5 Proven WhatsApp Marketing Strategies To Grow Sales

WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing

Move over Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest, WhatsApp Marketing has been now leading the market by reaching potential customers in a single click. As a private chat messenger, WhatsApp allows users to share unlimited text, video, audio messages for free. For marketers, Whatsapp has been a tough opportunity to crack. No ads, no media to buy and users not liking intrusive spam-like messages mean you need to work harder to generate consumer engagement. The most critical thing about Whatsapp is that you CANNOT push messages to consumers you do not know. You need to get invited by consumers to become their contact.

What Is The Main Objective of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing

Its main objective is to connect people strongly across the world. Huge numbers of people are utilizing the latest and the trendiest messaging service nationally and internationally, they communicate and are in touch with their friends and family on free bases via WhatsApp. In today’s world, Whatsapp is a free and suitable messaging service tool. Business Marketers are using this easy app WhatsApp that allows interacting with their valuable clients directly on their smartphones only.

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How Is WhatsApp Contributing To The Developing Sales & Marketing?

According to the studies performed by Pew Research Center in 2015

  • 49% of smartphone owners ages 18 to 29 use messaging apps
  • 85% of adults are internet users and 67% are smartphone users
  • 59% of Instagram users, 27% of Pinterest users and 22% of LinkedIn users visit these platforms daily
  • 72% of online adults are Facebook users amounting to 62% of all American adults

This clearly shows that not just today, text messaging has been a crucial part of all successful marketing campaigns. For these years, businessmen have already been convinced of the situation that messaging really helps in getting connected to the users more effectively.

Almost 50 billion messages are exchanged on a single day through WhatsApp every day offering an extensive user engaging experience much required for a sustainable sales process.

5 Proven WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing
  1. Create an Engaging Brand Persona for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a personal and intimate messaging platform where people talk to family members, connect with friends and sometimes flirt as well. Any brand that seeks to get invited into my Whatsapp phone list needs to feel like a friend. So the first step is to create an engaging brand persona or character that represents your brand with its WhatsApp number. People don’t like to chat with impersonal company names.

  1. Offer Great Value to build a phone database

Whatsapp will remain ad-free and hence in order to build a base of users, you need to offer them something of value in exchange for their phone number. This can be a promotion, a freebie, a free service or valuable information.

  1. Offer Always On Relevant Content for Free

What do you do once you have started building a phone list? Whatsapp has a 70% engagement rate, higher than Facebook. That means you need to offer users, great content on relevant topics to ensure that they are engaged with you.

  1. Deliver Speedy Customer Service

Whatsapp has a 70% opening rate, which means you are almost guaranteed exposure of your message if your customer is on WhatsApp with you.

  1. Consumer Research

Whatsapp has so far not been used extensively for research but offers an easy to use, inexpensive and quick platform to run some quick research. You can ask consumers about flavors they like, ask them to choose between options the brand is proposing to launch among other things. Also, WhatsApp is highly relevant for conducting some quick discussion internally within your company.

How is WhatsApp Beneficial for a Business?

Mentioned below are few unique facts to understand easily how WhatsApp can be an excellent tool for your business expansion.

  1. WhatsApp for Better Customer Engagement

WhatsApp can offer direct communication between customers and business agent through short but helpful messages. By including WhatsApp into your marketing plan, you can respond as fast as to all the important queries of your faithful clients in no time. You have a chance to send interesting images and videos by building your full marketing campaign exciting and engaging too.

  1. Utilizing WhatsApp You Can Do Promotions and Advertisings

WhatsApp is an effective tool for endorsing new varieties of your products or offers that are available on affordable & discounted prices. You can send Innovative short details along with images or videos of your products including directions concerning the product use. You can grab the attention of your clients by changing your status and exhibiting images for promotion sake of any specific services.

  1. Marketing Survey Along With WhatsApp

You can conduct group discussions along with your customers, employees, clients or focused audience on WhatsApp for receiving many suggestions and feedbacks through such activities.

  1. Building Of Team

For having effective communication, your employees can share new ideas, thoughts, problems, or even team building activities that can assist your business to expand greatly.

  1. Positioning Your Brand

As a famous brand, you can superbly present your customers and clients that you are really concerned about them. When you reply your client’s queries, they will be excited that you answer their questions in real time, as they consider you as real people.

  1. Assist In Making The Best Use Of Mobile CRM

You can make the best use of mobile CRM by applying the simple and quick message service. You can share your vital information such as product prices, customer demands, and other moral feedbacks for flourishing conversion, and lead management.

Dos & Don’ts of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing


  • Publish your WhatsApp Contact Details on your website and other social sharing platforms.
  • Utilize your WhatsApp only when you have established relationships with your clients even though it is not made compulsory.
  • Although WhatsApp is an informal platform, Always maintain decency while speaking to your clients.
  • Respond quickly to queries. Timely Conversation is necessary for any business.
  • Post Pictures and Videos of your products.
  • Visual Messages have a highly appropriate.
  • Include some fun element in your texts.
  • If you are not present all the time. Mention that you meet on a specific day at a specific time period.
  • Select your feasibilities carefully.
  • Sharing a product offer on Facebook and follow up on WhatsApp is the key point of targeted communication.


