handle says everything. Some clever posts about his fascinating convos and a couple of silly jokes are tossed in all over. Additionally, there are a huge amount of pics of him and his bestie Mindy Kaling! Their kinships are so charming!

Viola Davis @violadavis

Viola Davis

A look into this impressive honor champs life! She posts a great deal of moving messages and a considerable measure of intriguing posts on subjects throughout everyday life. She is genuine and she is crude. Exceptionally reviving!

John Mayer @johnmayer

He exhibits his identity through his posts. He has a reviving comical inclination and it is exemplified through his Insta. And he attempts to grandstand his abilities and companions too.

Angel Haze @angxlhhxze
Angel Haze
Angel Haze

Her tasteful is one that you will doubtlessly recollect. She has a ton of cool vibes with her posts and every one more fascinating than the last. Become more acquainted with her and investigate her diverse life.

Josh Groban @joshgroban
Josh Groban

He positively has an awesome identity. His Instagram demonstrates exactly how ridiculous and fun he is. Will clearly influence you to wish you could find the opportunity to hang out with him.

Rashida Jones @rashidajones
Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones

Bunches of her perspectives are exhibited through her posts and they are absolutely friendly exchanges. Also a considerable measure of selfies! It is invigorating to discover somebody who isn’t hesitant to have her voice heard!

Kat Dennings @katdenningsss
Kat Dennings
Kat Dennings

She has her own particular manner of depicting herself on Instagram. She’s wry and clever and unafraid of anything. It’s amusing, it’s invigorating and you will simply need to look at it for yourself to trust it.

Andy Cohen @bravoandy
Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen

The majority of the celeb settle you can get! He is the first Bravolebrity and he possesses that title by being breathtaking. Also bunches of selfies with his pooch! In the event that you are an enthusiast of any of The Real Housewives, this is the record you need to take after.

Willow Smith @gweelos

Indeed, even at a youthful age, she appears to have the Insta diversion down. She has her own particular feeling of style and it appears through her posts. She is thinking outside the box any way she can. That is one cool teenager.

Mindy Kaling @mindykaling

Her life in pictures. Clever, clever and absolutely relatable! Her record is similarly as reviving as her show! Her fans will be dealt with Her Insta is a treat to take after!

Bill Nye @billnye
Bill Nye

The researcher has his own particular manner of getting things done, particularly on Instagram. Bring a sneak look into everything with him and his acclaimed companions! Bill Nye the science fellow is a treat to take after. 

Christina Aguilera @xtina
Christina Aguilera

On the off chance that you are a devotee of “The Voice” you are in for a treat with her Insta! She has demonstrated some behind the scene sneak looks into the hit appear. Also some delightful shots of her working!

Zendaya @zendaya

Loads of beautiful selfies and heaps of stubborn posts! She isn’t hesitant to talk her brain. This young lady knows how to take fire selfies also. Bring a sneak look into this current celebrity’s life one post at any given moment!

25+ Celebrities Instagram Accounts to Follow

Jessica Simpson @jessicasimpson
Scott Disick @letthelordbewithyou
Gucci Mane @laflare1017
Mariah Carey @mariahcarey
Miley Cyrus @mileycyrus
Snoop Dogg @snoopdogg
Ariana Grande @arianagrande
Sofia Vergara @sofiavergara
Ansel Elgort @anselelgort
Jessica Alba @jessicaalba
Ludacris @ludacris
Taylor Swift @taylorswift
Solange @saintrecords
Chrissy Teigen @chrissyteigen
Drake @champagnepapi
Britney Spears @britneyspears
Beyonce @beyonce
Chance The Rapper @chancetherapper
Shaquille O’Neal @shaq
Kris Jenner @krisjenner
Hilary Duff @hilaryduff
Kanye West @kanyewest
Emma Roberts @emmaroberts
Jessica Biel @jessicabiel
Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian

How to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram followers
  • Create a clear Instagram strategy
  • Share compelling content
  • Promote your Instagram presence on other social networks
  • Share your Instagram account in other communications
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Aim for the Instagram Explore tab
  • Follow other relevant users
  • Post consistently
  • Post at the right time
  • Schedule your posts
  • Write compelling captions
  • Craft a great bio and profile
  • Tag relevant users
  • Ask your followers to tag their friends

Follow Your Favorite Celebrities Now!

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