5 Benefits of SMS Marketing


SMS marketing has been one of the very simplest modes of marketing. With SMS marketing, the reach becomes very simple and hence branding becomes simpler. Here are few main benefits of the SMS marketing. Have a look at them below:

  • Very fast and instant communication

It is a correct fact that the SMS delivery takes a very short time of just seven seconds on an average and which is a very quick time. Hence, an instant delivery of the messages takes place through this medium. Another important fact is that almost all the mobile phones whether simple or Smartphone are having the SMS facility in them and hence you can reach easily to all the people in an easy method. People are in habit of checking their phone again and again and hence they can easily look what you are trying to tell them.

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  • An ultimate opening rate

If we look at other messaging methods like e-mail or WhatsApp., then it is right that from here reading a message is not easy. You first need to have an internet connection in order to open and read the message. But with the SMS facility, the opening rate if 95% and hence the customers prefer it the most. You do not need any internet connection to open the SMS and hence this will increase the customers for a product or a service.

  • Requirements of limited personal details

In the case of SMS, there are not many details required. If a customer wants that he gets regular messages from a particular retailer regarding any offers and discount coupons then they just need to provide very little information like the mobile number and in rare cases the name. Nothing else is required. Sometimes if the service is required according to some location, then the address is important as well. Therefore, with fewer requirements, more services can be provided.

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  • Go green with SMS services

The carbon emission of the company can be reduced by using the SMS service. You must be thinking how. The major reason is that working with papers can put a very high stress over the environment. Using SMS can be one of the best mediums where you do not require any papers, envelopes, or stamps. These resources consume more resources that are produced naturally and also the cost of marketing rises up significantly. From one of the statistics being shown, 40% of the trees are chopped down due to the usage of papers and hence switching to SMS is the best.

  • Very high engagement level

If we look at the reports generated by the direct market association, the rate of response over a direct mail is just 3.4 per cent. In the case of marketing with SMS services, the response is just the awesome. People are five times more responsive to the SMS then the direct emails. It just takes a second to respond to an SMS and hence you will find more involvement from the side of your customer.




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