  • Don’t send messages to all the phone numbers that you get your hands on.
  • Don’t send messages too frequently.
  • An overdose of information is not good for your brand image.
  • Don’t avoid your customer feedback or queries.
  • Customers may tend to lose interest in your business brand.
  • Update your profile regularly. If you will keep your profile inactive so it may also send a sign that you are not keen on promoting your brand.
  • Avoid groups of unknown people.

Successful Whatsapp Services for Different Sectors

WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing
  1. Media

TV broadcasters, radio stations, and newspapers were the first companies to use WhatsApp as an additional channel. Naturally: In the news sector there is always new material which needs to be supplied to the viewers, listeners and readers immediately – be it foreign, political, and economic or sports news or special topics such as web or TV.

  1. Sport and Events

The sports sector is also predestined for WhatsApp services: Match information, live tickers, results and betting odds can thus be transmitted directly to the excited fans.

  1. Deals and Shopping

Bargain hunters naturally appreciate having details of current offers, discounts, and campaigns automatically sent straight to their smartphone by means of WhatsApp. Customer consulting using WhatsApp, for instance when detailed questions on a product need to be answered, is also becoming increasingly popular.

  1. Tourism and Gastronomy

Whether cities, holiday regions or restaurants are concerned, they can all send local news, weather information, holiday offers and details of special features to their WhatsApp subscribers who enjoy traveling.

  1. NGOs, Parties, and Clubs

Using WhatsApp, keen members can particularly quickly obtain information on new developments, meetings, and campaigns aimed at achieving the common goal.

  1. Health and Fitness

Whether its weight loss tips, healthy recipes, sports and fitness trends or knowledge about disease prevention: health care is extremely important! With WhatsApp, patients and customers can be provided with useful information quickly and directly.

  1. Real Estate and Jobs

Everything that has to do with searching and finding is ideally suited for WhatsApp. After all, time is of the essence, especially in the property market: New properties can be sent directly to prospective buyers’ smartphones via WhatsApp. Your subscribers may wish to have new job postings sent instantly to their displays as well. Thanks to the availability of different channels, search results can be easily segmented according to personal search criteria.

  1. Municipalities

WhatsApp also works very well as a direct line from the town hall to the citizens. The market town of Leobersdorf in Lower Austria is leading the way: It uses WhatsApp to send its residents the latest information on services, events, building sites, safety warnings and anything else that could be of interest to the people of Leobersdorf.

How to Get Started with WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing

Have you been searching around for a robust WhatsApp Marketing Software, which allows you to start marketing WhatsApp users which can be easily accessed over the mobile phone? Then, you have landed in the right place.

Ways to Communicate on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing

The app is available for all major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, among many others. There is also the web version available to access via the desktop but for that one needs to have the app installed and active on the phone. Using your contacts to show the contacts using WhatsApp it displays you all the contacts you can message. The three ways to communicate on WhatsApp are mentioned below:

Broadcast Lists:

To send a message to a broadcast list or to be able to send to a list of selected people it is possible to ‘broadcast the messages’. This feature is similar to the bcc feature in email and doesn’t let anyone else know about the announcement. It appears as a normal text only and replying back to the same is one-to-one also. It is limited to 256 contacts at a time.

One-To-One Messages:

This is perhaps the most basic function that WhatsApp offers. Being the primary function of the app, it allows you to send text, images, files, and other available options. Even calling and video calling is now possible because of a recent update.


Groups are a collection of people you can text to all at once. Much like an email or other basic group function, all group members can join in discussions in real time and see all messages posted. All the features of one-to-one messages also apply to groups and broadcasts.

Why and How to Use Whatsapp for Business and Marketing?

The first thing to be aware of about WhatsApp is it doesn’t sell or get involved in any marketing promotions. There are no Ads or any marketing tools to start your marketing. But since it is a private app, you can send messages and other material through WhatsApp in groups as per your messenger marketing strategies. As at most in groups, you can reach most 256 contacts, and not many may open it, it is not exactly an ideal platform to start your marketing efforts in. Also, as mobile and such apps are also only meant for private and personal use instead, it is important to know that people may not be interested in marketing here. But, in groups that are dedicated for such purposes and any other way that respects privacy, it is a good option to do one-to-one marketing.

  • Creating a brand persona to chat and build buzz
  • Offering one-to-one product support
  • Offering discreet advice to high-value customers

Future of Whatsapp Marketing

Even though WhatsApp isn’t as business friendly as the Facebook Messenger, one can expect business-friendly updates in the future. It is a good time to lay the groundwork for such strategies now to reap the benefits later. Peer-to-peer payments will soon be coming out in an update and then one can transfer money securely to their contacts. Such efforts may help in marketing directly from within the app.

Do You Want To Get Started With Whatsapp?

Contact BulkQ today to get started with WhatsApp Marketing! Also, stay tuned with us to learn more marketing tips & strategies!

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