5 Successful Ways to Use WhatsApp Marketing Strategies In 2017

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies In 2017
WhatsApp Marketing Strategies In 2017

We all know, WhatsApp Marketing as the new way to reach targeted customers in a second! With over 1 Billion active monthly users and one of the most used apps, businesses need to learn the strategies of how to jump on and take advantage of this network. This article is going to teach you how to leverage the power of WhatsApp to quickly grow, multiply and expand your business!

Huge numbers of people across the world are using this trendy messaging service, WhatsApp to be in touch with their friends and family. Its most viral sharing activities include:

  • Breaking news
  • Viral videos and photos which are funny gives information which is helpful and exciting
  • Greeting messages

Now Let Us Discuss How to Use WhatsApp Marketing in Business Promoting

Deliver Your Promotional Message Directly

WhatsApp lets you run promotion campaigns using visuals, voice notes, videos, call to action graphics or website links related to the business or new product launches, brochures, coupons or helpful contents that are non-sales material. While the WhatsApp broadcasts feature gives you the ability to target relevant audience in large mass.

With WhatsApp Marketing, you don’t have to focus on formatting just like Email. And even the delivery chances are higher than other ways.

Broadcast Your Events

Whether you are organizing an event for new product launches, tradeshows or any industrial meet-ups for your brand’s contribution, WhatsApp can be a right weapon to send your invitation quickly to your groups of audience. You can also share the live status of your events to your followers, for keeping things light and informal.

Maintain High Spirit among Your Team

WhatsApp groups are the better way to converse on new updates, projects or share new ideas, thoughts, problems or meeting details in just a single click.

Get Instant Feedback in a Second

WhatsApp makes your way easy to get a customer for their valuable feedback in a second! Amazingly, you will get direct respond from your customers which will improve transparency.

Conduct Contests and Campaigns

With WhatsApp, you can get the opportunity to run a successful contest or campaign, without channelizing a great sum of money to source a response platform.

Final Recap,

Considering all above ways, every marketer can manage hassles in spreading your marketing message to your loyal customers.

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Are you using WhatsApp in your business? Don’t miss the opportunity to jump on this platform while your competitors aren’t there yet!


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