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SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has been ushered in the era of mobile marketing! Overwhelmed with so many options, small business owners may not know where to begin their mobile marketing strategy. SMS Marketing can be a first stepping stone to rock the world of mobile marketing. Not only is it affordable, but it’s extremely effective to reach the right group of targeted audience when you create the right messages. Out of the world’s four billion smartphones, 3.05 billion are SMS enabled, granting you widespread access to this demographic.

Tips for Killer SMS Marketing

With higher open rates, SMS Marketing can be a magical wand. That means your campaign will reach the people it is meant to reach without interruption. So how can you hold a killer SMS campaign? Here are few of the important tips for killer SMS Marketing.

Keep Your Messages Short and Sweet

Text messages have a limit of 160 characters, so it’s vital to keep messages short and to the point, with a clear call to action.

Make it clear why you are sending the message, and why the user should follow it up. Using a link shortening tool such as goo.gl or bit.ly can also help messages look less untidy.

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Make Them Feel Special

You have to make your customers believe that, thanks to your SMS, they have something that no one else does.

Draft the text marketing message genuine and real value, which could be in the form of exclusive freebies, discounts or alerts.  You can also include offers like: Give a prize to the first 100 customers who arrive. Give a 30% discount for anyone who comes with a spouse to your restaurants. Campaigns with incentives always outperform those without.

Tell Your Customer who you’re and About Your Brand

Start the SMS by identifying yourself. Either use your brand name in the header (aka Caller ID field) or place your brand name as the first word in the SMS content.

Either of these will help drive response rates. If you don’t, customers can quickly mark your message as Spam or simply delete your message. Also, don’t forget to give them a mobile number to send opt-out requests or other replies to.

Be Time Sensitive

Even SMS marketing has a high open rate of 99%, sending messages in the middle of the night could cause damaging results.

So make sure to analyze and do proper research to find out the right time to send marketing messages to your customers.

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Ask Customers to Spread the Message

Make the campaign viral by asking your customers to pass on the message to at least three friends. It would be better if you may reward them for doing this.

Just imagine that the average person has 250 people in the phone book. Wouldn’t your campaign be wildly successful if these people went viral? Your business could suddenly become the talk of the town!

Final Recap on SMS Marketing

Following these tips is just the start to improving your SMS Marketing campaign and increases your online sales as well as foot traffic to your brick-mortar business. So, why wait? Contact BulkQ, the leading SMS Marketing Service Provider Today!


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